Saturday, 21 July 2012


Morning, it's Saturday and the six weeks school holidays stretch out in front of us and before we know it we'll be gathering the uniform and heading back, so I thought it would be a good time to show what gifts we managed to make in the last week, two sets made in an evening with the help of said 11 year old and hubby!

First up the breakfast club gifts, inspired by Michelle's post which is here

The pencil idea was simply genius and really made it look the part, then I wrapped some boxes of maltesers with a single sheet of 12 x 12 - said 11 year old said I needed to cross through the word handmade on these papers because I hadn't made the chocolates LOL! It was one of those serendipity moments when I needed some papers to go with the plant pots and found three sheets all exactly the same stating the word chocolate on them!

All wrapped up in cellophane with twiddly ribbon
And all three finished, so this was Monday nights activity
Then Thursday night we created this star book
 And another shot, apparently it brought a tear to the eyes of more than one member of staff when opened on Friday
 And the other book
 Opening up
 Opened out
 Then male teacher's gifts, rather than a star book I used my first attempt at Steampunk Andy Skinner styley
 The back
 Close ups
 And the other side
 And then a slightly out of focus shot - sorry it was exceptionally late!
 And the clipboard, again, not the best of photos but it was midnight!
Wrapped up the star books, with card and tolberone!  Photographed on the only clear surface in my room on Thursday night (and Saturday morning but don't get me started).  The printer!
 And there we have it, I got hugs from Mrs Williams and Mrs Powell who we made the star books for and big thanks from Mr Bratt.  It was an emotional day for said 11 year old and he held it together really well, but the hug with Mr Bratt was the point that tipped him over the edge and we sat in the car on the way home and he tried really hard not to cry, but then I told him to just have a good cry because sometimes thats what you need!  


  1. My gosh, you have been busy and what fabulous presents.

    Thank you for your comment - I thought I'd put your mind at rest over your eyesight (giggle) - both photos do contain the rings...I forgot to put the link in to last week's 'Rocking' post which had a pic without...

    Have a super weekend Virginia

    Toni xx

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!! You have out done yourself with all of them hun, they are beautiful, no wonder you got a hug & brought a tear to their eye, I bet they'll be treasured for ever.

  3. Awesome presents V. I'm not surprised that they went down well..also not surprised that they brought tears to more than one eye. You've excelled yourself.
    Big hugs for you and said 11 year old. xx
    p.s. sometimes a damn good cry is exactly what's needed. xx

  4. Those gifts are FANTASTIC - such a lot of thought and effort has gone into making them and they look wonderful. Well done for getting them all finished. This is such an emotional time of change for said 11 year old, how lovely that you let him know it's ok to cry.


  5. Gorgeous gifts Virginia - I'm not surprised they were so well received. This end of term has been particularly emotional hasn't it?

  6. These are a wonderful selection of gifts, they really do show just how much the teachers were appreciated.
    I am sure they will be treasured by all those that received them. What a lovely mum you are just doing and saying all the right things too.
    Well done on your Andy Skinner tutorial covers too.

  7. Fantastic gifts! So much effort put into them so its good to know they were appreciated. Bless 11 yr old, always an emotional time when they leave their 'little' school, hope hes ok x x x

  8. fantastic gifts, I'm really pleased that they were well appreciated, and I hope your son isn't too upset about the transition to "big school"

  9. Wow they look great - I loved the Steampunk one :)


  10. Wow what fantastic gifts, no wonder they were pleased with them. I'm assuming that your son has left the school and will be going to 'big' schools in September, no wonder he was emotional. You've both done a superb job of these gifts, they are wonderful xx

  11. WOW! They are amazing! I am sure they were appreciated immensely and will be kept and treasured for years to come! Well done you! Really special. jenx