Thursday, 31 May 2012


Yes that's right I'm posting because I can - a day off in front of me (albeit with a blood pressure monitor fitted) so what better way to start the day than to head over here and pop a quick post together - decision decisions what to post on here?  Ah actually I could do a Rock in Peace Resurrected CJ catch up all in one post, I've got three to show you - the first is the one I had last which was the Art Journal style Lyrics one of Kate's - for this one I let the picture guide me as I was struggling to find an image to work with, then found this and it worked perfectly for me!

I even glossy accented the title to give it a bit of additional dimension and overall I was really pleased with this one!
 Up close

Then Sarah's CJ - ooh now this one was fun I could have probably filled the box with 'altered covers' but settled on this one, using a silhouette of a man with a gun I had great fun creating this one!
 And the back
 And finally Liz's children's board book which I fought with a little but eventually came up with
I've really enjoyed this CJ up to now currently got a slight delay on receiving the next one but that gives me plenty of thinking time!

Hope everyone likes!


  1. Beautiful Virginia and have a lovely day....albeit wired up to a machine :)

  2. All look fabulous Virginia - slightly gutted that I wont be seeing any of these in the flesh but the way I am now I definitely would have been a hold up to you all. The ones I'm seeing glimpses of through you and Sarah are just beautiful!

  3. Fabulous journalling Virginia! I'm getting stuck into my own right now, they are great fun to do. Hope your blood pressure is behaving! :D XXX

  4. I love all of them V - your images are wonderful!
    Enjoy your day off.
    Hugs xx

  5. They are all looking fantastic Virginia - interesting they are all the same palette pretty much. Are you in a blue period like Picasso? :)

    I have to admit I had no idea who This Is War is by - had to google it - there goes my rockette street cred lol

    On an entirely different subject, have just noticed on the mail art thread over at Collabor-ART that you posted me a mail art postcard on May 25th....I do hope it hasn't got lost in transit as it hasn't arrived yet :(

  6. I'm drooling over your pics, of course! Everything's brilliant, interpretations, images, colours etc - I really like how you did the title on "Bring me to Life", and the silhouette looks fab, really effective.


  7. Virginia I love ur style, really effective. They all have a surreal feel to them through your colour blending techniques. Hope ur blood pressure is going to behave!