Thursday, 1 March 2012

THURSDAY POST apologies for the whinging at the beginning and 2 layouts

Morning all, well it's been one of those weeks, you know the ones that sneak up on you and attack you without you realising, yesterday was a hard day, just one of those days.  I've worked a huge amount of hours this week which means I'm mentally in 'work' zone all the time, good food eating has gone for a walkabout, I've forgotten why I'm doing it.  I feel a bit low because things aren't really going in the right direction, too much work, no play, February has a hard month because its dark and cold but finally March greets us with a bit of spring sunshine this morning.  The house is a state, the ironing pile is growing by the minute, the potential planned outing with hubby tonight was attempted too late (long story) which means no 'date night', (so hairdressers instead for me and said 11 year old), hubby had a health scare earlier in the week, people off to sunny climates on their jollies should make me go yay but instead because of the way I found out I felt a bit low (another long story won't bore you), a wedding invite which should make me good "yay" made me go "ooh" as it clashes with last school day for said 11 year old at primary school.  So like I said one of those weeks and why post this miserableness this morning, because you tend to only ever see my positives and sometimes its good to share that life isn't always roses sometimes it has the thorns as well.  So this could officially be my whinging Thursday post - but don't expect it to become a weekly post because it won't, far too many things that we should be grateful for.  So out of this sombre mood should be a more positive outlook growing as we speak.

Anyway enough of my whining I just wanted to put down where I'm currently at, so I can see how far I've come from it.  I'll be fine for tomorrows post will just have to dig deeper than normal!

So as not to leave you with all negatives I'll leave you with a layout or two, photos from our evening at the RSC last year when we went to see Macbeth.  The statue being of Lady Macbeth
Up close used some die cut labels with the journalling on.
And obviously the handstitching
Then a layout that in all honesty I'm not that fussed about (it was one of those hard work pages) I think I chose the wrong background papers and almost abandoned it until I spotted the red ric rac which gave it the finishing touch to the point where I went 'that'll do!'
Ric-rac up close
 Right I apologise for the whinging at the beginning of this post, I promise normal service will resume shortly (it had better...)


  1. Hello, sending a virtual bear hug your way. I was very unsubtly reminded how limited the world of blogging can be recently. Someone who lives with a debilitating illness and you would never have known except they chose to post about it. I think whinging is one of a girls sensible outlets to stop everything getting on top of us. I hate when the feeling of sadness feels like it won't end, but of course it does. Make sure you replan your date - I need to book one with my other half, I am sulking at the moment though, he is out in Boston (sure on work) but it is the one place I really wanted to go back to and we couldn't afford that and he could have gone to a different conference............ Nuff said. You my dear, must make sure you have a treat (not food if you want to get back on the treadmill) but some own time or a something nice..........
    BIG HUG still (you sound like you needed 2) wx

  2. everyone's allowed a whinge once in a while, and working yourself so hard you barely have time to breathe would send anyone over the edge

    I hope your hub is all better now

    and yay for the RSC! haven't been there in years

  3. You're allowed to whinge sometimes you said life isn't all roses..
    Sending hugs and sparkles and hoping that your week is improving.
    Love both the LOs...the "Scottish play" is one of my favourites and the Lego advent calendar looks so good. Aah, the Lego years...I remember them well....esp. standing on pieces with my bare feet..ouch!
    Hugs xx

  4. You are allowed to have a whinge, Virginia - sounds to me like you'd explode if you didn't have a moan about what you've had to deal with this week.

    Keeping my fingers for hubby's health scare.

    2 more fab layouts - the red ric-rac saved the day!


  5. But now you've dumped the baggage you can stand up straight and grin life in the eye again :D The ric-rac is perfect :D XXX

  6. Oh for goodness sake, if we can't let off steam here - where can we ? I have a post ready to go one day about how we try to be so positive & upbeat on our Blogs ( I HATE that they become self congratulating " show & Tell " ) If we can't show our down times then something is very wrong ! I have posted about depression & had fab comments.
    Sending you lots of Bloggy love xx