Saturday, 21 April 2012


Morning one and all I'm back safe and sound and ready to let you all know that it's
now you are going to have to forgive me because, this week has been predominantly work work and a bit more work - with a weekend of well work - so I'm going to cheat (only a little bit) and tell you about what a fabulous week we had away with a dose of this week added for good measure!

So in no particular order me and said 11 year old at Beamish - next to an egg shaped boiler that had been converted into a little office for the workers next to the Locomotion

 The quarry garden at Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens - simply gorgeous!
 Mischief one and mischief two!  Like I always say - two peas in a pod!
 Exploring the quarry gardens with hubby!
 The angel of the north - she's gorgeous and huge!
 And this cool little guy who basically fancied any bread and biscuits that were going!
We actually took over 800 photos - so the above is a tiny selection of the photos taken!  The above and some of the 800 (although I hasten to add not all the 800) will be appearing on a scrapbook page very soon!

So what else has been great this week - well the week away was bliss - the 6 foot bed we stopped in completely bliss and we've missed it when we returned as ours is decidedly less comfy and definitely not 6 foot!   But being home back in our home surroundings enjoying time with my family is always awesome!

This week has also brought a smile to my face from Sarah for an invite - thank you sweetie - I'm very giddy about it all!

This week has also seen a grand announcement from Carmen our fellow Rockette - squeeeeeeal I'm so giddy for you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wedding Anniversary on Wednesday - 14 years - awesome stuff, we had a couple of hours in the afternoon where we had some time together which was bliss!

Art Journaling - I art journalled my way through our break - taking an hour every night to just jot down what we'd done - it was only half way through the week when I thought I might actually want to read what I'd written for scrapbook pages and started to try and make my writing decipherable - whoops!

Anniversary flowers!

David Guetta - for his album Nothing But the Beat - which kept us occupied on the way up to Beamish where we were staying last week - his track The Alphabeat is awesome - even if hubby did decide it would be the advert for the Renault Twizy when we came home having seen the video - and he is absolutely correct!

Right there's chance I'll be adding to this before Friday but for now - I'll pop on a bit of scrapping, these photos were taken on my phone and I had them printed out and because I didn't crop the photos - when they arrived they had a thick white border which I removed and got two photos on a single layout!  And the statement - well technically the bread was for the ducks!  Not that it bothered him!
 Up close, letter stickers and stamping, black pen, stuck down, layered up etc and a bit of hand stitching - using up existing stash!
I hope you all had a fabulous week if you fancy joining in throw a blog post together and come back and post your link here that way we can come and link - we welcome everyone - Rockers and Rockettes alike - if you don't feel you've had a great week - cast your mind back, think about the positive, no matter how small or infrequent if they made your heart lighter and most positive then they were Rocking moments and those are the moments in our week that we grasp with both our hands and write down so that we can think of the positives in our life!

May you all have a truly beautiful and blessed week ahead


  1. I'm so sorry we had major internet issues when this should have posted and so it's been sat there waiting like a complete numpty - only just realised grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - anyway it's on here now and was done in time although you wouldn't know it LOL!

  2. I'm just glad you're ok, Virginia. I was starting to get ever so slightly worried. Our Rocking Queen is never late!!

    Looks like you 3 Mischiefs had a brilliant time away. The photo of you and the husband for 14 years is lovely :o) As is the funny photo of your 2 fellas - it just brings a smile to my face, their fun is so infectious! The crow photo is wonderful and I think a certain Carmen Miranda would like that too!

    Fun LO, I like the 2 sequenced photos but it's a tragedy those poor ducks went hungry in the name of your art!

    Have a great weekend,


  3. I was so worried about you when your post didn't appear..thank goodness it was technology issues and not s'thing serious!
    Your week away looks to have been fabulous...and just what you needed. I too love the Angel of the North.
    Your men look to be having a good time (same cheeky grin I notice!!) and I love the photo of you and hubby.
    Great LO too (love your fun techniques) even if the ducks did go hungry!lol
    Hope your weekend is great and that next week brings some respite at work.
    Hugs xx

  4. Jo is right - I adore that crow picture, he looks full of character :)

    Looks like such a fun and interesting place you went to. I've only seen the Angel of the North in passing as we shoot past on our way to Scotland, it's a sight we always look out for though :)

    Many, many congratulations on the anniversary :) Will finally get my post up today! Promise! Am glad we had that certain good news because the rest of the week sort of went the way of Jeremy Kyle stylee drama within my extended family. So sad. :(

  5. Here I am :)

  6. It looks like you had a lovely week away, Love the photo of you and your hubby, so romantic! I went to a wedding at Beamish hall but didn't have time to explore the area and my hubby never lets us stop at the Angel of the North when we go to Sunderland to visit his family, he hates it! I wanna get right up close to it!
    Great lettering on your scrapbook page and love that 11yr old is eating the ducks bread!!
    Dont know if I will get a chance to do a rocking post this week, I am up to my eyeballs in work stuff. x

  7. Those quarry gardens look really striking - I'd love to visit Beamish and its surrounds one day. And I really want to see the Angel of the North too - I've never had the opportunity to travel that far oop North since she was unveiled.

    Love the piccies of you and hubby holding hands - aww - of your 2 cheeky boys - and the equally cheeky crow :)

    glad you had a great holiday, pity about having to go back to work after, eh!