Friday, 30 March 2012


Here we are you beautiful Rockettes, looking at the week behind us and noting the gratefuls - such an important post each week for me so I don't write off a week with the attitude that it wasn't good.  Our lives are full of ups and downs, good and bad, positives and negatives, trying times and positive times and this post is about acknowledging the positive times because it's far too easy to become immersed in the rest.

So its time for

Let's see how we manage on the number of positives this week

  1. Blue skies
  2. Milky coffees
  3. Dinner outside on the patio (in March who'd have thought)
  4. Longer evenings with the clock going forward (even though I miss that hour and am always grateful when they give it back in October!)
  5. Good staff team at work that just get that things are going to be crazy busy at the moment
  6. Hubby for listening to me rant and rave and generally putting up with my pretty appalling moods at the moment that are predominantly linked with stress! 
  7. Yorkshire Sculpture Park for providing a lovely afternoon to enjoy the fresh air - even if I didn't 'get' some of the sculptures! 
  8. My sister for babysitting said 11 year old last Saturday so we could have some alone time 
  9. Hubby for taking me for a great meal out!
  10. Ross Noble for a great DVD that has me giggling all the time 
  11. Said 11 year old for becoming a little more opinionated on things that matter (and making me smile when he ranted the words 'idiot government' at the TV on Thursday morning when they were talking about the petrol fiasco).
  12. True Blood on FX on a Sunday night - pure escapism!
  13. Washing machines and dishwashers for making life easier! 
  14. Said 11 year old making me giggle on Sunday when he realised that the Sports Relief mile in the local town was full which made him very upset and teary and then deciding that the way we could 'make it up to him' (although he didn't say those words) was to discuss getting a pet - nice try matey but do I look that daft! 
  15. Now on Thursday I pulled my back, so I'm sat currently as I type this with a TENS machine on having taken some voltarol and you might think that there is nothing to be positive about in this situation but that would be wrong.  I'm positive that I have a TENS machine, that I have a hubby that stopped to pick up batteries for the TENS machine on his way home, that I had voltarol with me at work, that people at work know how bad it is and that they are bearing with me - so there are lots of positives there to be grateful for that and that I'm still managing upright walking - fingers crossed that this continues! 
  16. New recipes out of recipe book 
  17. Final Kinetika session at the gym stating I've lost 4 inches since I start this in January (now just need to lose some weight LOL).
  18. Hubby mowing front lawn at the beginning of the week before I got home 
Right peeps I think that's it for this week, just not feeling too clever so brain not in gear properly, however I don't think that that is such a bad list for the week.

Crafting - now no yelling at the screen - yes this is a Christmas layout!  Let's be honest it's almost April so in 8 months we'll be preparing for this again - stop yelling I tell you - I can hear you (tee hee).  Photo of the tree I love in Sheffield City Centre!  
Up close, the painted chipboard border, the hand stitching and torn paper. 
 Ribbon embellishment as well
Hope you've all had a great week and have many positives to be thankful for.  If you're joining in then please use Mr Linky below


  1. Great list, and a nice layout! :)

  2. What a smashing list. I love it when the children give their heated opinions ! Nice try on the can we have a pet front too.
    So sorry to hear about you back & hope the tens helps.
    I like your way of looking at the loss of an hour that they give it back later.
    Here is a little story about the clock change... when we lived in Spain & Jess was a baby, hubby was skipper of a lovely yacht owned by an American couple. Hubby was slotting back the freshly varnished floor boards when he dropped one on his toe. He went to hospital & had his broken toe dressed. All this took valuable time as the owners of the boat were due to arrive. Back at the house I suddenly realised that the clocks had changed & we'd lost an hour. I rang to give hubby the bad news just as the boat owners turned up ! ( they were fine & concerned for him - being American perhaps they thought he'd sue them ! )

  3. great layout and good to read all your positive things from this week. :) Hope your back feels better soon

  4. Nice LO.. and I like your outlook on looking at the positives in life.

  5. Even feeling like you do you've still managed to come up with 18 fab gratefuls, Virginia! You are amazing!

    Sorry to hear that you're feeling so poorly, damn backs! I hope you feel brighter soon. And that work calms down soon.

    Good try to said 11 year old, he was only trying to turn a negative into a positive, Mum!!

    Hear hear to modern day appliances! Washing machines are FANTASTIC! The wasted time spent by women in past years just washing and ironing clothes.........

    Wishing you a good weekend and that your back calms down.


  6. I know you've had a shite week (excuse my language) but as ever you've pulled together an impressive list of positives. Ross Noble is ace isn't he :) and I like your son's political views lol

    I hope your back pain gets lots better very soon, that's all you need on top of all that work stress :( grrrr

  7. as always inspiring to read all the little things that make your world positive xx Fab LO too my dear x Sending hugs and great vibes your way xx Janet x

  8. Love the list-lots of positives to think about!Great layout too.

  9. That's a heck of a lot of positives for a week when you've been in pain! Brilliant list as always. Am just going to ignore that we are almost a quarter of the way through the year. Nope, not going to accept it at all, at all.

    Hope your back eases for you soon Virginia, hoping to catch up on your posts over the weekend x

  10. A lovely long list of positives. Your hubby always sounds so supportive of you which is so great and I love hearing stories about your 11 yr old as I have an 11 yr old aswell!-Nice try with the pet!
    Good for you for losing 4 inches, thats a really great achievement!
    I hope your back gets better soon.
    Have a great weekend x

  11. Love all your positives - esp. the weather related ones....March was a lovely moth wasn't it?
    I'll forgive you the Christmas LO.....just!!!lol
    Hope you had a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  12. Sorry to hear about your back, hope it's starting to improve. Love you layout, gorgeous. Xx