Thursday, 23 February 2012

this may be getting a little silly and DARCY'S 52 WORDS - GROWTH

Morning all - how are you this morning - Yes I know a thursday post from me - what's going on with the world.

Well my question is do you think this is getting a bit silly?
What is it I hear you cry - that is the pile of scrapbook layouts that I've done since the beginning of this month - I kid you not!  I spent yesterday evening moving them into albums (and rearranging them again as I insist on doing them in chronological order - I know I know completely insane).  Anyway hubby asked how many I'd done recently because he knew I'd not long since done this job at a weekend taking 4 hours, so to be sat doing it again so soon he was curious, gulp 39 layouts in the month so far - let's say it raised an eyebrow!  Does anyone else scrap at this speed or is it just me LOL - we're running out of photos from day trips out!

Anyway seen as I have so many of these to share, here's one I prepared earlier, its difficult to see on this page, but Shimelle did a layout recently where she took a page with a gorgeous outer border, and cut it into four pieces, trimming slightly so you could see the background paper, and moved the outer borders to the middle swapping around the paper as it were.  This works really well with pages with a border that have that 'almost done' feeling to them which make you run in the opposite direction because you want to scrapbook and not just stick photos to paper.  I found the technique worked with papers that didn't have that border feeling to them just as well. The photo is of said 11 year old and niece feeding the cygnets at Center Parcs
 Up close, these little gems are stickers matted onto card stock and scraps of paper.
And finally... Darcy's 52 words - growth

It didn't matter what I did to this page it did not want to be photographed, usually it's red pages that I fight with but this one is so dark but shiny it was a nightmare to photograph, nevertheless I've shared the rest of the pages with you - it would seem a shame not to share this one.  

The title on this one isn't as strong as some I've done but I like it nevertheless. 
Hope you are having a great Thursday - see you back here tomorrow for Rocking your World posts - ooh must remember the classic line said 11 year old came out with yesterday - completely genius I tell you.  


  1. Hahahahaha...*laughs hysterically* Grief Virginia!!! I've NEVER done that many layouts in a year!!! I think you need to take a breather...hence running out of photos lol :D
    your page on growth is gorgeous, maybe the fact thaqt the title is almost hidden is telling you something??? Maybe your getting a bit "pot bound" and need to try something new for a while? :D XXX

  2. You're on a roll with your LO's, go with it girl!! Growth is beautiful, you've made your image look really mystical (nature is magic after all).


  3. 4 hours?? EEK! That's a job I keep putting off because like you I have to have the albums in chronological order....I have four full 12 x 12 boxes of LOs to organise. Sigh...a rainy day job methinks.
    Love the cygnet LO and will have to pinch that idea...I too never know what to do with papers that look almost finished.
    Great journal pages too.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. I'm running out of photos too...:(

  4. I am in awe of your productivity sweet friend! How I wish I could be so inspired to play with my photos so much - i once was before i got distracted by all things inky and stampy. I think its amazing how you do so much, run a family home and work too!!! Stand tall and be proud :0)

  5. Oh my gosh lady, you are a fast scrapper, that's almost 2 a day!!! I'm a very slow scrapper, I usually spend all day on just 1 layout :-)

  6. many??? You really are on a roll Virginia.

    Love the LO in this post and your journal page is lovely.

    Toni xx

  7. Great layout and two fabulous pages. I love how you have caught the shininess with the camera it makes it look so delicate and mysterious, there looks to be so much depth. Hugs Lynne xx

  8. cor blimey! I think you've managed more layouts this month than I did in the whole time I was scrapbooking back in the day :)