Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Morning all - how you doing this morning?  I cannot believe we are on Wednesday already.  I'm having a particularly tough week (nothing new I hear you say), no playing with crafty items, just two very very long work days under my belt, two difficult meetings today and the gym later added to which I've got a vile cold that just won't leave me alone!  On the plus side had a good old heart to heart with my Mum and sister last night which was probably a little overdue and hopefully that will re-synch us (a little anyway).

Need to make some changes - you know the one when you are rattling around the same four walls (literally), need to explore new avenues and do some new things, even hubby is struggling at the moment.  He is doing the work, home, looking after his Mum merry go round (his Mum has alzheimers but still lives in her own home, obviously he has to do a lot for her given the circumstances).  We do however, have a willing volunteer to babysit on Saturday - so gulp - we're going to have a night out - what the hell is one of those???? No idea where we will go or what we'll do - it always turns into a bit of a damp squib if I'm honest because we are so out of the routine of going out together - but I'll try and put my thinking cap on and come up with something that will prevent that!,

Anyway - thought I'd just pop to say hello and hope all my fellow bloggers are managing some great craftiness at the moment!  I've had a quick catch up this morning but feel like I've still missed loads of blogs out so will be doing more catching up later!

In the meantime a layout to prove I still do do crafting just not at the moment - this is sooooo not my normal style if I'm honest, pale muted colours - me - really?  But they really seemed to emphasise the moody picture don't you think?

As you'll see I add to the papers with cut circles and then stitched around them with a muted blue embroidery thread

I then used some 6 x 6 papers (that I normally use for cards) to cut out and create the title.  I also used a piece of muslin fabric that the gorgeous Susie sent me before Christmas with some ribbon and some embroidery thread, I didn't know if this embellishment would work but was really happy with the overall effect - what do you think?

Up close the cut papers
At the weekend I started to empty my scrapbag (which is always a bit worrying) and started to cut lots of shapes to make embellishments with, I'd seen some gorgeous embellishments in a shop at the weekend and then I'd seen the gorgeous price tag and thought - really?  I'm sure I could make something on those lines couldn't I?  So I set too with my Big Shot, some stamps, some stickers, some foam dots and some glossy accents.  I'll show you what I made when I get chance - it might inspire you to reach for your stash and make your own rather than reach for your pocket?

Hope you're all having a beautiful and blessed week - hugs and sparkles!


  1. Hugs and sparkles Virginia to help you through to Friday.
    Love the LO and am so pleased that the little bag of goodies I sent you is proving useful :)
    Can't wait to see your embellies....I have lots of scraps that need using up!
    More hugs.xx
    p.s. I'd suggest cinema and pizza...just the two of you..cinema will relax you and then you can have a leisurely meal together..:)

  2. Go to the cinema!!! Grown up movie, so you don't have other peoples kids making you feel guilty about leaving your own at home. Plus it's the one place you can't be thinking about anything else(Shorty recommends Woman in Black, well scary). Then get a take away supper and some wine. If you try planning anything to exciting you just won't be able to relax and enjoy the break.
    Sorry that sounds like a bit of a lecture, just want you to have a proper night off :D XXX

  3. Love the LO Virginia - super colours & perfect for that phoyo.

    Enjoy your night out.

    Toni xx

  4. Keep strong, the end of the week is in sight! Sorry to hear this week has been a tough one to get through, you MUST make the most of Saturday night. The cinema suggestion by Sue and Gina sounds perfect - Grant and I are going tomorrow afternoon (in the 3pm Granny hour!!) to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, or whatever it's called. Easy watching, from what I've heard (and Bill Nighy, one of my faves).