Friday, 20 July 2012


Good Morning - tis Friday and Rocking time, a moment to reflect on the week and celebrate the positives.  It's not time to dwell on the down side of life of the negatives but to celebrate the moments that have made you smile, lifted your heart and made everything just that bit better because it's

First up a big thank you to Michelle for sharing her ideas for a teacher's gift at the beginning of the week, inspired by Pinterest! Her post is here these were such great gifts and given how busy work has been and what little thought I've managed to have over these sort of things recently it was fabulous to create lovely gifts which didn't take days to achieve!

Grateful for the Mum's at school thinking about a leavers party for year 6, this included a mega limo last Friday night followed by a buffet and disco, however, we found said 11 year old looking somewhat downtrodden when we went to pick him up, I think the whole finality of the end of primary school has just started to hit him and sees five of his school friends going to a different school, one of which he has lots of time for and will miss immensely!
And then the week took over - it's been made, we had sports day on Wednesday - the only dry afternoon - and I managed to get burnt - crazy stuff!

My niece's 13th birthday (how scary is that - 13 already who stole the years is what I want to know).

Thursday evening spent making teacher and teaching assistant gifts I'll do a full post on this but just so you know it's 23:58 on thursday evening and we're shattered, we've had a glass of wine and spent the entire evening creating gifts!  Now absolutely cream crackered!

Completely shattered, a couple of lousy meetings took the edge of but in essence I had a good week, said 11 year old enjoyed his time, I managed to pull off the impossible teaching gifts, we celebrated a birthday, I had a coffee with a Mum's group from school which was strange because I'm so anti-social!

I got a letter from a friend I've not managed to catch up with but will very soon.  We pulled out all the stops for my niece's bedroom and turned it from a disorganised issue into a teenagers fully functional bedroom.

Said 11 year old and hubby helped immensely on Thursday evening so all is good!

Life is worth taking note of because if you don't you forget the good stuff!

I hope you've all had an amazing week that has been truly positive and blessed!

And I'm not going to leave you with crafting this week because this has been about positive and life and amazing people so I'll leave you with Mr Linky and hope you can find the silver linings and the positives in the week!  Please share so we can come and visit and celebrate and enjoy what makes your life tick!  I hope you have a truly beautiful and blessed week ahead.


  1. I am grateful for the last week, but so far today is sucking eggs.....
    Sending a big hug your way, then sending a back up hug just in case needed.

    Hope that the 6 weeks holidays is something enjoyed and not endured I see with many households :(

    Hoping this reply will post and not get lost........!

  2. Hey get me posting my RYWF on a Friday morning, not 2 weeks later :) *polishes halo*

    I see you are having the same problem I keep getting with blogger randomly assigning a white background to some paragraphs - you have to edit it out in the HTML tab, what a pain.

    A huge well done to you for getting piles of teacher gifts done, you are a saint and a wonder woman and I hope they bleedin' well appreciate them!!

    have a fab week!

  3. There was tear streaked faces when we picked Phoebe up from her school disco too. Though I will say she has LOVED her three week integration into the Academy. You have no idea how much I had to hide my smug smile when she came home raving about their GINORMOUS library and how long and detailed the art lessons are :D Especially happy as I have been trying to instil in her that art DOES NOT have to be lifelike to be art (she had some mean comments from some kids at school when she took her sketchbook in once but her style is fantastically loose, she reminds me a bit of Picasso!)And what did the art teachers have them doing? Painting how some music made them FEEL! I am so pleased, even more so to see the piece she did carefully blu-tacked to her bedroom wall (not much gets wall space these days if it's not JLS!)

    Anyhoo - this is another great post Virginia, love Gina's piece so much!

    Be back later to link up x

  4. I think it must be the end of term thing. Mine is a craft free, reflecitve post too. I think it is the end of the academic year - makes you reflect on the year not just the week. And when you have year sixes it makes you reflect on the whole of an educational life in one phase before moving on to another. It is a monumental week if you are a pupil or a member of staff in a school. My rocks are really quiet contemplative rocks on the whole too. happy friday and thanks so much for hosting this. jenx (did you like the sing link i sent you?)

  5. Very emotional when our children leave one stage in their lives. Joe has finished secondary school. We move into each era as we have to and say farewell to the last with sadness but memories to keep.
    Sometimes the farewell do's can be a let down. Joe didn't want to go to the prom but the teens I spoke to felt let down - too much hype & expectation probably.
    Have a good calm weekend x

  6. Happy Friday everyone...seems we are all being quite reflective in one way or another.

    Wishing you all a great weekend and a fab week ahead.

    Toni xx

  7. how interesting that you are just finishing up a school year there and i begin another one here in just ten days! transitions are always a little bittersweet. i'm sure your child's teachers appreciated the gifts you made - how thoughtful. i hope you have another full and memorable week ahead!

  8. A wonderful post as ever Virginia. I think the teacher pressies are fabulous and well done to you both for making all those gifts! Sorry I missed this week can you believe I forgot it was Friday think I have hormone memory loss....... Hugs Janet x

  9. A beautiful list this week! Hope your boy is feeling better! It is such a big stage for them to move onto. Your teacher gifts were fab and re doing your nieces bedroom sounds like fun! Hope you have a good week x

  10. Sorry it's late, Virginia! Anyway I'm here now. I am so amazed at how you managed to finish those wonderful teacher gifts - they are stunning! When I'm tired I can hardly stick one piece of paper to another - you totally cranked it up a notch and pulled the rabbit out of the hat (lots of figures of speech in there!!).

    Exciting (and scary) times for said 11 year old. As a bit of a warning for you, we 'lost' Luke for about 6 months when he went to secondary school. He was struggling to adapt to his new life, new expectations, new friends etc - and he seemed to blame us (don't you always take it out on those nearest and dearest?). Anyway, we supported him throughout and let him know when we felt he was pushing his luck with us, and eventually he returned to being our Luke. It was a worrying time, I can tell you. We didn't have this with Hope, but I just thought you might want to keep our experience in the back of your mind in case you feel you lose your connection with your boy. They do come back again!


  11. Back! With a very late link up :)