Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Morning all, well finally I've broken into crafting again, it took some time and perseverance but hubby realised I was starting to lose it, so gently encouraged me to basically do something, anything, so I did, I got some card and some magazines and some paper, some baby wipes and a glue stick and basically made a mess for a few hours, then I moved back to my craft table and added to it and played and sorted and played a bit more, it was great fun and now I have officially started my mail art.  However, I had to giggle because I sat there wondering what goes on the other side of mail art?  Does it create a post card, or do you decorate both sides to confuse the postie and then I thought does it matter?

Anyway I arrived home yesterday to a gorgeous piece of mail art from Shirley and this answered one question which is how she does it!  I love it and have admired it's depth and colours and well everything about it since it arrived.  So now I'm even more focused to finish off the ones I started, the downside is that the cardstock I used wasn't really thick enough and the paint I used was nice and wet - which means I'm currently trying to flatten them, which meant that I started another batch of mail art cards last night before falling asleep, absolutely exhausted not much better this morning if I'm honest!

So there you go, I finally broke back into my crafting hurray!

Layout to share this morning? I loved this silhouette photo hubby took of me and said 11 year old at Chatsworth last year but thought I might struggle to scrap it, however I found throwing enough black and grey-ish papers together and matting everything did the trick nicely!

Hope you're having a great Wednesday (even though I thought it was Thursday grrrrr)


  1. So, so pleased you're crafting again! You need some "me" time!
    That is a gorgeous photo of you and said 11 year old and I love the LO.
    Hugs and sparkles. xx

  2. I think that is one of the sweetest photos I've seen. It reminds me of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, true friends. I think you and said 11 year old are true friends too. Perfect LO with those grey-ish papers :o)

    Mail art, I need to do me some Mail Art - you got me thinking now! Re the back - it's up to you! I think everyone does it differently - and I do it differently every time, sometimes with a decorated back, sometimes not!

    It's wet wet wet here, and still we have a hosepipe ban!


  3. yay - good to see you are back on the crafting wagon :) it's therapeutic, as you know, so I hope it helped :)

    as for your thin card / wobbly first attempt at the mail art - can you not just glue it to a sturdier piece of card? that should flatten it out.

    and yes, I write on the back of mine like a normal postcard - address on the right, message on the left...

    love that photo on your layout, and you've done it proud

  4. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Is this for sarah's group? I can't wait to dive into some swaps on there but am going to be a good girl and get all caught up first.

    So pleased you made time to play. Good for Craig!

  5. Love that photo and layout! Glad you are back to being messy lol :D XXX

  6. Glad you're back at it! Is your work schedule going to ease up anytime soon?

  7. Fab LO. What a super photo to scrap.

    Toni xx

  8. leap in join up I need a collabor-ART journal partner - I'm only half the woman I need to be, please make me whole, please?

    I'm being very undemanding - take a look at my theme on the 'pairs' page & I wrote a bit more in the comments section of the paired journals post...