Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sometimes you just want to connect - don't you?

Good Morning - yes I know a Thursday post what is happening with the world - and yes before you ask Rocking your world will be here on Friday, but this morning I find I have a little time on my hands and I wonder what to do, so I wander around the fabulously inspiring blogs that I follow and am amazed and delighted with the creativity, I add myself to a mail art list and promise myself I'll start some post cards later, I have a stack of photos that arrived from bonusprint that I can now start work on.  I have an art journal page open on my desk, these are all things I could technically do before I leave for work, but I find myself sat here inside my own head, the TV's blaring in the other room - Spongebob or something of that genre, other than that all is quiet, a bunch of anniversary flowers sits in front of me and my kitchen window shows that we're in for another wet and dismal day and I think what next, I've checked UKS, blog and facebook and then I think - I'll put a quick post together because I knew you'd pop along and have a quick look when you got chance, so just thought I'd say hello and how's your week been and to say sometimes I just want to connect with people.  Is it just me or do others do this as well?

Right crafting I'll pop a page on here as I have many still sat in my blog folder waiting to be shared, these three photos were printed off my phone, they are such a great size when they arrive as I never let them be 'cropped to fit' so they arrive with large bands of white either side and when they are trimmed you can actually get three across the page!  Great if you've got a sequence of photos! 
Up close, the journalling was done along the strip of green at the bottom, the title hand stamped and layered up several times (due to the tiny stamping)
Hope you had a good Thursday - see you tomorrow!


  1. Love the LO.....must learn to use camera on phone...
    Lovely to see you on a Thursday...and yes, some days I just want to connect too.
    Hugs xx

  2. Oh yes, I totally feel the need to just connect sometimes - hence my over rambly posts :)

    I love this page - that's such a good tip with the photos. Can't wait to see what you get up to with your mail art too.

    Carmen x

  3. connecting right back atcha :)

    happy anniversary for yesterday, by the way

  4. aww hun I know exactly what you mean - I spend a lot of my time doing that too if I am on late shifts - I cant shake myself into doing something so I wander around cyberland looking for ideas and folks to "meet". Loving your page and the neat journalling at the bottom xx

  5. I am connecting here too, had to come and have a nosey and see you as I will be posting a piece of mail art to you very soon.
    Love the LO and great idea on the photos too.

  6. Well I'm a bit late dropping by but yes, connecting with like minded people who have become firm friends is good :o) I've had some disappointments with friends IRL this week, nothing major, just made me realise how unimportant I clearly am to them. Made me sad but I've taken a deep breath and moved on. Hence my comment about it being good to hook up with like minded people.

    See you later for our Rocking party :o)