Friday, 27 April 2012


Morning my gorgeous Rockers and Rockettes, how fair thee this morning? Yes can you believe it's Friday again already?  Where does the time go?
Right let's see what we've got up our sleeves this morning.

Well last weekend saw me work straight through clocking up in excess of 60 hours, so there's not much to report from the weekend other than work, exhaustion and sleep! 

But there have been positives, let me think mmmmm, (still thinking) 

  1. Said 11 year old enjoying his first electric guitar lesson, he came home grabbed his electric guitar and showed me what they'd been learning - awesome stuff.
  2. A fun maths booster class at school (I know that doesn't seem possible really does it), but both me and hubby went, we both did a mental maths test that the kids have to sit have 20 questions fired at them and 5, 10 and 15 seconds to answer them, it was interesting to see how this really works.  We also played with co-ordinates and word problems, a great session and said 11 year old said he felt a bit more confident once he'd done.
  3. Aardman Entertainment for Pirates, we headed there on Wednesday to watch it on 3D because we'd promised said 11 year old at Easter and hadn't got around to it.  Great stuff, I can see a whole host of stop start animation happening some time soon again in this household, just need to find some 'free' software to upload the photos and glue them together as it were, if anyone knows of such a thing please let me know, it would please said 11 year old no end.
  4. Hubby, for just being him, honestly he knew I needed to 'create' this week and so gently coaxed me into getting some paint and things out and just having a go, it was utter bliss and before I knew it I'd created loads of different pieces, they're not done, but they are on their way to being finished. 
  5. My blogging friends, the comments I've had this week have had me grinning from ear to ear and really lifted my spirits when I most needed it - thank you from the bottom of my heart - they really have made me smile! 
  6. Cups of tea in bed, DH had to get up really early one morning and managed to not fully wake me whilst he was getting ready (which is a rarity) he also left me a cuppa which I managed to wake, drink and go back to sleep after, it made me giggle when I realised what I had done.
  7. Marks and Spencer for saving us from having to make tea at the beginning of the week, meal deal for 2 - bliss and no stress.
  8. BBC for free yes I repeat the words FREE tickets to the The Big Bang Theory Live, we had to put in for the tickets and see if we were lucky enough to be picked - which we were!  Hurray - so that's bank holiday Monday sorted.
  9. Joanna for a great video from You Tube of a Mob Dance in Russia - loved it - really and truly I loved it - just what I needed Thursday morning - good for the soul! 
  10. Hubby for cleaning the hob
  11. Great books to escape into when things get a bit much
  12. David Guetta's Nothing But the Beat album which we listened to on holiday we seem to be flitting between heavy Rock and Dance music at the moment, it's proving interesting.
  13. The Mary meets the Romans program on BBC2 has been really interesting - thoroughly enjoyable!
  14. The True Blood finale on FX - all I can say is OMG - great end to the series! 
  15. Said 11 year old for his subliminal hamster messages - whilst he continues to try and twist our arms into letting him get a hamster! 
I think that my good friends will have to be it for today - not bad - 15 gratefuls to reflect on, joining in put yourself a blog post together and tell us what 'rocked' about your week, then pop back here and link to Mr Linky (at the bottom of the blog post).

Finally crafting (as always), it's a good job I've got a back catalogue of unshared layouts is all I can say! 

Now no complaints I know it's a Christmas layout but hopefully the pale colours will lull you into a false sense of security.  The picture is of said 11 year old next to the 3 'giant' wise men inside Chatsworth House last Christmas.

And finally before Mr Linky, a big thought out there for my Dad, it's the anniversary of him passing away today, I always feel a little raw and a little sad (as you can imagine), 23 years since he went and it still hurts as much as ever it did, but this is a Rocking Your World post, so let's try and put a positive slant on it.

Here is a photo of my Dad, he is at the front on the right with the youngest sat on his lap.  They are sat on one of his go carts that he loved to build when he was young.  He decided at one point to actually have a go at making his go cart go faster, so he decided to put a sail on it, he set off on the road so he could really give it a thorough run and set off, he built up some speed with the wind going in the right direction and then raised the sail he'd made.  He was going really fast when he saw a car up ahead, he wasn't sure what to do, so decided to overtake, quite successfully I might add.

That evening, there was a visit from the local policeman warning my Grandma that he'd been seen overtaking a car, she explained he was too young to drive and didn't have a vehicle, when the policeman informed her he was on his go cart.  Apparently he got a good hiding for it bringing disrepute to the family by having a policeman turn up on their doorstep, but the story has become something of a legend!  Miss you Daddy!


  1. Brilliant post Virginia - as always. Thanks for sharing.

    Gill xxx

  2. Gosh, I really don't know how you cope with such long hours.

    Love the LO - the colours are so unusual for a Chrimbo topic.

    Toni xx

  3. I have to agree with Toni, how on earth do you cope with such long hours?! I LOVE the David Guetta album too - he's pretty much saturated the music world hasn't he?

    I have to say I wouldn't recommend a hamster for said 11 year old - I had a gorgeous one about 25 years ago but in recent years we've been through 3 hamsters and 2 gerbils. No matter what we did we could not make them friendly. The gerbils were better than the hamsters, I suppose. None of them quite turned out as we had all hoped. We REALLY tried, believe me. I would always say that guinea pigs are the sweetest (and most stupid) creatures. We've had a few (2 from new, the rest rescue), and I adored them all. Apart from Yobley, he was a psycho gp and did have to go back to the rescue charity because he was terrorising all the other gp's and also us :o( Poor old Yobley, he must have had a terrible start in life. Anyway, I'm just trying to warn you about hamsters.........

    A Christmas LO is NOT ALLOWED IN APRIL (however lovely it is!).

    I love the story about your dad, sending a hug to you. That's another great photo of him. It's good to keep the memories alive.


  4. Brilliant post and some truly lovely gratefuls. You made me smile....hugs to your hubby and said 11 year old for being them and supporting you (given in on the hamster yet???lol!)
    And I'm thinking of you today...what a wonderful story about your Dad...
    Extra big (((hugs))). xx

  5. Love your post....and wow what a note to end on .... a go-kart, I bet he would have been captured on a speed camera if that were possible then! Great list of gratefuls - I like a cup of tea too, and love the subliminal hamster messages and also the page with gigantic kings :) Just a fab post Virginia thank you :)

  6. There must have been something about the men of a certain era. My Dads favourite childhood story is one of when he and his brother put his younger brother in a cement mixer. And turned it on. Telling him it was a merry go round. They broke his arm. Apparantly they all went home in fine spirits, broken armed brother included. Laughing about the experience. And all got a tanned backside :P I could really picture your Dad in that story. What a great tale to tell!

    Lovely post Virginia. I really meant to catch that Romans programme and forgot it was on!

    Have a fabulous (and less hard work) week :)

  7. Great post this week! Wow, a 60 hour week, dont think I'd manage that!!
    I love how you find even the smallest things to make you grateful and happy, you inspire me to try harder in my posts!
    Wonderful story about your Dad and great photo! Have all our Dad's done daft things? My Dad and his mates found an unexploded mine down on Ryde beach when they were boys, dug it up and started carrying it home. They got fed up with how heavy it was half way home and dumped it in a pond. That pond is just round the corner from where I live and every time I pass it I wonder if it's still in there! I can't believe it didnt blow up in their faces!
    Bet you get talked into the hamster!
    Have a great week x

  8. oooof - 60 hours?? you must be blinking exhausted woman!

    Well done to your hubby for frogmarching you to your art supplies and making you make stuff. Just what you needed to unwind after all that work, I bet.

    Love the story about your dad - mine has some hair raising stories from his youth too - they weren't so big on elf 'n' safety in those days were they lol

    Oh and don't get your young 'un a hamster, get him a rat, they are WAY friendlier! Fantastic pets. I've had them off and on for almost 30 years.