Thursday, 29 March 2012

Morning All

OK I'm trying out the new blogger interface thingy - it looks mighty different to what it used to - has anyone else tried it or am I the only one.

I'm having a tough week, too many work hours and not enough crafty play time makes Ginnie a dull person (apparently grumpy verging on evil in some instances - don't ask long story).  I could sit and have a good cry (I always think a good cry helps - don't you), but in all honesty I don't have time.  So for now I'm going to sit in my little gathering of stress and keep going until the stress disappears or I keel over - if anyone has a sensible way of calming my mind down can you let me know before I fry all my circuits and I know the answer isn't wine so don't need that as a recommendation LOL!

Right I'm sure you've not happened here to listen to me whinging so without further ado - layout of said 11 year old and his first day of school, we've taken a similar shot every year and I couldn't believe how much he's grown over the years, planning on doing a photo merge of the photos to show how much he's grown!

I used some K and company paper for this, mixed with navy blue and some Tim Holtz stickers that I've got, very simple embellishments if I'm honest, but sometimes they make the best pages don't they!
Up close photo which turns out when I upload it to be blurry - drat!  Hey ho, the letters were layered up and then put on foam pads and overlapped in places.  Used an assortment of odds and ends left over to create the page and a pair of decorative scissors to create the edges of the blue (yes I did drag those out, forgot I'd got them and they work just as well as those punch edges you can buy at great cost, provided you have a pencil line guide).  
Rocking Your World post tomorrow - crikey I'm going to spend some time today digging deep!


  1. Sorry to hear you’re having a rotten time of things Virginia :( – all work and no play makes us all very frazzled indeed! Everyone tells us we need to get a good work-life balance but that’s not easy when you have a demanding job and you need the money so can’t afford to push back!

    I hope you are able to get some time off soon to spend with your young un and hopefully to get some therapeutic crafting done too. I so wish I lived closer so I could pop round, we could both have a good rant about our jobs over a glass or two of wine and then cut stuff up with decorative scissors :)

  2. Love, love the LO....great photo of the young man and ....fab-u-lous papers!!! I have them too..and, gulp, they're nearly all gone....

    As for the stress.......warm, relaxing bath,#10 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood (sad, 'cos I finished it yesterday and now have to wait another year for #11), hot chocolate......early night, massage....notice how I've kept away from the wine ...:)
    Seriously..hope your week has got better and you're not so stressed.
    Big hugs xx

  3. lovely papers, and I love the torn edges.

  4. Gorgeous layout. Hope things pick up for you :)
    C xx