Thursday, 26 July 2012


Good morning world, Thursday morning greets us with grey overcast clouds, but none shall be cast in my house today because I've got a whole day yes I said it A WHOLE DAY of crafting goodness to have!  Said 11 year old decided after yesterdays mammoth task that Thursday would be  a day of rest, for him this is probably going to mean lounging on the sofa, surfing on the net, watching films and building lego and currently sleeping in the bed.  For me it means scrapbooking and any other crafty goodness that arrives during the day.  I've just gathered up several photos and papers to commence operation layout!  I'll let you know how I get on.

But why am I posting here when I could be crafting, well because I'm off work,  I can communicate with blogland and so I thought I'd pop a quick craft related (of course) post on here.

Two layouts completed recently on the Summer of Colour challenge, these being sherbet lemonade - I think that's right - the pink and yellow one.  I thought I'd struggle with the colour combination but found it really quite fun and I definitely would not have put these two colours together, but am really pleased with the finished outcome. Lots of hand stitching, on the layouts and have you noticed something about them?  I'll see if anyone spots it.
Here is the other one, strangely enough on this layout I did the title in black hand stamping and didn't like them, too harsh, so swapped for a dark burgundy colour and re-stamped on separate paper and then went over the top, worked a treat don't you think?
Using up old stash in the buttons and photo thingies - what are they called (top left of photo) also used up some old papers I had which I didn't think I'd ever use up (the bright dotty one behind).

Had such fun making this - right where's those layouts!


  1. Enjoy your day crafting - you deserve it!
    Loving the LOs - very different colours for you but they work really well.
    Hugs xx
    p.s.Not awake yet so I've totally missed whatever I was supposed to notice....:(

  2. Great work - love the colour set. Like neopolitan ice cream! Those old photo thingies - I used to call them 'photo turns' but i think that was just my made up name! lol jenx