Friday, 27 July 2012


Good Morning here we are again, yet another Friday morning greets us where we get chance to look back at the last 7 days and take stock and remember those elements that have made you smile, provided a silver lining - they are there every week, no matter how hard a week you have there is always something that makes life that bit better and here is where we celebrate these very moments.
So my week looks like this

Friday saw said 11 year old leave his primary school, he held it together well right up to the bell time but when he had to say goodbye to his teacher that was when he got upset and I told him to have a good cry if that's what he wanted.  So why is this a grateful, because to be upset to leave the school and to leave the teacher and say good-bye to friends shows what a fabulous school he's been to!

This is him with the obligatory signed shirt, he still looks so subdued bless him!

Then a big thank you to hubby for being happy to trim the hedge on Saturday morning, I was beginning to struggle to see out of the window, whilst I was tidying and then being happy to help with the deep clean in our bedroom - honestly it sooooooooooo needed it!

Sunday saw a day out given the blue skies we were having we had to make the most of it.  So we headed to Harewood House, a fabulous day out - and the positives apart from the fact we were enjoying our surroundings were
  • We got a 25% reduction on the entry price as we are English Heritage members
  • Said 11 year old got in for free because we are English Heritage members 
  • Sister got in on a concessionary rate due to her student ticket! 
  • Then said 11 year old managed free chips when we had our picnic, we'd taken a packed lunch but there is a unit that sells chips and he got some for free.
Here were some of the highlights - the giant - I mean GIANT meringue that he decided he wanted to have for 'brunch'! 
 And this is apparently how you eat it!
To the tiny birds we saw which included these tiny baby moorhens - bless them, tiny stubby wings and bald heads!
 Me and sister walking and talking - always fun!  You can just about see the change in hair colour that I've got!
 And finally watching these little guys being fed - great fun!
We finished off the day in a beer garden, where said 11 year old went to get a hot dog from the barbecue and came back with a 'special' which was two hot dogs on one bread bap!  Then came home and had a great evening in good company with hubby and sister - we had a great giggle.

Then next up is my sister having said 11 year old on Monday and Tuesday, she was an angel, took him swimming both days and playing tennis on Monday.  He had a great time and got some quality Aunty Mel time which he thoroughly enjoyed! 

Wednesday saw the tidying of said 11 year old's room - and again you'll be wondering why I'm grateful - well he helped a huge amount and was relatively ruthless!  Which is always a good thing so we went from this (if you're of a nervous disposition you might prefer to look away!)

 To midway through the clean - the nerf collection!
 And finally - all is calm
 Just waiting for the bedding to go back on!
 But you get the drift
 Even the cupboard is manageable!
 Which then resulted in this - rubbish and charity shop bags!
Other gratefuls include - 
  • Days off work - bliss
  • Scrapbooking all day on Thursday
  • Summer reading challenge at the libary! 
  • Hubby cooking fajitas Thursday evening
  • David Tennant in Hamlet on DVD that we finally got to watch! 
  • Dry days to get washing sorted
  • Blue skies to make us feel positive! 
I've had a great week, I hope you have too, if you fancy joining in then put yourself a blog post together and pop back here to link up so we can come and visit.  Not sure whether it's for you - I guarantee your outlook on your week will be significantly better as a result of doing this!

I'll leave you with a quick layout
And of course Mr Linky, I hope you have a great weekend and wonderful week ahead!


  1. What a great post. Great layout. I love the signed shirt - we have the shirt in the school memory box and a scrapping page to celebrate the signing. I will remember to post it next week. The tidying photos are immense! So we are not the only ones who do an annual 'pig out' of the sty. The walking photo is cool - and I see the sun. Hope you have a fabulous weekend, Virginia, and the same to all the rockettes out there. Thankyou so much for hosting this post... I am so glad I visit you. I feel like I know you - which is really weird! I said the same thing to bad penny over at the hen house this week too. I think that means your blogs are really honest and really representative of you! Enjoy the sun, jenx

  2. What a great week Virginia. The sun and blue skies really do make a difference don't they?
    Well done on the bedroom cleaning.....the pics brought back many memories...not all of them!
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend.
    Hugs xx

  3. Oh heck, it's Sunday already - where did this week go?

    Love the photos Virginia and it sounds like you have had a pretty super week.

    I'd better go and put my thinking cap on and put together my post before the next Friday comes knocking on my door **hehe**

    Great LO - I really must get stuck in and scrap some of these gazillion pics that I have taken during the run-up to the Olympics.

    Toni xx

  4. Lovely lovely post, Virginia. Bittersweet time for said 11 Year old but you're right, better to be sad to leave a place of happiness rather than happy to leave a place of torture. Harewood House looks beautiful - those baby moorhens made me laugh with their little bald heads!!

    Well done for the bedroom attack - what a transformation!

    David Tennant in Hamlet on dvd is something I have GOT to see :)

    Another lovely LO too, sweet photo of you and your boy.


  5. ps I meant to say earlier, that has to be the BIGGEST meringue!! Are you sure it was meant for just one person?!

  6. If I said to you that your bedroom starting point is Phoebe's room on a GOOD day you can understand why we don't venture in there ourselves to tidy more than a couple times a year. Though saying that she does have a titchy tiny room bless her. But she is a complete slob!

    That meringue reminds me of the time when Devvie was younger and we took her to Wetherspoons for lunch. She ordered the syrup sponge for pud and when it came out it was gigantic, Craig and I thought we were on for thirdsies at least but no, she scoffed the lot and custard too! Where do they put it and HOW do they stay so skinny?

    Loving your scrapbook page, what a gorgeous photo. NEED to see a closer up one of your hair!

    Have a lovely week x