Sunday, 15 April 2012


I have been meaning to post since we got back, but to be honest I'm struggling to pick up the threads of normality at the moment - so you'll have to forgive me for not having posted sooner.  I'll tell you all about last week on Friday as have a feeling I might need 'two weeks worth' of Rocking moments to make a decent post - this week looks likely to be wall to wall work - but we won't dwell on that.  A few weeks ago we finally got around to creating the family canvas that we wanted for the TV room.  First off we needed a theme.  First thoughts were films (made sense) then potentially TV (also made sense), but then we decided on a Shakespeare themed canvas and before we knew it this converted into a Macbeth themed canvas, firstly because this is mine and hubby's favourite Shakespearean play and secondly because we'd seen an awesome version of this at the RSC last year.

The colour scheme for the canvas was already technically set because it had to go with the room - so we were looking at creams and browns and reds - sounds pretty awful but hopefully you'll see how we got away with it!  I'd already 'attempted' this canvas (unsuccessfully) last year, but had subsequently painted the same cream, what you can see is the texture as I'd added some pieces of paper onto the canvas at that point.
Next up was the base - key people from the play on the canvas, we took it in turns to create the same.

Then on with parts of the play we loved, using my Manga Macbeth book to create the words we wanted to include we used a different sized writing and a slightly different coloured paint for this
The finished second stage
We then decided to include our hand prints - remember Lady Macbeth's speech where she is constantly ringing her hands - it made sense
Then some stencils a crown and a comedy/tragedy mask created by hubby himself!
Next up the dripping red paint down the entire canvas!
 Another stencil representing Birnham woods introduced in the bottom and to create a focal point
 We added some more depth to the canvas in the way of colour!  And the three daggers at the top made of grey chipboard painted with black, brushed with silver and the handle wound with some black and grey electrical cable we were throwing out - attached with a hot glue gun!
 Up close you can see the dimension of the same
 And finally the three witches hung on chains strapped around their waists on the left hand side!  Similar to the play we'd seen where the children who played the witches were lowered down from the ceiling!
 And finally - the photo I found on the camera a couple of days later - do you think he was pleased with it?
 So there we have it - another massive canvas created and it looks fabulous where it's hung a piece of art that we all created!  My influences for this as always massive credit has to be given to Alisa Burke - whose Graffiti Chic course sent me on this path some years ago, her Canvas Remix book is fantastic and really lets you explore your own style!


  1. That is an awesome project with a wonderful end result!!! No wonder said 11(or is he 12 now)old was so pleased :D XXX

  2. O. M. G!!!!!! This is brilliant - absolutely fantastic that you were all involved in its creation :o) It's a stunning piece of artwork and all the better for having emotional value as well. Well done to you all. Great photo of said whatever year old!!


  3. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Thank you for all the inbetween pictures Virginia - they really give an idea of a) the scale of the thing and b) the love that's gone into it.

    Loved it when I saw it on Facebook, love it even more now.

  4. How fantastic the whole family was involved. I especially like the writing background. That looked cool in and of itself, but you guys went so much farther! Outstanding!!

  5. Wow! This is just fantastic! I loved the idea when you mentioned it in your rocking post but seeing it has blown me away! I thought it looked great with just the words on but as I kept scrolling down it just got better and better! Absolutely LOVE it! x