Friday, 6 April 2012


Good Morning my beautiful Rockettes - how fair thee this morning?  Yes tis Friday again - can you believe it - it's also April - gulp - what's happening to the year!!!!!
OK - let's see what we can manage on the positive this week

  1. Family working on a piece of art - sheer bliss for the weekend - given how bad my back was, I needed to stand upright for the majority of the weekend so we worked on a giant canvas and when it was my turn - Craig stood the canvas upright so I wasn't leaning.
  2. Craig for being so considerate when we were at home at the weekend and putting up with me asking him to do pretty much everything, load dishwasher, empty dishwasher, fill washing machine, get milk out of fridge - you get the idea!
  3. The new TV series Once Upon a Time
  4. True Blood on FX - little bit of escapism
  5. Black Dagger Brotherhood books (again - what am I like)
  6. Sunday lunch out at a carvery on the spur of the moment! 
  7. My Mum and my sister for having said 11 year old whilst I was at work!
  8. Having a great team at work just for keeping going!
  9. Popping to my Mum's on Sunday for a catch up and a cuppa - even if she did make me do graphs on her computer for her with the worlds worst program and some nonsense data!
  10. A phone call from a friend I've not spoken to in ages - it was good to hear his voice!
  11. My circle journal buddies for being so understanding with this stupid back - because I'm late sending this month's journal on
  12. The snow for not amounting to very much here - which meant I could still get to work safely! 
  13. The muscari flowering in the garden - a nice injection of colour now the tete a tete have gone for the year
  14. Longer brighter days - now this I like!!!
  15. Carmen heading back into blogland and facebook - we've missed you! 
  16. The new blogger interface which I thought I might not like but just accepted was different - I've got used to it fairly quickly and I like overall - how's everyone else finding it?
  17. Voltarol and TENS machines for keeping me upright 
  18. My fantastic buddies here in blogland - I love catching up with your worlds!
There you go that is just about going to have to do for today!  Eighteens not a bad number though is it! 

So a bit of crafting as always (no sign of a Christmas tree in sight Susie you'll be pleased to know - anyone started their Christmas cards yet - tee hee)
 Up close, cut outs on die cuts with ribbon on foam pads, straight forward embellishment and I managed to use some of my Tim Holtz paper which is amazing because I normally just stroke it and put it away to be used another day!
So there you have it Rockettes my week of gratefuls a time to reflect, sometimes to dig deep and share with you what has made my days lighter and brighter! 

If you fancy joining in then Mr Linky for you 


  1. I'll be back to read yours later Virginia, I'm just running out of the door!


  2. You manage to sound so positive when you are in obvious pain. Hoping it eases soon. Have a lovely Easter weekend x

  3. Always inspiring (do I say that every week?) Sorry to not be more original BUT you are very inspiring. I bet the muscari are gorgeous. I love those little troopers. I'm so glad you have Once Upon a Time. I fear we must be close to the season end but it just gets better! I love the job the writers are doing, very clever.

    I hope that nasty back starts behaving (I had a bad neck for years). Do you see a chiropractor? Even not regarding the pain, it can be really exhausting! Hang in there, and blessing for your sweet husband for jumping in and helping you out!

    Have a great week. I hope to post this afternoon.


  4. 18 things on your Rocking list is brilliant, especially as you're suffering.

    Great list again this week, Virginia. You show that it really is the little things that make a difference in a week. I've recorded Once Upon a Time but have yet to watch it - it sounds good!

    I so hope your back starts feeling better SOON, you must be so fed up with it.

    Wishing you a lovely (and pain free) Easter weekend.


  5. Soooo pleased you managed 18 gratefuls despite obviously being in pain..sending hugs and sparkles.
    Your family artwork sounds wonderful....when will we see it?
    Hope you're having a fabulous weekend and well done to Craig for being a lovely supportive hubby..:)
    Hugs xx
    p.s. happy to NOT see any sign of Christmas!!!lol

  6. A lovely positive week for you even though you are obviously in pain. Those tens machines are brilliant aren't they?! I hope your back gets better soon and I am sure your wonderful hubby doesnt mind doing the jobs for you!
    Yeah to Once upon a time too. I was worried I had missed it as everyone was talking about it on another rocking post a couple of weeks ago, so I was pleased to see it started here on sunday. I was worried it would be just the same as Grimm (which I am loving) but was pleased that it seems totally different!
    Would love to see your giant family canvas, what a wonderful idea to involve the whole family!
    Glad you didn't have much snow-how crazy is it that one day we are enjoying the sunshine and the next day half the country has snow?!
    Have a great weekend x

  7. I think I'm coming out in sympathy. My back has had me awake most nights this week. The cold niggling it? Whatever - I'm so not happy with it. I hope yours eases soon :)

    Doing a huge smiley face here at mention of meeeeeeeeeee! :D I so missed everyone! Blogger is frigging peeing me off. It's still not loading pages unless I refresh, refresh, refresh. So tempted to move my blog right now.

    I caught up with the first episode of Once Upon A Time yesterday - determined just to have a 5 minute look and not be drawn in... yep, I'm hooked!

    I shall be back later with my post - I spent most of yesterday convinced it was Thursday - despite Craig moaning all day about bank holidays interfering with small businesses and messing up his schedules. Never clicked!

    Have a lovely week amazing lady!

  8. I really hope your back is starting to ease up soon. Glad you managed to have fun despite the pain making your family canvas. Well done to hubby for rallying round and helping you out when needed.

    As for blogger, mine hasn't changed - but then I have draft blogger as my dashboard so tend to get changes a lot earlier than they roll them out across the board so perhaps I'm already using the new one?

    have a great week!

  9. I'm late, I'm late! But I played :D

    It's a bit of a ramble that might not make much sense... not much new there then ;)