Friday, 13 July 2012


Morning all, time for the positives of the week, digging deep finding those silver linings that have taken weeks from being good to awesome or from impossible to possible - no matter what your week or how hard it may have seemed in amongst the rubbish that is the day to day world you'll find things, people and moments that will have truly brightened your day, now is the time to celebrate these things because it's

Wow the weeks are flying by, think this is week 28 (trying to remember Sarah's numbering) yep think its 28, over half way through the year, how's yours going?  Year that is, have you managed those New Year Resolutions, still have them at the back of your mind or drop kicked them out of your life come February?

Let's see if we can do numbered positives this week
  1. Said 11 year old coming home with an awesome report and getting level 4 in his English and Science and level 5 in his maths, given that he's only recently been diagnosed as moderately dyslexic - this is definitely something to be grateful for.  And how did he achieve this, through hard work and determination on his part - well done hun you are amazing! 
  2. Sister coming over on Friday to discuss ways we can help each other this summer the idea is that we both have things we want to get sorted on our homes before the end of summer (I know what summer but you get the drift) and that rather than doing them alone, we can do them jointly thus enjoying each others company whilst making positive improvements to our environments - watch this space as to how it pans out! 
  3. Volcano live - been a great watch this week!
  4. A day off with said 11 year old Monday, we didn't do anything exciting but we did spend time in each others company which is always a blessing! 
  5. Keeping up with blogger, last week I got to Friday and realised all the blogs on my reading list had posted multiple posts, it took an age to go through and catch up with everyone, this week I've managed to read as I go! 
  6. Crafting of an evening at my desk as the boys watch TV or fly remote control helicopters in the pool room!  Great fun, I've finished my summer of colour challenge, layouts, I'm now on with cards and we all know how much I hate card making 
  7. No alcohol - strange grateful, hubby on new weird tablets for ligament damage which has meant no drop of wine at the weekend, it made a pleasant change and I am thoroughly enjoying it at the moment - lets see how long it lasts! 
  8. Reading, I'm reading 40 Shades which if I'm honest (and I know others would agree having read things on Facebook this week), isn't the most taxing of reads but it's not been a difficult read either and sometimes to shut my numbers brain down and read words is nice! 
  9. Hubby - a big shout out, no matter how stressed, no matter how much work, no matter how crazy grumpy I am he just 'gets' me and accepts what a complete and utter pain in the backside I am (most of the time)! 
  10. Blue skies on Wednesday and Thursday even though I didn't get to enjoy them much, just a change from drizzle and grey clouds! 
  11. Summer production at school, it was amazing, so funny - a panto in summer what could be finer, said 11 year old managed not only a small acting role but a duet with a friend and even with a complete failure of backing music the two of them pulled it off with no music - how awesome is that! 
  12. And finally the people that make up the WW group on facebook - honestly the most amazing group of women - I salute you all! 
Think that that will have to be your lot peeps, I'm now at home twenty to ten Thursday night only just got in from summer production - said 11 year old still eating his tea - ours is cooking, absolutely shattered etc and I've no crafting to share (well I have I just haven't photographed it yet, promise to make up at the weekend when my brains kicks back in). 

Hope you have all had a great week, if you fancy joining in then pop yourself a post together and then head back here, leave a comment and link up then we can come and visit - always awesome to see other peoples positives! 


  1. Well done to 'Said 11 year old' what a fab achievement.

    The shared effort on home improvements sounds interesting - at least you will get to spend some time with your sister.

    Some great positives Virginia.

    Have a super weekend.

    Toni xx

  2. Well it is lovely that for anyone who writes a rocking post that their child/children always feature in some way in the positives in our lives :) I promise not to go AWOL again for the rest of the year (have to make sure I am present and correct for secret Santa and Carmen this year (hopefully she will still be able to do so :) hope your work load is easing off it sucks in this country that it has such a right to take over our lives, maybe we should all decamp to Germany?.........

  3. Oh my word! I have only read the first rock and I had to comment! I can't believe the similarities, Virginia. Read my Thursday rock and you will understand. You must be so proud! Well done to your son. Right, I am off back to the post now to read the rest - I just had to comment just straight away. jenx

  4. Just read all the way to the end now. What a great set of rocks. Well done eleven year old! Fantastic stuff. jenx

  5. Hahaha, I think you bought the knock off version of 'that book' (did it fall off the back of a lorry?!) - it's 50 Shades of Grey, not 40! Said 11 year old is a star, but then WE knew that already. Give him a pat on the back from me :o) Your hubby is a star too, but then we knew THAT already too - yes, give HIM a pat on the back from me :o) While you're at it, give YOURSELF a pat on the back from me too - YOU are a star too!!

    Have a great weekend,


  6. hellllloooooooo ........just rushing past and linking up .... back later to comment properly .....byeeeeeeee.........

  7. How proud must you be of said 11yr old? Bursting? Rightly so! To many people let labels define them.

    Spent time with my sis this week too. Made such a difference and so lovely as well :)

    Having a chuckle here at Wombles post!

  8. Well done to said 11yr old! It is always so lovely to hear the kids achievements and the summer production sounds great. Nice idea to share the home improvements with your sister, I bet you get loads done!
    Have a great week and enjoy '40' shades! x x x

  9. yay well done S11YO for making your ma proud :) I think your combined effort on the home improvements front with your sis sounds like a really good idea. In theory :) I'm way too lazy to do anything to my house, so it's in a right old state. And I love the idea of a summer panto :) Hope that things improve for you soon at work, I know it's been horrendous :(

  10. WTG Said 11 year old....brilliant end to your primary school career...and a true proud Mummy (and Daddy) moment.
    Your Craig has, as always, been a star...hugs from me for him.
    Had to laugh at your 40 shades and Jo's comment!! I've just finished the trilogy and you know what??? No, they aren't the best written books I've ever read..and yes, her BDSM knowledge is a bit lacking...but they were perfect for my current frame of mind...and I enjoyed them!!! And now have a crush on Christian Grey....:)
    Hope you're having a great weekend.
    Hugs xx