Friday, 22 June 2012


So here we are again and if I understand Sarah's blog correctly this is Friday number 25 of the year - almost half way through the year and how quickly time flies at the moment.  We've now had our longest day and the days now start going in the other direction -grrrrrrrrrrrrr and summer is yet to arrive and yet in the last 7 days there must have been some positives to note - because it's
Sitting on the sofa last week with hubby watching a film whilst holding hands, I think we needed that contact that sometimes lacks because we are so busy - it was fabulous just to relax.

Marks and Spencer dine in for two, not that it was amazing just that it made life easier!

Tealights from Ikea creating a very atmospheric mood when we had our M&S meal!

Long drawn out discussions with hubby about life the universe and everything.

Enigma CD playing in the background, very chilled out.

Travel companies for getting my Mum, sister and niece to their destination for a couple of weeks safely

Summer of colour challenge - for helping get my creativity going again!

Ross Noble - for being completely mad - hubby got space cowboy DVD for Father's day and it's proved highly entertaining to watch once said 11 year old has headed up to bed, an amazing comedian who literally goes out on stage without a script - now that's brave!

Father's Day for allowing me take charge of kitchen duties because it was his 'day off' - which meant he got bacon and egg tortillas for breakfast - completely mad I am sometimes - we'd got no bread, so I cooked some bacon and mushrooms in a pan, then threw a couple of eggs into a pan for some scrambled egg, discovered we had no bread so basically put it in two flour tortillas for hubby (one for me) and then put the whole thing back in the pan for a few minutes flipping it half way through - a random amount of deliciousness!

Hubby for being quite happy to collect said 11 year old on Tuesday because I had a late meeting and for putting up with two extremely long work days for me without so much as a grumble!

The weather on Wednesday for being sunny when I got in and prompting me to get the mower out and attack the jungle garden, didn't manage the front garden but the back now looks like I might be able to beat it into submission - that'll obviously be when the rain stops which doesn't look likely in the next couple of days does it!

Wednesday evenings crafting - always a blessing, just sat playing with paint and ink and stickles and anything else that came to hand if I'm honest!

Well that's going to have to do you lovely people, if you fancy joining in pop yourself a post together and head back here to link up before I leave you the almost obligatory crafting hubby and son at Brimham Rocks last year!

 Up close the hand stitching I so love to do on these pages!
I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead


  1. Not a bad week V. apart from the long work days obviously.
    I'll have to look out for that DVD ..I love Ross Noble!
    The LO is wonderful...esp. the stitching.
    Have a good weekend.
    Hugs xx

  2. I lit tea lights this week as it's been so dark 1 Also cut the grass 0 got the back done & half the front when the mower started making funny noises & smells ! Lovely crafting. Have a happy weekend x

  3. I have had a good week, very busy and very enjoyable. I have spent most of the week sewing, love it and very relaxing. Have you noticed how the more it rains the more the grass and weeds grow and thrive, and the flowers we want to grow get dashed? Have a good weekend. Lynne xx

  4. Busy busy week. I am grateful for an opportunity to rest before a busy day on Sunday. Hopefully I am closing the door on a difficult period and beginning a new, successful chapter of my life. Wish me luck.

  5. Grant and I hold hands, which other people seem to think is very funny. I just love being close to him. Your breakfast sounds yummy, if rather unusual! Well done for attacking the garden, ours has never been so lush (usually the grass is dry and the ground is cracked like the Australian outback at this time of year), and I can't get out there to try and tame it - when it stops raining I'm involved in something else, grrrrr!

    Have a lovely weekend. Mine started early - woken by squawking baby crows at the bird feeder at 5am (that's thanks, isn't it, for caring for them and giving them lovely grub. They poo all over the garden gate too!).


  6. Thankyou so much for being my first follower! I am really excited about the future and the support of people in blogland really makes a difference. I get inspiration and support from blogs like yours, clarkey j's play space and dolly's dreamings (love scrapdolly!). Thankyou so much! jenx