Wednesday, 20 June 2012


I have a need to create at the moment, not a strop create (although I could do that with relative ease) but a artistic create!  This week so far has just been work if I'm honest - far too much work, Monday left at 4pm - laptop set up at home 5pm - laptop shut down 11.30pm, yesterday 8.10 start time, evening meeting - arrived home 9pm - mmmmmm too many work hours - mind I can tell the house is suffering, the garden is now taking on jungle like qualities so I'm hoping for a sensible home time 3pm - collect said 11 year old, blitz through a few jobs in the house and then - yes wait for it - drum rollllllllllllllllllllllll - time with my pairs journal and some mint choc chip goodness on Summer of Colour - let's see if that's achievable.

Feeling a bit low, my Mum and my sister and niece flew out to Tenerife at the weekend and apart from a single text message I've not heard from them, it's amazing how you take for granted picking the phone up and speaking to them when they are here.  I'm sure they are having a fabulous time and I'll find out all about it when they land back but in all honesty I am really missing them.

Anyway - crafting - what have I got in my folder let's see. I loved this photo and as a result I loved the layout if you know what I mean, journalling around the outer square was fun too.

 Up close the title were chipboard pieces I had which I painted black
 Then this layout which documents my Secret Santa at Christmas I'm still in awe of the book - utterly amazing!
 Up close accents on the page.
Ta ta for now - see ya later!   Thanks for looking


  1. Two lovely grown up said 11 year old looks!! And the book looks amazing.
    Hope you get home from work at a reasonable time need some "me time"!!
    Hugs xx

  2. Love that LO of your boy. I often use flower papers for my boys and people seem surprised. Hope you get some arting time today :D XXX

  3. Know what you mean when everyone is your pages though both are gorgeous, keeping going on the craft therapy to give you a break from it all.

  4. I love that you scrapbooked the book! It was an amazing book! And I love that page about the boy :)

    I do hope you get some artistic time tonight. I'm hoping to get to some "catching up on commitments" arty time - so lets hope we're both successful ;)

    ... and they'll be home before you know it. I bet they've spent a lot of time saying "I wish Virginia was here, Virginia would have loved seeing this" and are missing you just as much x

  5. hope you get some art time, will touch base with you monday I have to work this weekend, so will be happy to wait to post until later next week if you want...


  6. Lovely LOs Virginia.

    I've given up on the garden - after finally getting a couple of dry days and getting it tidy we have now had sun & rain for a few days so it is back to looking like a jungle LOL

    Toni xx