Monday, 23 April 2012


Well after doing in excess of 60 hours work last week I found myself struggling to get out of bed this morning - I mean what's wrong with me.  So I didn't - get out of bed - well not initially anyway - I decided to sit and savour my morning cuppa in bed and rest my eyes a little.  Then I dragged myself out (finally) and got ready but with no speed at all.  I woke said 11 year old and told him "you're not going to breakfast club" and then headed downstairs.

I look dreadful, fit to drop and a full day ahead with a meeting half way through the other side of Sheffield, not exactly what I need on a Monday.  I was so tired last night I actually felt poorly with it, this morning I'm just very very tired so might end up feeling that way again come this afternoon. My job is mentalling taxing but physically it doesn't get me moving around an awful lot (I sit at a desk), so I've got back pain from lack of movement and my brain is so very tired.  Added to this I've done zero - I repeat zero crafting since returning home and it's making me quite a sad person at the moment.  So if you have the luxury of crafting time today - create - anything - just create and if you do create let me know what you made so I can admire, because I can't see me heading to my craft table any time soon.

If I had the day off I'd get six photos I've been wanting to scrap (any six) and then I'd go and find some papers and cardstock to match, I'd probably use the sketches from the scrap 365 magazine from this month as a starting point (which are downloadable from their website) and play for a bit.  I might cut myself some cardstock into postcard sized pieces and then throw some paint at them - literally, maybe add an image or two, some squiggly lines, a mask to create a little mail art, I might rummage through my alterables box and start on something "I've been meaning to alter"  - ooh to create - I would I'd do all that.  I'd play my music loudly or I'd put on a film to keep me company and I'd keep my cup constantly filled with hot tea.  It would be bliss, but today, well today I'll go to work instead and dream of a day off all to myself - the luxury!

Sharing a layout from an age ago now (ooh and I forgot to mention but I'm aware of a local crop that meets once a month on a Saturday in a church hall at Broom in Rotherham, they charge £5 half day, £10 full day.  There is plenty of space, hot water on tap and refreshments all day long.  Lots of encourage and lots of great chat too.  If you live local, let me know if you want the details of the next one and I'll post on here.)

A photo from an age ago (taken on the duck bread eating day by said 11 year old on my phone!)  It was pink so it's poor on the red's again but I took the photo ages ago and have since learnt I need to work with my white balance
 Up close photo even worse on the 'red' tinge bit but you see up close what I've done used some ribbon that had wire running through it, so scrunched it up to add texture to the page!
Hope you have a great Monday!


  1. Oh Virginia. I wish I could just give you a great big cuddle right now. Please take care of yourself, take it easy. Look after that back of yours and that fabulous mind.

    Could you maybe slip a little sketch book or something in your bag so you could have a scribble or journal even just at lunchtime? I know what you mean though. I haven't created in so long, not through over work but just general tiredness and blech-y feeling. Hoping to rectify that this week.

    Just remember, you'll be no use to anyone if you run yourself into the ground. Can't they give you an assistant or something? And I'd miss you!

    Big, big hugs x x x

  2. I love the LO - a great photo of the pair of you and the ribbons etc. are perfect.

    So sorry that you're overworked at the moment and have no time for crafting...can't you allow yourself a day off? You sound as though you really, really need it.
    In lieu of that I'm sending big (((hugs))) and lots of ***sparkles***.
    Sue xx

  3. Next time your in Sheffield, drop by for a hug :)
    58 Boynton Road, S5. You can't miss me, I'm the chilled out house next door to a noisy primary school :D XXX

  4. You need some time off and I hope you get it


  5. I'm sorry you are having such a bad time of it. You did create a blog post today, so see you can't even help yourself from creating! I having crafted in several days either and it does make us twitchy doesn't it?

    I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel and that you can take a breath soon!!


  6. HUG

    As someone who ran themselves into a state of illness and exhaustion recently I say STOP you can only keep going for so long lass. X

  7. Hello Virginia, I popped over to say thank you for the lovely warm welcome on Collabor-ATE. Hope you manage to get some time to yourself soon, sounds as though you deserve it xx