Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Yes that is what stretches out in front of me a none work day, not that I'm actually doing no work I might add, because today is the day I attack the 11 year old's bedrooms and yes I think there will be photos of this mammoth task!

But whilst I'm psyching myself up 44 minutes on the countdown clock (we're starting at 10) I thought I'd share another layout, loving how well received yesterday's post was!

This layout is Craig stood on Hadrian's Wall, I asked him what the Roman's did once they'd built it and managed to catch his answer on film - tee hee!
Taken at Chesters Roman Fort whilst we were away - can't remember which holiday mind?  Think it was the Beamish holiday, ooh for my memory to return!

Hope you're all having a great day!


  1. ROFL.....nice one Craig!
    And a gorgeous LO V.
    I'll be awaiting your return from the you want me to send out a search party if you're not back by this evening? lol This brings back memories of doing the boy's of his friends said..."OMG you even cleaned under the it was gross!" And, yes, it was..:)
    Have fun.
    Hugs xx

  2. bedroomS?? how many has he got??? :)

    I only clean out Connor's bedroom once a year too - it's a new year chore - so it has a few more months to degenerate yet before I venture in there :)

    have fun! :D

  3. I hope today was successful, grim job. Now Luke is nearly 18 I really don't want to know what's in his room (particularly under his bed, Susie!!). It's for him to know and for me NOT to find out, haha!

    Another fun LO. Next time, tell Craig to wear a toga!


  4. Great layout! Know the wall and beamish v well - a stones throw away from me! Next time you are upon the real north (lol) I will put the kettle on. Jenx