Sunday, 6 May 2012


I know what's this all about a Sunday night blog post, but feeling the need to connect with my blogging friends at the moment and this seemed like the perfect excuse!

This layout came about because I'd got the Papermania Portabello Road set and I realised how 'easy' making a Union Jack was as I kept cutting up their pages, so went for a pink themed one, showing my sister looking really 'happy' barbecuing at my Mum's after the Royal Wedding last year!  My sister was confused when the wooden skewers kept catching fire, so I asked my Mum if she'd soaked them in water which is what I thought prevented them from charring to be told she'd coated them in oil - hence why they kept setting alight and also the reason for my sister looking like she wanted to maim somebody with those barbecue implements.

I used pieces of paper I had lying around and handcut the BBQ title.  The journalling was done in the triangles at the top and bottom of the page.
Up close, you can see how I doodled around the title, and hand stitched around each triangle and yes before you ask it took an age to do!  You can also see part of the journalling in the bottom triangle.  I'm loving all the Union Jack items that are about this year with the Jubilee but no doubt it will be 'out of fashion' again next year.
Had a strange weekend up to now, positive on the whole but I'm going through that 'thinking' side of things with being off from work I think - it's one of those taking stock times again.  So I'm going to ask you a question - a strange one - but still a question, on the mind, body and soul side of things how do you look after your soul?  What do you do that you feel is part of your spiritual journey, I know some people go to church and I know some that don't but those that don't often seem to have a stronger spiritual journey than those that go to church, so what is it that nurtures and feeds your soul - if you don't mind me asking?  I'm intrigued because this is one area that I don't seem to be nurturing enough and I'm not convinced returning to church will achieve what I'm wanting at the moment, so I'm interested to see how other people deal with this.   And finally if you're not spiritual at all and don't have any beliefs on that side of things, please feel free to ignor my question above!

Hope you've had a good weekend up to now!


  1. Firstly...the LO is brilliant! That photo of Melanie is priceless! don't ask easy questions do you???
    You've really got me thinking tonight..I've even asked DH about it...and both of us agree that returning to church wouldn't suit us. We're not religious (although had a church wedding) and the boy wasn't christened.
    As you know, life has't been easy for me over the past few months and at times I have despaired. I've taken comfort from friends and have indulged in, not exactly rituals, but things that I know from past experience have healed/helped me.
    I've read poetry, I've re-read favourite books,I've baked, I've switched off and just done nothing except think for a couple of hours, I've phoned the boy and talked about nothing..just re-connected with him and let him know I love him,I've walked with Max and sometimes had favourite music playing on my MP3 player or have just walked "mindlessly" with random thoughts (and some pretty weird thoughts at that!) popping up.
    V. I think you're stressed from work and just need to step back and chill for a while - smell the roses, connect with family, indulge your art..whatever relaxes you and makes you, well, you.
    Hope that helps and please feel free to not publish it if it doesn't.
    I'm here for you.
    Hugs xx

  2. Well somehow I,ve gotten to the end of my comment to you and it has disappeared, this computer business makes me go in search of my soul!
    Start again, fab union jack page love the faux stitches too. I,ve been meaning to do a similar design to urs on a card - pinkt, purple, lilacy, lime maybe aqua too? Laughed at the oil/water bbq episode, I wouldn,t have had a clue - not given it a thought. Tee hee!
    Soul searching - positivity.
    To answer your question on my Magnolia Mantelpiece - yes the design is all mine. The base card itself is a die, but can be made up without much fuss. kx

  3. Well talk about soul searching, 3rd time lucky trying to post to you. 45 mins and hopeful this reaches you!
    Soul searching - positivity.
    Love your union jack page with faux stitches, have wanted to do a card design similar in pinky, purple, lilacy, lime and aqua tones. Need more hours in a day. will do it though sometime sooooon! now I have seen yours.
    The bbq oil/water episode made me giggle-tee hee, I wouldn,t have given it a second thought, just whacked skewers n meat on bbq! Kx

  4. Craig is obsessed with stuff with the union jack on. I don't mind a few bits but he'd be one of those with the house outside painted I reckon! Have to convince him there is a thin line between accent and chaviness. I doubt it will ever go out of fashion though ;)

    Love your page, I always enjoy seeing a new twist on it.

    Now. Your question. I am not religious AT ALL. Never have been. My girls haven't been christened because I don't wish to be hypocritical... that's up to them if they want to get it done when they are older. I've always been a bit of a fence sitter - not saying there is something there, not saying there isn't. Someone once told me I was agnostic. Who knows. However, what with recent events happening in my life, to people I love - I find it very, very hard to even fence sit lately and not just declare it all rubbish. BUT I also believe firmly in reincarnation, ghosts, past lives etc. Also believe I have had past life snippets of memory, have seen a ghost etc. Bit of a contradiction?

    So. If you mean how do I feed my soul in a religious way - I don't. I don't believe in one almighty being but at the same time don't know how my other beliefs fit in with my non-belief. I also find it very easy to succumb to depression. Not the light stuff, the proper dark, dark place. It is sometimes a real battle but I recognise the signs now and I firmly believe that art, in any form, just losing myself in it feeds my soul in that way. When I stop doing it, when I just slouch about and do nothing, it's very hard to drag myself back. I firmly believe art and it's many, many branches are a brilliant form of therapy almost. Am rambling away here and don't even know if I'm answering your question but this is where your question took me :P

    Big hugs, Virginia, I so wish we lived closer!

  5. I read this post this morning and have been thinking about it all day.

    Your question; I am also not at all religious in an organised religion kinda way, although I do think of myself as spiritual. I totally believe in previous lives, reincarnation, ghosts, guardian angels etc etc, but I totally do not believe in a supreme being twitching the puppet strings of life. Some avid church goers I know are the most mean spirited, least spiritual people I know, and it doesn't make me want to go and sit with them in a church, spouting false promises and ideals.

    I feed my soul by hunkering down and homing in on what is most important to me - my close family, my home and my 'art'. These 3 things keep me sane and grounded. Communication with those I love is vital so then I know what's what and where I 'am' in the world. Does that make any sense? 'Art' totally keeps me sorted. It's not just a paint/paper/glue kinda thing - it gives me an opportunity to stop, think, chew over issues that are bothering me, and often express myself in ways other than words. Sometimes words are difficult and limiting.

    Now I'm rambling.

    I hope you find a way to your inner peace, Virginia.


    ps oil on bbq skewers??!!
    pps further to what Carmen said, I wish we ALL lived closer!

  6. Virginia!!!! I just got your Post Art!!! It's gorgeous!! The colours are so being deep in a forest, smelling the green, and listening to the smallest sounds. That's how I deal with spirituality...go sit somewhere, away from everyone else and commune with(and notice) all the tiny things that we don't usually have time to see :D XXX

  7. Just been catching up on some back posts, and so the bit about watercolours...have you been to the Range at Rotherham? all kinds of Reeves paint collections from £2.99...and they do scrapbooking papers there too :D XXX

  8. Love the LO - great seeing a Union flag design in colours other than Red/White/Blue.

    I'm not a churchy type person, I find far more comfort in the Natural world. What I will often do is just take myself off somewhere (just me) and have a wander. A stroll along a riverbank, a drive through the countryside, anything away from the 'norm' that just gives me time to be 'me' and to ponder. If I can't get out & about then I dip into my crafts - sometimes just flicking through stuff that I have done and enjoyed.

    Toni xx