Thursday, 8 March 2012


Thursday, THURSDAY, I mean Thursday, I don't know about anyone else but I can't actually quite grasp how we've ended up here so quickly?  I mean that means tomorrow is Friday right?

Yes I know I know two posts in two days what's going on with the world?

I thought I'd say hello, yesterday was a difficult day because I am mentally demanding more at the moment, not sure why, I think it's the shift in seasons again, long dark days seem to have gone on  for far too long and I'm growing a little tired of them.  Perhaps its the all work and no play (although my layout count to date might disagree with that).  I'm not sure what it is but hubby gets grumpy wife on a Wednesday night again bless him and as always he sits and listens.  But I know it's down to me to make some changes, so we finally managed to get back to the gym last night (well I did the other two did squash as teen gym was full) and Neil at the gym put me through my paces, I mean quite honestly he put me through my paces, he had me pushing 70kg on the leg press when I started I was doing 20kg LOL and in all honesty I didn't think I could do it, but apparently if I've got someone stood yelling that I can do it then apparently my brain believes them and manages it with relative ease (not sure what that's all about), I've come on in significant leaps and bounds at the gym and am enjoying being more active, having greater flexibility bearing in mind my ridiculously dodgy back what is frustrating me is that the scales aren't showing an ounce of difference - maybe I need some new scales LOL!  maybe the key is going to be measurements but in all honesty the scales need to be doing something before I start to throw my toys out of my cot!   This is turning into a whinging Thursday post isn't it - grrrr - wasn't intended just putting my thoughts down as it were.  Well I think what I need to do is acknowledge what I'm doing is good, that I need to stick to it constantly and that I need to keep active mmmmm wonder where that will then take me.  I've got 3 weeks before my fifth appointment at the gym where they will measure me, I need to be looking at making big changes for then.

Anyway enough of my ramblings, how are your days - no really how are they?  What do you do on a day to day basis, because mine seems to be work, scrap and TV at the moment with an odd dose of the gym and I think I'm getting bored, but I can't remember what else I can do to make it more interesting so I'm genuinely asking what do you do?  That way I can maybe take a leaf out of your book and shake things up a little.

Right on with some crafting the first documenting our annual visit to the local church for the Christmas tree festival, I enjoyed doing this layout because it had a pattern on it already which I managed to 'add' to as I have a poinsettia stamp which I cut out of other paper, then layered up on foam stamps, I also cut the 'bunting' at the top.  I tried to take some close up shots, but it's the red again and was pre-info from Sarah so you'll just have to guess LOL!
This one is a double page layout from the show we went to see at the local theatre using purple again - not sure what's happening with the world and me and purple anyone would think I had an explosion of purple papers to play with but I don't!
 Up close
 So there you have it my Thursday post back here tomorrow for a Friday post let's see what I can pull out of the bag for that one.


  1. I'd get some new! Seriously I fact I did..I got the WW digital ones and they're so much more accurate than my old ones. I also don't think your weight matters so much ..if you're feeling healthier and moving better you're doing s'thing right and the rest will follow. Just keep at it. Motivational speech over..promise..:)

    At the moment with DH still in "phased return" mode we're taking the opportunity to get out and about (weather permitting)..otherwise our daily life would
    Even if it's just a walk to a coffee shop. I really, really hate this time of year and am pleased that at last the days are getting a tiny bit longer.

    Love both the LOs...and there's nothing wrong with purple!
    Big hugs xx

  2. Far from being bored hun you sound busy and creative - I so wish I was! I seem to have been caught in a creative slump this week just when I have days off to create! Your layouts are fabulous - you must have some stunning scrapbook collections now! Loving the bunting on the first one - How utterly fabulous :0)Im feeling rubbish as I have not danced as much as I like and also had a chinese last night with some crafty chums - I feel like I have gained a stone! Whats that all about???
    Anyway hope your day is good and thanks for stopping by my blog - I know im not nearly as good at commenting but I do appreciate yours very much xx Hugs Janet xx

  3. Fabulous action shots from the theatre show :D.
    How are my days?? I fight 13 year old to school, I wash men clothes EVERY day, I shop for food that they may or may not want for dinner...I would go mad if I didn't ART!!! I used to scrap a lot, but that seemed to be all about the men too, so I started watching art class vids and just having ago. It can be quite relaxing as my mind focuses on the messiness I'm making(instead of the mess they are making lol) :D XXX

  4. Hellooooooo Ginnie :D Glad to see you're still srapping away and making lovely pages! I've enjoyed looking at them. Today I'm prepping pages for a classes at the Venue and projects for classes at AFTH, listening to podcasts and music on itunes and generally pottering about the house. I think I ought to go for a walk for a bit of exercise but whether I get round to it is another matter :) Could do with taking a leaf out of your book and start at the gym.... x x x