Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Oh I'm behind on some of my promised arty things so given the beautiful weather we're having today (not) I've been crafting and am now working on a 2" square piece of workspace on my crafting desk (I kid you not) which means it's been a productive day.

I'm in a CJ on UK Scrappers at the moment which is the Rock In Peace Resurrected Circle Journal.  Unfortunately we've had a CJ go missing in action and despite best endeavours it hasn't re-emerged so some girls are re-doing their entry for it, others (like me) are having a first go at it, the CJ that has gone missing is based on colours.

First of all I spent far too long 'thinking' about it, whilst everyone else was logical and gave a big shout out on the forum of which colour they were going to do (not me I was too busy thinking), by the time my list came to fruition most of the colours had been taken and with a request not to repeat colours if at all possible I was back to the drawing board, I spent all morning (all morning I repeat all morning), scanning CD's trawling through lyrics websites all to no avail, then said 11 year old said opt for a specific colour in the search engine and see what it throws up - next minute I'm on You Tube watching Goldfinger's version of 99 Red Balloons and the plan comes together.

Then I decided that the page would need 99 balloons (I kid you not) and several hours and rather sore fingers later it's done.  Now some of the balloons are covered with the hand piccie, but I know on the front of this (including the spine) are exactly 99 balloons.  Had much fun putting this together hope Clare likes it!

The finished page will go into a CD wallet and then the spine (on the left hand side) will be attached and used to put it into the remade book.

 Page on it's own
Signing in page at the back and yes before you ask that balloon would be number 100 - now I know the tracks not 100 red balloons this one is a special balloon for Clare, whose journal it is and whose original journal went missing in action!
Thanks for looking hope you like, now where's that craft list what else have I got to be getting on with.


  1. Oh it's horrible when a CJ goes MIA! I know what a great group that is though and am not surprised you all pulled together like that! Love your page... it reminds me a bit of Monty Python sketches :D

  2. Love this page! Not keen on the song but you've illustrated it beautifully.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. the post is so rubbish round here (the black hole that was Oxford sorting office has now moved to Swindon) that I daren't take part in a CJ..:(

  3. LOVE this! and I agree with Carmen it does look a little Pythonesque

  4. brilliant

    tis dangerous
    that thinking



  5. Brilliant page - loved reading about how you got there! Hahaha to thinking too much - I can be guilty of that too, why can't we just dive in and get on with stuff, eh?!

    Of course you had to do all 99 balloons (or 100!), it wouldn't be you if you didn't. Your poor fingers!


  6. Beautiful and the detail of those balloons is magnificent! You patience definitely paid off!