Friday, 1 June 2012


Good Morning to you all - how fair thee this morning?  How's the week been is it full of positives and things that allow you to write a lengthy grateful post - or has it been hard work, where the silver linings don't immediately come to mind - fear not a cuppa and a sit and think and you'll soon find those positives that have made the week more bearable.

My week - well let's see because obviously it's
Donna for sending me the most gorgeous watercolour painting of a nude - honestly I was utterly gobsmacked, it's utterly beautiful and I can't wait to get it framed!

A chilled weekend, with no pressure to 'do' anything, just to meander around the house, do a bit of gardening, enjoy the warmth and sunshine - overall a good weekend - much fun.

A fan to use whilst it was so hot (not that we need it now)

Homemade banana yogurt and honey ice cream - yum and filling.

A six pound weight loss, only my first week but a good start.

Andy Skinner's Book of Secret course - love it!

Charity shop buys that have resulted in me 'steampunking' the world

Pairs journals - so exciting to work on them and brilliant fun receiving them, oohing and aahing over them.

Gorgeous mail art from Pat landing on the doorstep
Finding a clock for cogs - only for hubby to mend it - not sure if that's a grateful or not now.

Craig finding a gears website so we could 'make our own' (although they aren't the easiest of things to cut).

Rediscovering tasty fruit - yum

Red roses on Thursday from hubby whilst I'm attached to a blood pressure monitor

Finding the surgery where I needed to collect the blood pressure monitor from with relative ease - I hate trying to find 'new' places don't you?

My sister lending me the last Black Dagger Brotherhood book for my hols - mwah - love you!

Charlaine Harris book actually having a plot - hurray!

A brief cuppa with my sister on Thursday morning before the Docs

Our Wednesday Whine group - fabulous fun getting to know everyone better and now the potential of trying to work out how we might meet up at some point in the future - how awesome would that be.

Alcohol free week - so lovely

Primark for having plenty of shorts for said 11 year old when the temperatures were through the roof.

And I think that will conclude this weeks list of gratefuls, it's been a good week and we've got a break away next week - so I'll have to pre-post ready for next Friday - but don't worry I'll catch up with you once I've arrived back.

Hope you all have a beautiful and blessed week ahead

Before I leave you a double page layout from when we went to Fountains Abbey
Up close

And finally Mr Linky for you all


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely week(blood pressure aside)and 6 pounds is an awesome loss in one week, they say 2pounds a week is good! Never made it to Fountains abbey yet*adds to must visit list* :D XXX

  2. A lovely week, bar the monitor.
    Had to laugh @ the clock ...that's the sort of thing my DH would do too!!
    Enjoy your week'll love the Black Dagger book!
    Hugs xx
    p.s. I think we should all meet up too!!

  3. wonderful post as always hope you have a wonderful week away coming back filled with new vigour for life xx Huge hugs xJanet

  4. I love reading your Friday posts - they are always so 'up-lifting'.

    Great LO pages.

    Toni xx

  5. Hi Virginia, you encouraged me to look for the good in what has been a grotty week so I have come back to join in - hope you don't mind.

    Toni xx

  6. Wow Virginia! 6lbs is an amazing loss and the ice-cream sounds so yummy!

    I too love our little group - it would be so lovely to meet up wouldn't it?

    I agree about finding new places, I always get really tense!

    Another fabulous week, I'm loving how much you are enjoying the course and what a lovely surprise from Donna :)

    I'll be back tomorrow hopefully to link up.

    Carmen x

  7. A lovely list of positives and what a wonderful hubby to bring you roses while you were hooked up!! Six pounds in one great, well done you!
    I am really enjoying the wednesday whine group and am trying to keep up with everyones posts...I dont go on FB that much!It would be awesome if everyone got to meet up.
    Beautiful scrapbook page, love the photo of the arches.
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  8. Awww, roses from your lovely husband must have made you feel happier :o) 6lb weight loss in a week is fantastic, keep it up! The ice cream sounds so yummy. Pat's mail art is wonderful, what a lovely surprise :o)

    I hope you have a lovely time when you're away - I'll keep my fingers crossed for some lovely weather, it's raining her today :o(

    Great layout, I also particularly like the arches photo.