Friday, 29 June 2012


It's here - once again Friday greets us and we've had another changeable week with regards to weather so called summer and the trials and tribulations that we are all faced with each week - but this moment is the time to share and to think about the positives in the week.  Find those silver linings, those blue sky moments that have made your week more bearable and if you don't think you've had any then dig deep, cast your mind back, what part of this week has made you smile - maybe a phone call, a funny story, an e-mail contact with family or friends whatever it is nows the time to be grateful for it and maybe jot it down, so that when life gets tough and difficult you have positives to reflect on!

It's time for
This week has been a mixed bag, I've missed my Mum and my sister and niece like crazy since they've been away, they are probably counting down and commenting how fast their break has gone, me on the other hand feel like it's a lifetime since I last saw them so I'm grateful for the fact that I have such a good bond with them that I have missed them and I'm thoroughly looking forward to catching up when they return.

Next up - Sports Direct for having everything we needed last Friday which meant we didn't have to have a long jaunt out to sort said 11 year old with a new waterproof coat - woohoo!

Said 11 year old survived his residential (as did I) he toddled off on Monday morning, suitcase in tow seeming far too grown up for my liking and off they went arriving safely Monday lunchtime - which was another grateful of mine this week.

He had a great couple of days (apart from the broken nose but we won't mention that here) and came back completely shattered, with a smattering of random photos and some silent video footage the majority of which he took on the coach coming home - I ask you - does he not know his mother is an obsessive documenter of life!  But I'm grateful that he didn't miss us too much and that he had a great time when he was there!

Next up was the gift he bought us whilst away - a slice of green agate which is beautiful and will look fabulous in the crystal cabinet - so again another grateful that he was so thoughtful when he decided to buy a gift for us.

Getting his postcard at home before he got back, it was lovely to read the few words from him - bless him!

Then the next grateful has got to be the break me and hubby managed at the same time - now firstly don't ask how much it cost lets just say they'll be some serious money juggling next month, but a two night break away at Thoresby Hall was fabulous!  We went to Thoresby earlier in the year for a Spa day hubby had bought me last year, which was great, but we never got to see the actual hotel - so this is what we found this time!   It's owned by Warners who provide adult only hotels so there were no children about at all, we found however that most of the people there were significantly older than us but we didn't mind - I didn't go to socialise I went to down tools and switch my brain off whilst enjoying quality time with hubby and that's exactly what I got!
The great hall was a little intimidating when I first saw it - talk about out of my depth!
 We ended up with an historic bedroom in the old part of the house.
 We even got dressed up for evening meal - I mean how mad is that!
 This was one of the dining rooms - sadly not one we went to as dining here was an 'extra' but we got to have a look at it - the silk damask walls cost £100 per square meter - no wonder guests were asked to refrain from touching it!
We had a great time, we had late bedtimes and three course evening meals, we had aperitifs at the bar, chatted about life the universe and everything, enjoyed sleeping in a comfy six foot bed, historic tours around the house, walking around the grounds all in all great fun and yes before you ask we would definitely go again - however, with no children allowed I can't see that happening any time soon!

The entire time spent with hubby is most definitely a huge grateful for me.

Asda delivering the shopping last night when we got home.

Said 11 year old returning safe and sound

Doctors for seeing hubby after the two huge insect bites he has ended up with - having to keep an eye on him at the mo as he isn't feeling too clever with them.

Summer of Colour challenge over on Twinkle Twinkle - I've seen some fantastic art work - really inspiring.

Phone call from my Mum Wednesday night - made me smile - it was lovely to hear them all chattering away

So overall a great week - I hope yours has been too.

If you fancy joining in pop yourself a blog post together and pop back here to link up so we can come and visit, we're only a small group of Rockettes but I feel immensely grateful for the devotion of this little group who really have become some of my best friends.

Before Mr Linky - I always put some crafting on (not sure why - someone tell me why?), first up a layout of said 11 year old on a break last year, playing on the stairs with limited resources, some turtles (his favourites, he was really sad that he didn't have enough money for a turtle at the sea life centre when he was away as he collects these cuddly little creatures) an egg box and a ball of string, he made them lifts to go up and down the spiral staircase - it kept him occupied for hours.
 Up close hand stamped title layered up on foam pads and hand stitching.
Next up on photo of hubby and said 11 year old again from last year, using up old stash both papers and letters
 Lettering up close
So there you go another post completed and if I'm right this may well be the half way one through the year - Sarah will be able to tell us better - is that right Sarah?


  1. Thanks for your support this week, follower! That Rocked My World!!! have a great Friday. Scrappyjen x

  2. Hi Virginia, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  3. What Friday again?? where has this week gone? I keep meaning to join you for WRYWF but that would mean being organised!! Maybe if I start planning it now lol. Always enjoy reading about your week. Good to hear you got some down time and in such wonderful surroundings, lucky you. have a great weekend. Hugs Lynne xx

  4. I know what Lynne means...are you sure you haven't been slipping in an extra Friday here and there Virginia? LOL

    I love your LOs and those photos are fab...don't think I'd want to be a waiter in that dining room - imagine tripping with a tray full of Brown Windsor Soup (don't think it would blend well on the wall-covering).

    Have a great weekend.

    Toni xx

  5. Wow!!! We keep threatening to do another of these "kid free" weekends. So important to have time with the person we chose to spend our days with as well as our kids :D
    As to why you add the crafting....because you never had time to blog a separate post before lol :D XXX

  6. I know what you mean about the week dragging for you but whizzing by when you're on holiday. I'm so glad you and the hubster could get away together - Thoresby Hall looks AMAZING! What a treat and totally worth beans on toast for the rest of the month!!

    I'm glad said 11 year old came back safe and sound - the Year 6 residentials see such a change in the children, they really do come back a little more grown up. I think it's because they've been away and independent from Mum and Dad and they feel more grown up for it. Shame about his nose :o(

    I'm LOVING your layouts - particularly the one with said 11 year old - it's those quirks of their characters that scrapbooking was made for!!

    Have a great weekend, Virginia.


  7. not had time for a proper read but loving your fab pic with Hubby will be back later to read in depth xx

  8. How lovely to have a break at that wonderful place. I'd love to do something like that ! Joe did a week's residential trip aged eleven & gave me a huge melting hug when he jumped off the coach & handed me a beautiful shell he'd bought.
    Lovely Friday post ( sorry not to be joining you recently )

  9. Ooh squee what a lovely week... (I'm forgetting the nose as well lol)

    Virginia...Virginia.... I MADE ONE!!!!!

    I made a post!

    (no fainting allowed lol)

  10. I missed last week - completely lost track of my days! Loving this post and also how much you and your Mum and sister obviously love each other.

    I felt the same when Pheebs went on her first residential last year. She came back full of cold but loved it and still goes on about her adventures.

    Your stay away looks amazing and well worth whatever it cost :) Hope your Craig feels a bit better soon. Mine is suffering with his eyes at the moment and his chest. I thought it was asthma/hayfever but doctor says no and he is having to get me to apply eye drops at the mo. Not a happy bunny.

    Have a great week Virginia :)

  11. your weekend away looks like fabulous fun! we are planning something similar soon and i am so excited. thanks for giving us a forum for remembering all the good stuff in our lives. :-)

  12. Wow that place looks so elegant, love the chandeliers <3
    You looked so lovely for your dinner :) Hope you had a lovely time :)

    Loved the 'imagination' wording on your LO.

    Have a lovely next week :)

    Devon xx

  13. What a lovely week......glad said 11 year old enjoyed his residential...and you were really lucky to get a postcard! The boy also had a residential in his last year at Primary school...for 5 card from him..apparently he didn't have a pen! lol
    Your time with hubby sounds like just what you both needed..and the hotel looks fascinating...DH and I had a long weekend at the Warner's hotel on Hayling Island a few years ago....I appreciated the "no children" (and no pets!) as we could just concentrate on each other.
    Hope the "girls" had a fab holiday..I know they're back now.
    Hugs xx

  14. wow - there are lots of people joining in with RYWF this week! go us! :)

    Loving the pics from your super posh getaway - I would feel like a proper fish out of water somewhere like that, my pals laugh at me because I think Pizza Express is too posh lol

    The bed is ace! with 4 built in stakes in case vampires come at you in the night and you need to go all Buffy on them :D

    You both looked very swish in your evening meal togs :)

    And I'm glad to hear that your young man enjoyed his residential trip (well apart from breaking his nose!)

    have a great week!!

  15. PS and yes, that was week 26 :) half way through the year!

  16. I promised I would come back and I am so glad I did what a fabulous post! I love that you and hubby managed time away whilst your son was off on his school jaunt. How wonderful was that setting. I hope you both feel recharged. I love how thoughtful your son was too- it made me smile as we got some agate from one of our boys too. Lovely post xx have a great week x

  17. Your break away sounds and looks wonderful, very romantic and posh! You look lovely in the photo, all dressed up.
    Glad your son had a good time away, its alwayd nerve reacking when they go away for the first time, I hope his nose has healed up.
    Glad you heard from your mum and sister and that they had a lovely time.
    Hopefully will get back to my rocking posts now work has calmed down a bit, I have missed reading everyones posts x