Friday, 6 July 2012


Wow can you believe it's Friday again - how scary is that - I mean honestly - we are past midway point on the year which means that life is literally flying by - week 27 of Rocking Your World Fridays

Now this is late Thursday evening and I'm tired the auditors arrived on Monday and have been very busy keeping me on my toes since, my computer at work has had to be sent off for repair so life has been taxing and difficult and awkward and it's seriously caused me issues - but here we are to celebrate the positives albeit that sometimes they can feel small and insignificant - it doesn't matter how small if it's a positive it's worth celebrating so without further ado

First and foremost with a grand drum roll is this bunch of awesome people - why I hear you ask because they all joined in Rocking last week and I loved reading everyone posts and I don't think we've ever had so many join in - so to each and every one of my Rockettes I salute you!

Sapphire Montague (tee hee)

My Mum, sister and niece arriving home safely and having a great catch up on Sunday - Melanie is sooooooooooooooooooo brown - totally jealous but she looks really well on it - it was great to spend the afternoon chatting.

My niece for looking after her cousin when he went up to big school this week, it's been a taxing few days but lovely to know that she was there to look after him taking him on the two bus journeys and returning him safely (even if a bit grumpy - but that's another story) at night!

It's gonna be a long haul for him come September but knowing that he's ventured and done this bit on his own is one hurdle that needed to be dealt with and it seems as though he's enjoyed his days even if he is absolutely cream crackered when he gets home!

Hubby and said 11 year old helping clean up when it gets bad.

Hubby for cooking teas even ones that end up random like tonight - foods food - tonights was random though hun - garlic mushrooms tapas style I get, ham salad pitta's - I get, hot chicken - I get, sweet and sour chicken leftovers from chinese with prawn crackers - I get - but all together - really LOL - when I said using things up I don't think I meant everything!  But you cooked so no complaints!

Said 11 year old appreciating that work is mental at the minute and keeping me company on Saturday whilst I was working from home!

Blogging friends for knowing that although I've not been around this week that I'll be back really soon - I've missed so many posts!

Chats with my sister when I've dropped off and collected said 11 year old - motivating each other to get things done, her house is coming along a treat - mine however has only been tidied mentally - because work beckons LOL.

This Means War for providing a good giggle even if not particularly mentally taxing.

Charlotte at the hairdressers for taming the locks - however it does feel like I've got lego hair again you know the type you can take off and swap with another one if you fancy and women lego hair is always the same! .

Hubby for lightening and dying my hair at the weekend I'm currently a red head on my way to blonde - the things he does for me bless him!

Oh peeps I'm sorry but that really is my lot this week - blame work, late night early mornings parents evenings and audit!  Hopefully normal service will resume shortly!

Crafting - now don't hate me it's Christmas - no I mean it's a Christmas layout LOL and Susie no fainting from the statement - it's not long now you know!  Was only talking Christmas cards with my sister yesterday LMAO! The scene that greeted us in the town centre last year!

 Simple up close embellishments - it's amazing what a bit of glossy accents can do!
 A bit of double sided tape and scrunched up ribbon work a treat.
 The only decent shot from a School Reunion captured last year, I did have my eyes shut (don't ask) but hey - it's documented!
 And finally Mr Linky


  1. Quick comment before the school run. Thanks for the shout out! I will post my rocking list later today. Love the layouts. I popped the brimham rocks ones on for you to look at. Hope you liked them. jenx

  2. What a lovely page. I'm in awe of all you crafty guys who are all arty and can get paint and whap it down and it doesn't look like a complete and utter mess.. and make layouts that don't scream AGGHHHH PLEASE RIP ME UP! lol.. I could go on but I had better not as my 12x12 paper is within earshot and may jump into a puddle or something in despair... it knows not what it's in for :)


  3. as ever Im rushing this morning but will be back later to check everyone out xxx

  4. It sounds mental at your work at the moment, hope you can take the time to chill this weekend.
    Well done for your son managing his long journey to his new school, I know how worrying it is for us mums! Bless your neice too for looking out for him.
    Your random dinners sound like fun!!!
    I went to the cinema to see this means war, very funny!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend x

  5. Hi there! Thanks for the shout out! My rocking post is up now. I sat down and thought - well there is nothing! I thought a bit harder and couldnt stop writing. Thanks for making me think again. Love the layouts by the way. Hope you have a rest this weekend jenx

  6. LOLing at the mental image of Lego hair! And ooooooh please show us the colour changes - I can't imagine you as anything but black!

    Random dinners are sometimes the tastiest ;)

    Loving your gorgeous LO's even if they do include the 'C' word ;)

    Have a lovely week Virginia x

  7. Good for you for creating a Christmas layout in the midsts of summer! Sounds like a challenging, but exciting time for said 11 year old. And what a gem of a husband, helping with the house, and your hair to boot. You should probably plan on keeping him for a while!! Hang in there during this hectic time!

  8. Wow, didn't we have a bumper 'crop' of Rockers last week?!

    Well done for still leading the Rocking gang this week, after the ghastly week you've had. I'm glad that said 11 year old coped with his taste of secondary school. It's a testing time and stressful for everyone, I remember it well! Lego hair!! Yes, I know just what you mean! Hubby's 'using up the leftovers' meal sounds good to me - as you say, you didn't have to do it! I refuse to comment on the Christmas LO (ho ho ho yourself!!), but the Reunion one is cool - I like the peeled paper, very symbolic for the passing of time etc :)

    I hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend, you deserve it!


  9. Okay, so I know it's not Friday but I have made it LOL I'll be going off to visit everyone shortly once I've re-filled the coffee cup.

    I love your LOs and have realised how little Christmas (yes I said the 'C' word) crafting I have done this year. I need to get stuck in.

    Off now to see what has been rocking everyones' week.

    Toni xx

  10. Now, don't faint V......I made my first Christmas card this week!!!!
    Loving bits of your week..mainly your amazing family..:)
    Not loving the auditors etc.
    Hugs xx