Sunday, 29 April 2012


Good Morning one and all, yes I know it's Sunday morning and I'm blogging - what is that all about?

Well I'm enjoying having a weekend off, went to the gym yesterday which was good (first time since I did my back in), had an alcohol free evening (which was nice), painted some giant pieces of paper with no idea of what I'm going to do with them (which is fun), popped to town, sorted lots of little jobs out, have a bathroom cleaning session ahead of me today (with new bath mat and shower curtain), some ironing and some crafting, it's going to rain all day so I'm going to try and do as much crafting as I possibly can.

I have a journal book to prepare, some more mail art to attack and a stack of scrapbook pages, semi-prepared.

The only downside of yesterday was a trip to a national retailer that has a scrapbooking section to find that it was all a bit 'twee' so I didn't buy anything other than giant chocolate buttons and a gift voucher I needed. I also wanted some watercolours - but wow might need to remortgage the house with the cost of those things.

So I might have to have a little jaunt to the local shop today to see if there's less twee and more goodness - or maybe it's just my style changing (again).

So here is a Sunday morning scrapbook layout - I'll try and not make it Christmas layout - but I can't promise for the next one.

This was at the Masham Arts Festival which we discovered when on holiday last October.
Up close, you can see I used a mask to create the effect on the cardstock, used some old brads and did some hand stitching.
I also used a card that I had in a pack from a sale I went to years ago to create the title!
Hope you are having a great Sunday even if it's a bit wet (again to make a change, this drought we are having is getting a little tedious wouldn't you agree).


  1. A bit wet? A BIT WET? I've got ducks floating past my window.

    Alright that might be a teeny exaggeration but it hasn't stopped here since yesterday morning. Woke up this morning to find our metal bird table... which we had CEMENTED into a garden tub, laying halfway across our little square of garden out front. Missed our car by inches. Thank goodness it never took off and landed in any of the neighbours gardens. Still hammering down now - don't think our aim of using the car less to spend less on petrol is going to work this week if it carries on.

    Anyhoo. Don't think you could ever be accused of being twee Virginia so doubt it's your taste changing. It's just that you actually HAVE taste ;) So glad to see you having YOU time :)

  2. I just called you Victoria on my blog instead of Virginia, and now I have the name Vanessa stuck in my head to confuse me further, please give me hell everytime I get your name wrong,
    I have just finished making my journal and will work on the first page,
    so sorry you got a raving looney as your partner.....
    I hope the art you get from me will make up for it..

    Let me know when you're ready to so a shared post on the collaborArt blog....

    love your play page - go to Ken Bromley art supplies on lien and see if the prices are better for watercolours ( sale gift packs are good)


  3. Good to see you on a Sunday, Virginia! I really like the green and orange colour combo - perfect for the funky artwork (which looks like it was great fun!).

    It's funny how sometimes a craft place can be so inspiring and another leave you feeling rather flat (still, I expect the giant choccy buttons helped you overcome your disappointment!).


  4. I'm glad you left a comment because it brought me to your blog, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also liked reading the previous Rocking your world Fridays, too. Not sure what the rules are, but I really enjoyed it.

    Had to laugh at the "weird" photo. To me it wasn't weird, so guess that makes me bizarre. Hope you have a great week!

  5. Love the LO ...I hate twee too! That colour combo is gorgeous.
    Yes, I'm really fed up with this drought......apparently our hosepipe ban is not going to be lifted..because, believe it or's the wrong type of rain!!! I mean, seriously, rain is rain isn't it??? And we have had rain almost non-stop for 10 days now!
    Hugs xx

  6. Changing tastes & styles is fine ! Sorry the shop didn't inspire you though. Good to get a lot of rainy day jobs done and what a lot of those there have been !
    The sun was shining earlier but the sky is grey again with the threat of more rain !

  7. Rainy days are good for trying to catch up on crafting!! I love your page :-)

  8. Hiya...can't wait to see your arty pages and what they become...that is a super page I love all the colour and what a fantastic piece of art to play with...hope you have a lovely week - Kat