Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Morning all tis Wednesday I tell you and Yorkshire or at least my part of Yorkshire has awoken to - wait for it - sunshine and blue sky - I've no idea where it came from but would be more than happy if it fancied stopping around for some time to try and dry the ground out - because the garden that became a jungle that became a garden is back to being a jungle again!

Ooh it's been a hard week - it has but now I'm here and all seems calm but then I've not left the house yet so normal craziness will resume shortly - of that I'm sure.  Yesterday I spent 7 hours answering 7 e-mails at work, if I carry on answering e-mails at this speed I've got another 145 hours of e-mail answering to deal with - mmmmmmmmmmmm not a happy thought!

Anyway enough of my drivel I'm here to share crafting - I am honestly, first up  a layout from Kenilworth Castle last year and said 11 year old, I was really happy with this one once it was completed despite it being a simple layout!

 Up close the title, die cuts and using up old stash stickers!
 And this one - taken an age ago before I realised how awful artificial light, red curtains and a predominantly red layout actually were!  I never liked the title on this one mmmm maybe I should have changed it.
 Last up another layout I don't like but its made and done so you get to see it, I'm not sure why I don't like it possibly the paper choice?  Not sure anyway it's one of my least favourite
 despite the stitching
 And the stamped die cuts and glossy accents.
What you'll have been able to tell from this is that I'm dredging the bottom of the barrel when it comes to my layouts - ooh best crack on with some more, think I've got some to photograph but I've run out of albums to put them in, any idea where I can get some cost effective albums that won't break the bank?

Hope you're having a fabulous Wednesday!


  1. Hello again :) I read back a little to do some catching up and sounds like work has been dominating a large part of your life...... I get the brunt of my part time income from tutoring, marking and moderating which means in may and june I work 16.5 hour days everyday. Then I am very poorly for a couple of weeks. And here I am out the other end apparently non the worse, financially ok and on the hunt for my crafting mojo! Thought I would start by catching up with some bloggy friends :) I only live 10 mins drive from Kenilworth castle alas I did not know you then. Glad to see the Rockettes are as strong as ever and looking forward to joining you all this Friday :)

  2. Gah, artificial lights, the bloggers worst enemy! well, maybe not the worst, thats probably blogger, lol. Lovely layouts, great layering & the clocks are fab.

    Have you got a tkmaxx near you hun? its rare they have craft stuff in now but I did manage to get 4 12x12 albums from ours the other week for £6 each.
    I've been drooling over rather expensive D ring albums, even in the sales they're expensive. If you dont mind what they look like you can get postbound 12x12s for around £10 these days.

  3. I wonder at your amazing ability to churn out such fab LOs in the numbers you do. Maybe my photos are just not as exciting as yours LOL. Hope you have had a good day x J x

  4. Maybe it's time to start making your own out od grey board? You could do themed albums, shaped to match the subjects...a castellated one for Warwich for example :D XXX

  5. More great layouts! How do you store and display them all?

  6. as per I would suggest ebay first...

    fiddled with your book today - still sorting out a mini stash bag for you, will prob mail out Saturday - but will post to collaborART today if you want to see what I am doing?

  7. You really are rather hard on yourself, aren't you?! I know we're our own worst critic, but you take the biscuit, Missus!

    I really like these layouts, all of them - I think the last one might be my favourite actually.

    Wishing you more sunshine tomorrow - it's been torrential rain all day here today :o(


  8. What Jo said!! Stop being so hard on yourself!
    Fabulous LOs all three!!
    Hugs xx

  9. Great LOs and I just love that clock - the colours are super.

    Toni xx