Friday, 16 March 2012


Good morning fellow Rockettes, I'm preparing this post as I go this week (well that was the plan, started Friday, abandoned til Thursday - such is life) as I want to remember all the tiny positives this week as well as the huge ones!
Last Friday proved to be an awesome day, sometimes you have a positive day overall and it's nice to remember that.  So apart from the lengthy work meeting (and it was lengthy) I loved
  1. The links from Joanna's Rocking post last week - the "how to set your microwave on fire" had me crying with laughter
  2. Closely followed by her link to which was simply hysterical, I'd only just put my make up on when I started reading and can honestly say that there wasn't a lot left on my face by the time I'd done because I was laughing so much tears were rolling down my face!  So a massive grateful to Jo and in turn her son for pointing me in the right direction on this.  I managed to read the first 16 pages of 1164 on Friday and they all keep moving down with new ones being added all the time LOL! 
  3. Reading books on the bed (post shower) was lovely drinking a gorgeous coffee made by hubby who then promptly dosed off on the bed. 
  4. Managing a walk around a shopping centre without buying anything other than tea!
  5. A romantic meal for two when we got in, listening to music and chatting by candlelight, nothing finer!
  6. Reminiscing about people who are no longer here, even though it's painful remembering the good times is always a positive and also means you remember that life is for living to the full!
  7. DH doing overtime (which usually makes me go boo and yeah at the same time - boo he's not at home, yeah a bit of extra money always helps)  But then all the computers stopped working which meant - yeah he got home after only been gone a couple of hours - so we had him all to ourselves for the rest of the day! 
  8. DH also came home with news of a 'fun' activity to do because a work colleague had recommended it - a trip to the circus.  Now you'll be pleased to hear it was an all human circus I wouldn't have gone if animals were involved, actually I don't even know if animal circuses still exist well in this country anyway!  So we popped and got tickets and were there in the big top for 5pm.  It was an awesome show, major acrobatics, spinning, jumping, climbing, scaring the living daylights out of me if I'm honest but the finale was the globe of death (big metal cage with motorcyclists going around inside - gulp) and the wheel of death (they need to come up with some better names for these things LOL).  It was great and we all thoroughly enjoyed.
  9. Sunday brought with it blue skies - gorgeous bright and crisp we set off for a jaunt out to the Crich Tramway museum for the day, we had great fun climbing on board the old trams, getting out tickets, going along the woodland walk, popping into the gem shop, having a cuppa in the restaurant, all was good and the best thing - we can go back for the next 12 months free of charge with our ticket with the exception of 5 dates!  How cool is that, I particularly like the look of the Alice in Wonderland themed weekend - now that looks awesome! 
  10. Managing to catch up with the England France rugby match via the internet because I really couldn't find it on the TV anywhere, I knew the score but DH and said 11 year old didn't but the news had indicated it was a great match, so we sat and watched from beginning to end, shouting and yelling and having fun - great match and to add to it - we won! 
  11. Next up is time together, there is something so ultimately precious about spending time together and enjoying each others company, capturing those moments - awesome stuff! 
  12. Dry day on Saturday meant dry washing - washing off a clothes line is so much nicer than washing off an airer don't you think?
  13. I mowed the back lawn, in about 20 minutes before the gym on Saturday (hubby thought I was losing the plot LOL).  But it means I can see the tete a tete daffodils far better now the long grass is no more.  
  14. Meal out on Wednesday night with hubby and said 11 year old just the three of us, chatting about our day, hubby had put himself under some pretty awful stress recently and hadn't discussed the same with me so he looked maxed when he got home on Wednesday, a good talk, working through the issues and things rebalanced themselves - so the ability to talk through issues! 
  15. A brief telephone catch up with sister who has been extremely poorly in the middle of the week was good.
  16. I had a couple of 'off days' due to having too much on at work but hubby and said 11 year old just know me and know that in those scenarios space is the best thing for me - I do sometimes wonder how they put up with me - honestly!
So that's my list this week, I'm too frazzled brain wise to be able to put some more together, but I'm sure there are some if I'm honest!  It's been another lengthy work day and I've only just finished off, DH is making mushroom soup, I've not seen said 11 year old all evening and I'm very very tired (it's Thursday evening by the way), check up at the Doctors tomorrow followed by more work - yes you guessed it!  Hopefully at some point I'll get the chance to actually stop and breathe, but for now I'll just say that my little list of gratefuls really do help me appreciate the good things in my life on a continual basis and I hope your list of gratefuls do the same for you.  So if you fancy joining in with us then pop yourself a blog post together and then come back and link with Mr Linky so we can come and visit you in your little part of the world.  No blog - no problem, just put some gratefuls in a comment below - I love to receive comments, it's so nice to connect with the world and I do have times when this doesn't seem to happen as frequent as it should!  No time to post a comment, give yourself a few minutes to think about your positives if you don't think you've got any - dig deep - there will be some there no matter how small - I promise! 

A bit of crafting for you (as I always put a little something - not that I've been anywhere near my crafting table recently).  First up a bright spring like layout (not my norm at all - of said 11 year old meeting my sister's cat Boo for the first time last summer).

 then another atrociously photographed reddish layout documenting my birthday cake and all it's candles last year!
 I wouldn't normally swear on a layout - but it felt appropriate given my age LOL!
So there we go - another post done for another week.  Hope your week has been Rocking for all the right reasons - Mr Linky for you all


  1. Amazing list Virginia - glad you had so many positives & only a couple of wobbles ! No Rocking your Friday post from me again. I usually write up bits during the week & we had no internet for two days plus I've been so busy I didn't start my list of positives !
    Glad you had some nice treats and the circus sounded fun ( I wouldn't go to ones with animals performing either )

    Have a great weekend x

  2. A lovely list of gratefuls and positivity..sometimes we do forget to detail the little things that can do so much to make you feel happy.
    Hope this weekend is as good as last week's.
    Love the LOs - a real touch of spring to the first and I had to laugh @ the second.....just wait until you hit!
    Big hugs xx

  3. Hello Virginia - 16 items on your list this week, well done you! A meal out sounds lovely - I think the last meal out I had was Christmas Eve, so I think it's time i had another, don't you?! Good to know the 'Microwave' post and that autocorrect website made you laugh like it made me laugh - some things make me giggle, but these made me cry, literally cry, with laughter!

    Have a lovely weekend,


  4. Ooo, I think I have the same curtains as you but they're in the bedroom, & your candle holders on the wall are GORGEOUS! (well, if you willpost views of your room I shall be nosey, lol)

    I think theres 2 animal circus' left in this country but the government are actually looking at banning them, hooray! though it looks like this is to detract from them look at the hunting bill again, which might mean that hunting will be allowed as it previously was, grrrrrr.

    Anyway, your week sounds fab, I'd love to go see a circus like that (the one that visits here annually is an awful animal one). Hooray for hubby time, family time & time with a book.

  5. I really should take more note of the little things around me in fact I just remembered another thing to add in. Im thinking a RMW journal could be a good thing to begin...........
    Hope your weekend is full of tiny pleasures and massive moments xx Janet

  6. Sounds like you have had a great week Virginia (well,mostly :) ) - glad you enjoyed the circus, and the tram museum sounds cool. And yes, DYAC is hilarious :) have you also read, some of the anecdotes on there are really funny

  7. You're the first blog I've read all week - been a little out of it - but I'm glad to hear how many wonderful things you've enjoyed. The circus sounds wonderful, even with all the "death" driven acts and lots of family moments to boot. I love the 39 WTF layout. It speaks volumes!

  8. My post is up:
    Hugs xx

  9. Don't you just love those year long tickets? We did two last year and one of them runs out at Easter so we are busy thinking what different one to do this year :)

    Your list is fabulous, even though I haven't played along for a couple of weeks, I've mentally been drafting posts in my head - it really does help. You are such an amazing person to have started this :)

    I love the 'naughty' page - it's not proper wearing - you didn't actually say it :P

  10. So many positives listed again! Sounds like you had a real full on week. The museum and the circus sounds great, I have not been to a circus in years. Dinner out sounds like a lovely evening and dinner in with just hubby sounds wonderfully romantic! I hope work stress eases off this week. I have not done my post yet been so busy but will try and catch up! x

  11. Hi Virginia... Sorry I've not been around for a while, soooo busy with work but I love stopping by to catch up with your blog. I've been enjoying a Mothering Sunday weekend... Family and gifts, what's better. :-)
    Other than that it was work work work.
    Jennie. Xx