Friday, 8 June 2012


Oh eck - trying to write this before it happens is always 'interesting'

First up let's establish what this is - well of course it's
but you knew that didn't you - a weekly post to sit and reflect, now if you've not had time to sit and reflect grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and have a think type it up as you go or jot some notes down so you can pop yourself a post together, the reason - because it's all too easy to complain about life but we don't naturally thank the universe for the silver linings and positives that we get each week.  Now I'm doing this in advance, but how can I be grateful in advance, well that's quite easy - I can think about what I'm hoping this week will bring and by doing that I make the first step towards a positive.

First positive will have to be my beautiful Rockettes we are a small band of people and we are all individual with different lives, but through these posts each of us have grown to know the others and each of your posts make me smile.  I love that our lives are so different and diverse, I love that we live all over and I love that you share your positives with us each week - so you are my first big grateful.

Time off with hubby on a Friday before collecting little man from school after we'd dropped the blood pressure monitor off - sheer bliss

Next up is the Wednesday Facebook group that I'm in contact with - it's awesome to have a band of brilliant people to have a chat with when things get tough.

A break away - to relax and breath and enjoy.

Time to read.

Time to chat.

Time to be me

Time not to stress about my blood pressure

Time not to listen to that blinking clock chiming on the hour every 17 minutes

Time to explore

Strangely enough time away from technology, strange but fun

Time away from the TV (fingers crossed if I can prize the remote control out of said 11 year old's hands)

Just being with my hubby and son

Time to take photos to scrapbook!

Fingers crossed I'll manage the above - I hope your week has been truly beautiful and blessed I'll catch up with you when I'm back!

Before I go - I must have some scrapbooking pages to share. My best friends in life

my hubby

 close ups of the stitching
 and my son

both of whom Rock my World every single week!

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  1. I hope you are having an amazing time Virginia and achieving all those things :)

    Loving both these pages and of course your signature sewing ;)

    Carmen x

  2. I hope your break has been all you were hoping, you deserved it so much. Lovely layouts, I really like the circles in the first one with your hubby (loving his thinking cap!), and said 11 year old riding the Loch Ness Monster is fun!


  3. Always love checking in with you Virginia. Glad you were able to ditch the monitor! Can't wait for details of your time away and the positive that are sure to accompany it. Love your pages as usual. When do you find the time??

    Posted my Rockin' post here:

    Love Sabrina

  4. Finally got myself caught up with RYWF - sorry, life very hectic at the mo!!

    I don't even have time to blog hop and visit everyone else right now sorrryyyy! but I promise I will on Monday or Tuesday when I get a minute

  5. Your Scrapbook pages look really lovely.
    I love the stitching :)