Saturday, 9 June 2012

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blinking eck I turned up and it was on HTML and I was thinking - what on earth have blogger changed now - good job I fathomed it LOL - this is a photo heavy post so you can see my Rocking week last week and yes I do need another holiday now!

Penrith Castle and the first of many silly faces he pulled during the week!
 I liked this graffiti
 And this wishing well that rang a bell with every coin we dropped in - all for a good cause!
 Brougham Castle and this, I know many of my followers aren't religious but the greenery running through the scene with sculpture gave this a humbling feel
 Up close
 A photo I can cope with - from on high - no chins LOL
 Door knockers!
 High Head Sculpture Park - how cool is this play area for the kids! 
 The glass snake in the tree - one of the sculptures!
 Flying along through this sculpture - we kept hearing the Dam-busters music whilst we were there as the older generations got to 'enjoy' this sculpture!

 My favourite sculpture
 Up close
 And peering through!
 the funky dragon and one of those faces (again).
 I guess this artist maybe liked birds and women or perhaps was no good at faces or feathers - can't make my mind up!
 another sculpture
 and another
 this is the face of an 11 year old when you show him a stone circle and explain that it's recent - ie post 2000 - not impressed not impressed at all! (I was it was cool and if I had a spare field rather than the postage stamp of a garden we have - I'd do the same!).
 Hubby liked this chair!
 Now I'm not being funny but who the hell should be allowed to live here?  Boo hiss - where's that lottery win!  Honestly where is it - and I don't mean a tenner - because give me a few quid and I'd move in to this - how utterly gorgeous is this!
 The inside of the cottage we were at - said 11 year old finding the beams a great source of entertainment - all you need is a ball of string and copious soft toys to tie to the string and throw over the same!
 Lowther Castle and Gardens - this was a ha ha - a serious ha ha - really high up but you really can't tell!
 Cloud watching when we were there - utter bliss and such great fun!
 One of the summer houses they are trying to recover at Lowther!
 Swing ropes to play on!
 Up close the Lowther ruin that they are trying to recover from being completely destroyed - only built in 1805 - how gorgeous is this!
 Honestly just utterly gorgeous!!!!
 And yet more proof that posing for a scrapbook page now takes on new dimensions - strangely enough he doesn't think I'll scrapbook this - more fool him!
 Mayburgh Henge which was made up of 5 million cobblestones - found on the river beds around (I kid you not).  however what said 11 year old is stood again is not one of the cobblestones to which I refer!
 the back of the cottage - honestly it was!
 And again (I kid you not)
 Look at that sky!
 Chilling with hubby!
 What the world looked like upside down
 And what the sun looked like through filters!
 And what said 11 year old looked like up close - in case you were wondering!
 and the evening perfectly summed up - boots off and wine!
 And said 11 year old practising his long jump!
 Tea not a weight watcher point in sight - literally!
 And the sunset!
 The cottage from the front - you can see the 'folly top' - you see I wasn't kidding!
 A labyrinth maze in Whitehaven - it was very very very wet!
 William Wordsworth's House in Cockermouth!   Absolutely fantastic, the girls in the kitchen cooking literally saved the day, chatting to us about herbs and what you could and couldn't cook with - absolutely brilliant!
 gorgeous dress
 and gardens (now recovered from the 2009 flooding)
 Just to show how high the water came in Cockermouth - I'm 5 foot 6 inch in case you wondered.
 Carlisle Market Square
 funky chairs
 Carlisle Cathedral
 and the ceiling was gorgeous!
 Even up close!
 This is the hand - it's used when he's bored of photos - apparently!
 Hutton in the Forest - looked OK from the outside!
 Loved the gate
 And the cornflowers
 and the poppies
 The view from the covered arbour
 Before we met the tour guide (boo hiss - another story)
 Clifton Tower
 The Greenhouse at Larch Cottage Nurseries - a little gem!
 Wisteria still in bloom!
 and this little fellow with the most gorgeous song
 the view from outside!
 Rheged - the last day - playing out in the rain as you do!
 Hubby looking bemused
There you go a the life of the crazy people squeezing in a six week holiday into a half term - fabulous week - completely wrecked now but hey - great fun!

Expect to see these photos again - in scrapbook format of course!


  1. I don't even know where to start and which photo to pick to comment on. It all looks AMAZING! You find the best places to visit!

    Love that castle, looks like it's just ripped open.

    Am intrigued as to the tour guide!

  2. Wow Virginia, you certainly packed a lot into the week, I'm exhausted looking at all the photos, lol. We used to call summer houses 'bug huts', where I used to do my courting 50 years ago! Your cottages looks fantastic, where was it? xx

  3. OMG woman!! No wonder you need a holiday! I can't believe you packed all this into one week.....amazing stuff!
    Fabulous photos all but the two that stand out for me...that fabulous home in the tower (I've been trying to win the Euromillions but sadly no luck) and the bird/lady sculpture...with your comments of funny!!
    Lovely to see you back.
    Hugs xx

  4. my but you do sit up straight...loads of scrap book page fodder there, it is so good to have holidays, and therefore memories, of course my favorite is the knocker....oh and the snake in the tree, oh and the organic wooden chair, and the castle and...

  5. So many brilliant photos !!

    I especially love the folly backing to your cottage - how cool is that?? and the sculpture park.

    Am now dying to hear the story about the boo hiss tour guide - I'm so nosey!!

  6. How wonderful to have such a special week with people who are special to you Ginny! I love that you appreciate what a privilege that is. And you were in one of my favorite parts of the country!
    Much Love
    x Michelle