Friday, 23 March 2012


Morning All - how are you this morning, I hope I find you well - yes it's
Wow it's been one of those weeks - those dig deep and then dig a bit deeper to find the positives but I know they are there so let's see what we can manage
  1. Craft night with my Mum, my niece and my sister on Thursday night - always a tremendous blessing.
  2. Blue sky days - I love these - pretty please can we have some more.
  3. A great team at work who seem completely unphased with what I've thrown at them recently! 
  4. Making embellishments from scraps, great fun and no expense - now this I love. 
  5. Mothering Sunday which meant beautiful handmade gifts and cards and pressies and flowers making me feel very special.
  6. Gym at the weekend
  7. Rugby 6 nations, even though we didn't win, thoroughly enjoyed watching (and crafting)
  8. Marks and Spencers mothering Sunday meal - delicious lamb which we've not had for ages (too damned expensive if I'm honest)
  9. Hubby for understanding me - always
  10. Having a coffee outside on Thursday evening when we arrived home from work
  11. English Heritage book coming through so we can start to plan days out this summer
  12. Borrowing some of my mum's dies for the Big Shot to make embellishments - thanks Mum
  13. My niece creating a beautiful peace of artwork to remember a friend of hers who passed away recently  from leukaemia at less than 13 years of age, it makes you appreciate life even more when you know how difficult some people's lives are.  
  14. Asda delivery van arriving with food on Thursday - bliss - no trudging around the supermarket - now that's my kind of shopping (now Asda can you reduce all the prices because for what we got it really shouldn't have been that expensive should it?)
  15. My new cookbook turning up through a recommendation from K last week, it's 200 budget meals - I'll let you know how I get on.
  16. Trip to Hobbycraft last weekend to have a wander around and buy some new papers (because I obviously need new papers LOL)
  17. Said 11 year old for not only buying me a beautiful potted plant from Homebase with his own money but also buying me a surprise present of a twin heart frame with his own money too, then wrapping everything up so beautifully for me to open on Sunday - fair made my heart flutter he did!
  18. PC World for understanding that the printer was rubbish and we needed a new one
  19. The Kodak rep at PC World appreciating that under no circumstances did we want another Kodak printer and for showing us the 'offers' that were on - which included a HP printer which we subsequently bought - let's see if this one lasts longer
  20. Amazon for great prompt delivery we just want our (ACE dictionary now)
  21. Steampunk embellishments turning up - really gorgeous if not a little tiny! 
  22. Finding Steampunk clothes patterns on the internet - might even buy one (or two) 
  23. A Brit winning Topshot on TV last week - love it! 
  24. Cheese salad sandwiches for providing a more than adequate tea late on Thursday
  25. Hubby for helping me write this post - knowing I'm totally wrecked bless him! 
Right there you go 25 gratefuls - now that I didn't expect!  On reflection my week was pretty damned awesome! 

So if you fancy joining in then pop yourself a post together and pop back here to link so we can come and visit, don't worry if you can't manage a list of 25, finding one positive in the week makes your heart lighter - don't believe me - give it a try and you'll see what I mean! 

Before I toddle off for the night (it's late Thursday) a bit of crafting for you - more awful red photos that I took a while ago, this time a photo of a field of poppies that hubby drove me too last year so we could see how gorgeous it was!  Also wanted to mention comments on the candlesticks in the background, I bought those years ago from a shop in Leeds we'd been after something like them for ages when we'd gone Victorian Gothic with knotwork in the last house, when we moved they ended up in the loft, but when we re-decorated late last year we dragged them out and decided that they fit just lovely on the wall and not only do they cast beautiful light but they also warm the room up (believe it or not).  
Up close ripped paper, hand journalling, hand cut butterflies and hand stitching.  


  1. A super list of positives Virginia. So glad you enjoyed the blue skies & catching a moment outside - it's wonderful isn't it. Your husband & son sound so loving & thoughtful - that counts for so much doesn't it ?
    How wonderful for your niece to create some artwork to remember her young friend. A new friend of mine has an incredible picture of her daughter who sadly died aged 17 made by her daughter's best friend - a fellow art & fashion student. It shows her wearing the dress she was working on for a fashion show. It's hung pride of place in my friend's home .
    Have a great week end and thank you for our Friday positives x

  2. Wow! 25 them all...:)
    You are blessed with a lovely and loving family..your boy is awesome! Love the sound of the picture frame.
    Great LO too...must get in touch with Sarah so she can advise me on how to take pictures that are less red.
    There's something for you on my "Twilight Zone" blog.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. back later with my post.

  3. You are always so inspiring. I've had a perfectly good week, but I'll be lucky to come up with 25 things. I love your pages you shared, and especially am drawn to the landscape on the first one.

  4. Arent the blue skies & the new found warmth FAB!!
    Do we get to see your pile of homemade embellishments? Hope you find the cookbook as good as I did

  5. Wow what a list of great things...I love the blue sky days too - think they can make anyone happy :D Beautiful page to...just hoping this blue skyness lasts all weekend now :D

  6. Oops, forgot to link up! Lots of lovely happies in your list this week :o) Let us know how you get on with your new printer - I'm always hoping to find the perfect printer! So glad you found some much needed paper in Hobbycraft! Your poppies LO is beautiful, the butterflies are lovely.

    Have a great weekend.


  7. I'm always so impressed at your ability to find so many positives even in the tough weeks - it's quite a talent!

    glad you are enjoying the goegeous weather - today was like summer - love it

    here's hoping next week is easier for you on the work front

  8. 25 gratefuls, thats amazing! Your son sounds like such a darling boy, presents bought out of his money and wrapped nicely for you, what a lucky mummy you are! Craft evenings with family sound wonderful and cheese salad sandwiches, yum! The blue skies have been beautiful this week, I even got hubby to mow the lawn!
    I hope you have a wonderful week Virginia x

  9. I love this idea of posting things you're grateful for! Definitely going to post tomorrow. Thanks for sharing x