Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Good morning my lovely blog readers, yes you heard me right, it's Tuesday and it's still sunny - another blue skies day - simply magical on the not so magical side of things is work which is where I'm heading to shortly.  However, on the plus side I'm off tomorrow on the downside to tomorrow I'm heading into the 11 year old's bedroom, I might have to tie a rope around my middle and fasten it off somewhere to help the search party when they come looking for me - yes it really is that bad.  I do his room out to the degree I'm planning tomorrow about once a year and boy does it need it at the moment.  Having deep cleaned our bedroom last week his became somewhere just to put his stuff, not somewhere to put things away!

Anyway that's the plan for tomorrow, just hope my back holds up, today will see me mainly dealing with numbers.

I have however, photographed some layouts recently so I thought I'd share one, this is the main statue in the formal gardens at Harewood house, we took the photo last year, but visited again on Sunday just gone so it seemed apt to share this one with you.  I loved the statue which must be a relatively recent addition as pictures of old showed something very different in its place.  Its apparently Orpheus, but I had to giggle at the view they would have from the windows - hence the title!
Hoping to share lots more crafting this week when I actually have some time for myself!


  1. What a fun layout - I'd say it was a great view!


  2. Doesn't a bit of sunshine make all the difference. Hope work isn't too bad today and we'll be ready with the search party tomorrow if need be (chuckle).

    Virginia, the building that has been draped completely was an office block that was vacated about 18 months ago - we are given to believe the whole of that corner is to be developed so we are waiting to see what happens.

    Love the LO

    Toni xx

  3. Hahaha...would love that view :D....and you know you have my sympathies over boys room, do we get pics lol :D XXX

  4. ROFL - love the title - I can just imagine the view! Impressive statue and your LO is perfect for it.
    Good luck with the "deep clean"....that is one thing I don't miss with DS being away!
    Hugs xx

  5. NO, NO, NO, NO! Take the sun AWAY! It's far to hot here, unbearably hot. Even poor Cooper can't settle.

    But as for your LO, that has given me a chortle this evening - trust you Virginia ;)

    Hope the deep cleaning wasn't to vicious on your back x

  6. Love the layout. I am still bracing myself for the summer deep clean. Jenx