Thursday, 28 June 2012


Well it's been a flurry of activity over the last few days with said 11 year old on his first residential trip to Whitby for three days (two nights) and me and hubby escaping for the duration to an extremely beautiful hotel.  We've all had a great time and last night were all reunited from our escapades out, whilst said 11 year old had a fabulous time it would also appear that he managed to break his nose whilst away - running in one direction whilst looking in another - something I tell him frequently not to do and whallop straight into a friend and now has a very tender nose, he's just up and looks absolutely shattered - not sure if he's going to manage two days at school - bless him.  Us well even we didn't manage to escape without issues, dear hubby became extremely excellent fodder for the local biting insects which meant on his return yesterday I sent him on his merry way to the Doctors, with his arm looking like it had half a duck egg attach to it and the other elbow had started to swell as well, he came back armed with some serious antibiotics but apparently couldn't understand a word the Doctor said so just kept nodding - I ask you!

Anyway I'll let you all know the fun of the beginning of the week on a Rocking post tomorrow but thought I'd do a crafting post for a Thursday most of these layouts are from some time ago - I really need to crack on with some more layouts!

First up me and hubby at Stratford last year - I managed a pink layout - not something that happens very often I might add

 Up close proof that you shouldn't take photos of pink layouts in artificial light - the title was stamped onto some 'hand-cut' bunting and attached using mini brads
Next up a double layout from when we went to Bolton Castle, there was a young woman there who seemed to do everything, from the Birds of Prey in the centre of the castle, to the 'have a go archery' session, next up she was with the peregrine racing it in the fields and finally up by the Wild Boar behind the car park.  We had a great time whilst we were there and I ended up with an eclectic mix of photos so a double layout seemed the best option to capture the day.
 Up close

The embellishments were torn paper, and chipboard hearts painted red with glossy accents.  I used the crown paper in the Papermania range - which I thought I'd struggle to use - but obviously realised that it makes complete sense for a Castle layout
 and finally Brimham Rocks, a hand cut title
 and the journalling done on a mini postcard from a stamp from the Papermania range again
I hope you are all having a good day - thanks for stopping by and if you get chance to comment even better!  Tonight - well tonight I'll be mainly tidying, followed by (fingers crossed - some Summer of Colour mailart - in pinks and yellows - wish me luck!)


  1. OMG What is it with the males of our species!!! My boy just had his pot off after breaking his hand punching a wall! Hope he is feeling better soon(both "hes")
    I too struggle(hate) using pink for layouts, but you did a great job :D XXX

  2. So pleased you all had a good time but sorry said 11 year old broke his nose.....perhaps he'll listen to you in future?
    Loving the LOs....I don't get to do pink often either....:(
    Hugs xx

  3. Wonderful photos.Good looking couple you are.I personally love all kinds of rocks.I'm happy to hear your family has so much fun together.

  4. Hiya, Beautiful pages I love all the tearing need to do some of that....I am shattered today but nothing as exciting as swollen limbs or a broken nose - I hope both the men in your house recover well :)

  5. Fab layouts! I think I have found a blogland kindred spirit here... Brimham Rocks is one of our favourite places ever (me and my mam just drove past there today on our way back from skipton), stratford is one of my favourite places (shakespeare and all that) and Bolton Castle - well we love that area too! We have travelled all over that area in our caravan. Love the pink layout at the beginning. I have popped my mam's scrappy cards on my blog and I am going to put some of my Brimham Rocks layouts on my blog over the next few days so you can have a look and tell me what you think! It's a small world isnt it!. Happy Thoughtful Thursday, Jenx (I did a Rocking shout out on my blog again - see you tomorrow!)

  6. Hope everyone is feeling better. I must admit your post did make me smile...
    Love all you pages. I also struggle with pink L/O you have done a great job.
    Lynne xx