Friday, 9 March 2012


Well we're here again on a Friday which can mean one thing and one thing alone - what's
what's created the positives in your week, the silver linings, the moments you've smiled or laughed, doesn't matter whether they be large or small if they lifted your heart they were 'rocking' moments!

  1. my blog commentors - you are all awesome and have lifted my spirits this week - I am forever grateful for your comments as we wander around this beautiful earth 
  2. Music after having had no amp for some time I finally said enough was enough on Saturday and we went out and bought a relatively cheap system it's not got the highest quality of sound but it does play music and it does play it loud - which is what I wanted - so hurray for music!!!!
  3. My hubby - he really is fantastic, he listens, knows just how I am, lets me rant and whinge and moan and then always asks - "what can we do about it" and he means it, it's not a throw away comment but what can we do to make things more positive and this makes me happy - so he definitely rocks my world! 
  4. Online ordering - my supermarket shopping being delivered once a week to my home is awesome for I dislike supermarkets with a passion!
  5. Witch hazel for giving me some relief from my burnt finger on Thursday allowing me to start typing this post. 
  6. A day off last Friday wandering around charity shops looking for more board books! 
  7. Tete a tete daffodils in the back garden, so pretty and such an awesome blast of colour!
  8. Flowers from hubby a bunch of gorgeous red roses and a bunch of stargazie lilies (that doesn't look spelt properly but you get what I mean).
  9. Blog followers recommending toe by toe to me after last weeks post, just negotiating with said 11 year old that he'll actually commit to do it! 
  10. Neil at the gym for having more belief in me than me and allowing me to be utterly sarcastic all the way around the gym on Wednesday night 
  11. Living in a free country where we are not oppressed, watching the news this last few weeks its often easy to forget how lucky we really are where we have the right to opinion and being able to express who we are.
  12. Dentists for giving me a clean bill of health this week, now just got one more health check test to book for and I should be back up to date.
  13. The odd new recipe we've been trying successfully
  14. Starting to treat cooking as a joint moment to create nutritionally good food in the kitchen together, rather than something we throw together because one of us has to.
  15. Acrylic paints for reminding me that you don't need 'special' supplies to create great art!
  16. Asda for stocking black cartridges at stupid o'clock on Thursday night
  17. Radio 4 - Just a Minute program
  18. Ross Noble for being extremely funny
  19. Colours undercoat and primer for being a darn sight cheaper than gesso in a bigger pot doing just the same job.
  20. My sister for ringing to find out how I am when she's the one that's been so poorly! 
  21. The lottery for providing a winning ticket on Saturday - not a big winning ticket but a winning ticket none the less, just glad as DH had seen fit to buy 5 of the damn things with only one a winner LOL! 
  22. Black dagger brotherhood books for providing utter escapism at the moment - something I'm definitely in need of with work being so crazy!
  23. Cheap DVD's from Amazon
  24. Royal Mail for delivering things safely to us - even if I did have to go and pick them up!
Well the list is certainly shortly than last week, but just as meaningful, I hope your week has been full of silver linings and positives.  If you fancy joining us then simply post a blog posting (and don't stress if it's not Friday when you manage it), letting us know what's rocked your world, then pop back here and link up with us so we can come and visit. 

As always leave you with a quick bit of crafting before Mr Linky


  1. Wow what an early bird you are! It just early evening Thursday here, so you're a late night poster! I'm inspired by your wonderful list. I'll sit down in the morning to compose mine, and I hope I can find as many. I love the driving range layout, and especially the silhouetted photo! You must have so many lovely memories put together! Hope you have a wonderful weekend in your futurn!

  2. Hello Virginia. Happy Friday to you. I haven't been blogging much this week, I'll be catching up on your posts this afternoon, hopefully. 24 happies on your list is still remarkable, and lovely to read. Ouch to the burnt finger, how did you do that? I hope it gets better quickly. Ooh, lottery winners - although by the sound of it it wasn't quite time to crack open the bubbly?! Next time maybe. We all play that game when we talk about what we'd do with the money if we won the big one. My friend even plays that game and doesn't even buy a ticket!!

    Lovely LO, I've never had a go at golf (beyond crazy golf/pitch 'n' putt).

    Have a lovely weekend,


  3. I like the balance of your posts across the week. I think it ok that sometimes we are not alright as it is equally important to remember that there are always positives. I have smiles for all the positives and the lovely support your immediate family gives you and a yay for all your blogging commenters and a BIG hug for all the rest. I am sure that the gym, the eating and the hypnoslim will pay off in time (it is just so depressing that it takes as many weeks to loose it as days to put it on!). Plus you are doing the hardest part, always easier to eat lighter and 'healthier' in the spring / summer I think :)

    Have a lovely weekend, and a better next week. Here's another quick squeezy hug to help you on your way ;)

  4. Sounds like a great week Virginia :) Love your page - those feather/leaves look so 3D (one of the last times I went to the driving range I was being the responsible adult with lots of teenagers...really enjoying it and was whacking the golf balls (I don't play golf so was just enjoying the swish as you hit them) and must have done something but it caught the edge of the range roof and it landed with another group a way down the range....they kindly brought the ball back much to the amusement of all the teenagers...I was just glad I hadn't hit anyone!!!

  5. Wow ! What a list ! No Friday post from me today as I've pretty much posted all the good things this week but thank you for popping by & I'm glad you liked the song !
    Thrilled that recommending toe by toe will help !
    Adore the Tete a tetes in my garden too - I even did some tidying in the garden yesterday.
    Have a super weekend x

  6. Hooray for loud music, Ross Noble et al :)

    I hope you have a less stressy week next week, work wise

  7. 24 positives-wow!I love how you manage to find so many positives each week. Your hubby sounds like a great guy who really supports you-yay for him! The black dagger books sound interesting-what are they about? (always looking for a good read!)
    Totally agree with you on number 11, living in a free country. I just cant watch the news anymore as it depresses me so much, of course it also makes me ignorant of whats going on but some days I would rather not know!
    The daffodills have just come out in my garden and the hawthorn hedge is bursting with little green buds, its so nice to see spring coming.
    I hope you have a great week x

  8. I love your many gratefuls that I too could list (love Ross Noble, my daffs are finally coming out...well, you get the picture!)
    After using "Toe By Toe" (a true family effort) DS's reading age (he was 9) jumped from 7 to 11...not going to kid was hard work but totally, totally worth it and it helped that DH and I alternated evenings ..
    Hope you're having a fabulous weekend.
    Big hugs. xx
    p.s. hope that Mel is feeling better...she sounded quite unpleasantly ill on FB. x

  9. Love to stop by and see what's made you thankful during the week :) Always uplifting. 3 months and we're coming home! (well back to Yorkshire at least)
    x x x