Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Morning all, well I've just caught up with my blog reading, always a good start to the day and wow hasn't everyone been busy.  Me?  Well I completed layout number thirteen of the month so far, two days ago so had a night off last night, if I'm honest I was absolutely shattered a very exhausting and somewhat frustrating day at work, it was one of those needing to do a specific piece of work just not sure how to go about it and I persevered and persevered and persevered and then came home, plonked myself on the sofa and was fast on for 10pm exhausted.

I know a couple of you have asked how the hypno slim is going and the answer is strange.  I'm finding it hard to find an allocated time slot that works every day that means I can listen to my MP3 player for a starter and then I've just not been eating consciously.  I mean it sounds like an excuse but have you had your breakfast this morning?  If you have how was it?  Did it taste nice?  What was it? Did it take you long to eat?  Did you do anything else whilst you were eating it?  Is it a favourite breakfast or just something you have at that time of day?  Were you actually hungry when you ate it?  If you've answered no to any of the questions above you probably didn't eat consciously either it's soooooooooo hard, to slow down and actually acknowledge what you are doing, we run full tilt through life dashing here, there and everywhere and eating has become part of the multi-tasking day that we often run through and this in turn often leads to over eating.  So that's why I've been struggling.  Now does this mean it doesn't work - as a system that is - nope it works provided you follow the rules, I'm trying to re-establish the rules so that I can continue along this path - I'll let you know how I'm doing.

On with the crafting without further ado, I have to say that this is one of my favourite layouts that I've done in quite some time, taken last summer whilst we walked around Chatsworth house said 11 year old sat next to a huge Amethyst cathedral meant only one thing - a purple layout!  

 Up close, hand stamped title, duly coloured in with some gloss accents, layered together with a mix of double sided tape and foam squares to raise alternate letters up and a bit of hand stitching to add to the same
 and then this gorgeous embellishment, sent as part of a goody bag from the gorgeous Susie before Christmas, I did wonder how I might use it at first, but apparently Susie is psychic and knew I would need some sparkly jewellery type embellishment for this layout!   Thank you Susie!
As I've got a few badly photographed layouts I'll start throwing those at the bottom of the page so here is one, thankfully Sarah has given me a few handy hints to prevent this happening again, but as these are now all safely tucked up in albums my original poor photography will have to do!
 Just to show you the true colour of the page - this is what it should have looked like!  I love the piccie on the layout, because it doesn't show my double chins (notice plural) and the only way we achieve that is to take the photo from above, but I'm not married to a giant so I need to start thinking about this hypnoslim a bit more and not overriding the system!
So what's your Wednesday like?  Mine is a slower start because no breakfast club at school (not that he ever eats breakfast there), so not leaving house until half eight ish, then 6 hours at work with one meeting and one impossible task to complete, followed by gym this evening being put through my paces by someone a lot fitter than myself then collapse in a heap!

Hope you have a great day!


  1. The hypnoslim sounds interesting...and yes, I too do not eat you say all to do with the pace of life.
    I love the Amethyst LO...and woohoo!!! I helped to embellish it.....the perfect finishing touch.
    I must ask Sarah for help too - my LOs rarely photograph in the right colour.
    Hugs xx

  2. Bless you don't sound very thrilled with life at the moment :) That's the trouble with setting ourselves just keeps getting in the way of our aspirations, and no matter how good a diet technique is, it tends to be written around a perfect world lifestyle. Don't stress too much, I'm sure your doing a fantastic job in all aspects of your life :D XXX

  3. This is such a pretty layout! I love purple but absolutely NEVER scrap with it!!!

    Good luck with the hypnoslim, will be interested to see how it goes...

    Happy Wednesday! xxx

  4. Nice to "meet you".I'm your new follower :)I think I'll enjoy browsing around your blog for awhile.Denise

  5. Wow by the time you have answered all those questions you won't have time for breakfast, lunch and maybe a small dinner - this could be there cunning plan ;) I think the whole breakfast thing has become a massive issue for us all. Personally if I am not hungry at breakfast time I don't eat, then I eat when I am hungry. If I am hungry at breakfast time I eat! I wonder sometimes if the bigger issue is that we have stopped listening to ourselves and our needs (probably because we eat for comfort etc etc). some days I can cheerfully eat one meal a day (but of course that is not allowed, blah blah blah so on these days I over eat for what I would if I listened to myself. Other days you can't keep me feed (and I end up starving myself because I only need this many calories. Good for you for still keeping up the gym (I am sure many have fallen by the wayside already!). I am off to take me and my current cold for a proper rest - that's what happens when your body goes into overload when you are left to deal with a toddler on your own for a week and a bit (not sure how single parents do it?......). Don 't fret, The clocks will move forward, it will be spring soon and hopefully the lighter days will inspire us all to do more, eat less etc etc!