Thursday, 22 March 2012


It has to be said that it's a little on the foggy side this morning in Yorkshire - hold up what's happened to the tool bar at the top of blogger - that looks different - mmm - confused.  Anyway - thought I'd say hi to everyone and hope you're all managing lots of crafting - in a word I'm not, lots and lots of hours at work and very little play time makes Virginia a rather dull person, verging on grumpy and knowing her rocking post will require an amazing amount of digging deep to actually make a list that hits double numbers this week - but that's for tomorrow.

Today I'm here to show another 12 x 12 layout, I'm hoping that as my blog folder empties I'll be inspired to start refilling it - it's not worked up to now!

So the first one was during the fireworks display at Center Parcs last Christmas as I had already taken lots of firework photos before I thought I'd get shots of the dancers and their hoola hoops that were all lit up I love the effect I got with the camera!  This is yet another layout using the same 'sketch' with circles (same as yesterdays post), do you ever do that - get addicted to a sketch and use it over and over, in this case it was actually one of my sketches (for a change)
 Up close more ribbon goodies from Susie from her pre-Christmas bundle being used in layouts!
 Then the world's best squirrel eating - yes that is a crispbread - we were amazed at how much he liked them!
 Up close the embellishments were simply stamps used onto contrasting card and then the flowers coloured in with different pens!
I'm still hacking my way through scraps and will try and do a few photos as I go to show you what I've been wittering on about!

Hope you're all having a great Thursday see you back here tomorrow!


  1. Woohoo! Susie's package strikes again!! lol
    You have no idea how much pleasure it gives me to see you using this stuff - I love the "firework" LO- those photos are so good.
    And the squirrel is such a fun LO.
    Sending more ((hugs)) and **sparkles** to see you through the week.xx
    p.s. dare I say it's a lovely spring morning here....

  2. Wow those hoolahoop photos are brilliant! Hope you get some time to make stuff soon