Friday, 2 March 2012


Morning Rockettes - well here I am again feeling a little more like - so let's get on with this list of gratefuls - I'm going to try and number these to see how many I can manage

  1. I'm alive 
  2. The sun shining this week
  3. Tete a tete daffodils in my garden
  4. Royal Mail managing to get both circle journal and Carmen's birthday present to the recipients in time
  5. Practical Doctors convincing hubby that the hospital was the best bet
  6. Hospital for telling hubby all is well after his heart trace
  7. The ability to talk - long chat with hubby on Wednesday, sometimes I need to vent my feelings and have a good cry and to be honest - it does help! 
  8. Working a stupidly long day on Monday to give me some clarity regarding work (yes I know this is a strange grateful but it's hard to see the wood for the trees sometimes!)
  9. Making mini books - I sooooooooooooooooo enjoyed making Carmen's present at the weekend - it was inspired by the circle journal I'm in at the moment and to be honest I'd forgotten what fun they are!  So here's to creativity! 
  10. Hubby for listening to me - even when it's general whinging, he listens and takes on board and now knows that the silent reply isn't welcome so between us we started to see small things that we could do that would help!
  11. Parents evening at school - being told what a great child you have always makes me smile! 
  12. School for having the faith in me to actually test said 11 year old for dyslexia even though both teachers I spoke to were sceptical (turns out I was right) 
  13. The ability to laugh and smile
  14. Said 11 year old (almost called him little man) for being so blatantly honest - this I love even if both me and hubby sometimes inwardly groan!
  15. Said 11 year old for giving us a giggle when we went to parents evening - reading through his work we came across a page where he's started the Lord's prayer the words being "Our Father, hwart in heaven" - hwart genius I love it and am almost tempted not to tell him the truth because I think hwart is ace!
  16. Having the ability to check different online retailers to get an ACE dictionary for said 11 year old!
  17. World book day Thursday - providing said 11 year old with a voucher for a 'free' book - now all we have to do is get him to read it! 
  18. Hubby passing me magazines to destroy - always makes me happy! 
  19. Online supermarkets for letting me do a late night order on the computer and being able to deliver it in a timely fashion
  20. 6 nations rugby for giving me the time to create the book for Carmen!
  21. A walk on Sunday taking me to a little craft shop that at first offered nothing 'new' and then discovering little gems that were gorgeous steam punk and alice in wonderland inspired embossing folders and some beautiful masks to boot!
  22. The local garden centre having an area outside to sit and enjoy a coffee with hubby on Sunday!
  23. Said 11 year old actually taking his folding scooter on the walk on Sunday and finding some newly laid tarmac to practice his jumps on! 
  24. Getting a lovely e-mail from Carmen on her birthday made me smile! 
  25. Getting a couple of great recipes by e-mail on the great recipe swap
  26. Starting to think ahead of things to make! 
  27. A pot of tea in bed on Sunday morning, DH hates making two cups each because he says the second one is cold before he gets to drink it, so I made two cups on Sunday plus a pot of tea, we were slosh full of hot tea before we'd even ventured out of bed - now this I like! 
All is good this week, when you dig deep and find those positives isn't it

So there you go and I think 27 positives shows that despite the down side of this week I've got some great positives too!

Now layouts - let me see what do we have this morning apologies for the 'colour' it was taken late at night and it's got pinks in the photo and no matter what I did it looked like this, in reality it's a gorgeous brown layout with hints of pink grrr - documenting Christmas card making at Center Parcs last year when my sister had signed herself up for a University stall - long story but we ended up with a production line of card making

 Up close embellishments even worse photo - but hey I will share these things with you like it or not
Given that we have an ace photographer amongst our Rockettes I'm going to ask Sarah the question - how do I take red photos and have photos that look red rather than nasty - and I'm asking it here so everyone can benefit!

Hope you all had a great week, if you fancy joining in just put a blog post together and come back and link so we can come and visit and if you leave a message too that's always nice.  If you think you've nothing to be grateful for - think again - no literally think again, dig deep find the silver linings in the week!


  1. WOW ! Thought you were going to struggle after your post earlier this week....boy was I wrong lol :D XXX

  2. Such a great list Virginia ! Would like to comment on lots of points but mainly the dyslexia. My two are both severely dyslexic & I had to fight like mad to prove it with Jess
    "She might not be" from the SENCO and "She just doesn't get it" from her yr 2 teacher are etched in my mind. It was easier with Joe to get help as I'd already done the battle for Jess.
    ACE dictionary is great as is TOE BY TOE. A specialist tutor is superb but costly.

    A word at hope - as teenagers they have both fallen in love with reading & simply loving it !
    Good luck. I hope you have a better week & I admire you for finding so many positives.

    For your husband's 50 th - how about a West End show & dinner ?

  3. PS cherish the funny mistakes said 11 year old makes - you can all have a good giggle about them. One boy asked Jess if she was writing in code once ! She had a good laugh. My two hate being dyslexic but have never used it as an excuse to get out of work. It's so hard to concentrate as they have to decode everything.
    Both have had the gift of at least one teacher who really really liked them & inspired them - hope your lad does too xx

  4. Wow, 27 positives, way to go! I will have to look harder next week!!! Glad the school supported you in getting your son tested, its nice when they actually listen to the parents! I sent you a recipe for the recipe swap and then had to back out as loads of people I emailed wouldn't take part :(-how boring!So you have a bonus recipe from me!!! So many things in your list, so I am just going to say amazing week Virginia!!!

  5. Wow, the Rocking Queen leads the way with 27 positives!! I take my hat off to you, Virginia.

    Well done to you for sticking to your guns about said 11 year old. I hope he gets the extra help he needs. Thank goodness your hubby is ok, that must have been so worrying. Hmmmmm, what sort of magazines did hubby pass on to you, I wonder??!!

    You've had such a hard week, I hope you are able to relax more at the weekend.



  6. Lots of great positives there Virginia - hope you have a fab weekend.

    Toni xx

  7. Wow Virginia that’s some list!!!

    It’s clear from reading it that you’ve had a really difficult week this week, but you have proved your superior Rockette powers by turning even the worst things around into positives. That’s quite a skill!

    I really hope that your hubby is ok after his scare and that your young man isn’t too worried about the dyslexia thing – well done you for finally getting the school to listen

    The “hwart in heaven” thing reminds me of some homework Connor did once for school where he had to write about what he did over the holidays – and he said we had gone to London and visitied “Madam Two Swords” :)

    As for your colour balance problems with your photos – artificial light tends to throw a yellowish greenish cast which means that reds and magentas in particular can be cancelled out to some extent. It might be worth looking into your camera’s white balance settings to see if there is an indoor or artificial light setting, that will definitely help. It is better to correct the white balance in camera than to try to do it afterwards as, unless you have a SLR and are shooting in RAW format, it can be tricky to remove a colour cast after the fact. Having said that you can certainly make some improvements to the final photo – I’m at work at the moment so I don’t have Photoshop here with which I could really go to town, but I’ve had a very quick play in Picasa (which is a very powerful photo editor given that it’s free) and it’s already made quite a difference (the “neutral colour picker” is your friend). Here’s the before and after:

    I hope that helps

    Have a great week!

  8. Amazing list Virginia! I'm so pleased you found all these positives.
    Like Penny I can recommend "Toe by Toe". DS wasn't dyslexic but had a spatial awareness problem (he couldn't see patterns so was having real problems learning to read....and, yes, his first teacher denied there was a problem). He's now at Uni and loves reading - "Harry Potter" so helped with that. Well done you for battling for your boy - :)
    I hope you have an amazing weekend.
    Hugs xx

  9. Wow, 27, well done hun! I owe you a recipe email, its on my weekend to do list when I'm hoping the internet will work for longer than 5 mins

  10. Love you managed to find 27 I mean wow 27 positives in a bad week man you deserve the title Queen of the Rockettes gal xx have a fab weekend sweet lady x