Thursday, 19 July 2012


I finally got around to photographing what I've got to put away in albums - that'll be the albums I don't currently have - but hey I photographed the layouts so I'm halfway there right?

I hadn't realised I'd done so many since I last photographed them?  But then I've managed two layouts for each of the Summer of Color/Colour challenge so that's 12 layouts in itself!  That's without what I managed before that.  The one colour that I was most apprehensive about using was the Watermelon one from week six, not from the mail art perspective that I blogged about on Monday but from a layout perspective because it was pretty much one colour, but it just shows you the most challenging of colours can lead to good layouts and these two are some of my favourites from over recent months.  So I'll share the two I did.

The first one up is of said 11 year old when we went to see 'Bang Goes the Theory Live' in Sheffield earlier in the year, being a BBC production once we were selected for tickets, it didn't cost us a penny - hence the title 'Free Fun', I used a 'Once upon a time' paper (that I've had forever) that has a Celtic knot as an accent above the photo, stamped and cut out some hand stamped hearts and filled in with a gel pen and finally managed to cut up the paper with the hearts on, I've had it forever, loved it for even longer and never managed to fathom out a page to use it on.  Added hand stitching and the journalling around the edge, some decorative scissors and a bit of glossy accents and I was really pleased with the outcome!
 Then I managed to use the other part of the once upon a time paper (middle bit with crowns on), another piece of the heart paper, a piece of scalloped cardstock, some felt poundland letters and scrapbooked the red dicentra we found when wandering around the gardens at Hutton in the Forest, I've often seen the pink variety of this particular plant, but never the red one!  More hand stitching a piece of tape and more glossy accents and I have my other layout.
I always step back to see what I think of a page the morning after, and these two really struck a chord.  So again just goes to show how a colour theme can lead to some fabulous crafting!

So where am I at this morning,  well it's Thursday and we've woken to more rain in this part of Yorkshire.  I've got work all day and then home to create some great Teacher Gift creations - wish me luck have a feeling I'm going to need it because I have no idea of what I'm going to make and with it being the last day of primary school tomorrow for said 11 year old, it really is time to pull my socks up!

I hope you are having a beautiful and blessed day with less rain than we're having (unless you're in need of it - in which case have ours, we've managed to top up our reservoirs and gardens and streams and rivers enough now and we wouldn't want to keep it all to ourselves!).


  1. Both gorgeous pages - I can see why that heart paper was coveted so much but it really adds to these pages!

  2. Adore thos hearts they are stunning and what a beautiful layout
    hugs June x

  3. I am sure the teachers will be more than happy with any lovely little gesture. just to know that we are appreciated is enough! Hope you have the hankies ready. I cried my eyes out at our leavers celebration. And every time the school sings 'sing' i just can't control myself and have to concentrate very very hard on the cobweb in the corner of the hall! jenx

  4. These pages are just beautiful Virginia!!! i am sure your "teacher gifts" will be :D XXX

  5. These are wonderful pages. I love how you put some touches of gold in with the red. We could use some of your rain, since we are having a severe drought this year. Today it is finally raining, so maybe my lawn will turn green again.

  6. I have a sheet of that heart paper somewhere .... in fact I have TONS of scrapbook paper and I never use any of it - I ought to use it for collage or something!

    your layouts are fab - really "sumptious" (did I spell that right? :) )