Friday, 24 February 2012


Good morning my beautiful Rockettes how are you this morning?  I know Friday - what's that all about - time to step back, look back, clock the positives, don't think you have any then dig deep because they are there I promise!
First up for me - I'm alive - I know that sounds mad and no before you go jumping to conclusions I'm great I just think sometimes it's far too easy to take for granted being alive - don't you think it's awesome.  To interact with others, to see a member of your family or a friendly face, chat on the phone with someone, whatever it is, it is only possible because we are all alive.

I'm also grateful for my eye sight even though it's pretty poor without these glasses, I love being able to enjoy the world around me for all it's beauty, a blue sky, a cluster of purple crocuses, a photo of snowdrops, a smile from my hubby, seeing my son laughing, all awesome and beautiful moments captured through my eyes.

Talking of said 11 year old - one of his classic verbal statements had me rolling with laughter yesterday - another massive grateful, I picked him up from school and he was chatting about a school friend who had been given her homework early, I asked why and he said "because she's going sky diving".  Mmm I think perhaps she's gone to one of those indoor things with the blowers, but then I thought well they don't normally get homework until Friday so why has she got it so early, I was mighty confused so I said "Are you sure about that, because it would only be a day away to do one of those experience days and I'm not convinced that she's old enough" he said "no Mum I'm sure because Miss said so, she said that my school friend was skiving, you know sky diving"  "Skiving" I said - "doesn't mean she's gone sky diving" laughed til I cried - love it!

Onwards with the list - grateful for the Doctor, I like no nonsense doctors, where you say this is the problem - checks me out, concludes he knows what's what - provides recommended medication - phew, sometimes I just keep going when it's easier to stop and get things sorted.  So big grateful for straight forward advice - now that I can handle!

Crafting at night having time to chill and relax at my table of an evening and scrapbook, such fun and I'm loving every minute of it.

Grateful for the neighbours finally removing a fairly horrendous hedge at the back of the house, mind it looks mighty odd now, but thinking that the extra light is nice, that I can live with.

Grateful for MTV unplugged - a 30 minutes set of 30 Seconds to Mars who do an awesome version of U2's Streets Have No Name track as well as their awesome tracks in an acoustic set.

Grateful for my beautiful and amazing blogging friends, I love to read about where you are with your crafts and life's adventures and to see a post this week by Sarah of my Linkin Park CJ (Click this to see what I'm talking about) out there - wow is all I can say - awesome stuff can't wait to get it back to see it in all it's glory!

So there you go my main gratefuls for this week, if you fancy joining in - write yourself a blog entry and come back and link up so we can come and visit and see how your weeks been!

Before I go - another layout to share (as I have quite a few to share as you know from yesterday's post LOL).  This one is my sister doing the gladiator challenge at Center Parcs last year - yes she is that mad!  I loved the fact she was wearing pink!
Up close the journalling has a ripped paper concertina behind it to set it off.
So there you go Rocking post for this week Mr Linky below hope you all have a beautiful and blessed weekend


  1. Skiving, sky diving...rofl! Priceless.
    Love your gratefuls Virginia and love the LO.. WTG Mel!!
    As the weeks are flashing by (it can't really be Friday AGAIN can it?) it's only too easy to forget the small pleasures that make our lives so much better.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  2. A great week for you! Love the skiving story, how funny! I love the little gems they come out with and always try and write them in my diary so I can look back and remember them all!My kids have said some classics over the years!
    Glad you have a no nonsense doctor, wish mine was like that. I rarely go to the doctor and when I do he says everythings fine!
    Love 30 seconds to mars although I have never heard their cover of U2's song, will have to try and find that.
    I can't believe how many LO's you have done this month...are you sleeping?! Love the ripped concertina journalling, really effective.
    Hope you have a great week x

  3. ooo, straight talking drs are fab! Dont want/need the sort who are like "well, it could be this, or that, lets try this or if you wanted you could try whis with a bit of sugar coating on", noooo, gimme the "this is what I think is up with you, take this, if it doesnt work come back," A dr whose confident & knows what they're doing!

    Sounds a great week, skiving, lol.

    Have arranged to go see the in-laws tomorrow so no chance of hibernating, which is a good thing :-)
    Hope you have another lovely week next week xx

  4. Sky diving, bless him!! I know what you mean about being grateful for eyesight - it's the sense that I would most hate to lose (if I had a choice!). Hooray for horrid hedge removal - I bet it feels like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

    I love that LO of your sister at CP's - she's game for a laugh isn't she?! In pink?! She's braver than me, that's for sure :o)

    Have a lovely weekend,


  5. Happy Friday to you :) First of all, I'm super chuffed to be one of your "Rockings" via my Linkin Park layout :) as for the rest - I love the skiving/sky diving thing, I might try that on my boss ("sorry, can't come in today, I'm going sky diving" :) ) and I'm glad to hear you have a good doc, they can be hard to find

    have a great week!

  6. What an upbeat post ! Yes happy to be alive & have my eyesight. We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful area & I appreciate it every day.

    Bless - do you keep a note of all the funnies your lad says ?

    Thank you again for making us look at the positives - some weeks it's not easy & life can be so hard xx

  7. Great post Viginia, it just proves what you always say that there are positives everwhere and they don't all have to be life changing. Love the papers you have used with your pictures they really bring the outdoors into your LO. Have a great weekend. :-) xx

  8. I did admire your big stack of pages the other day, I know I haven't commented at all lately but I have been looking :) Timothy has discovered cbeebies and channel 5 online so I have a lot of competition for my netbook these days..... I always remember an aunt telling me when my cousin came home from school (primary or middle or infants depending on what part of the country you are from) as declaring there was a new boy in the class and his name was Bastard, needless to say there was shock and hidden smirking and an 'are you sure that is his name dear?. 'yes yes mummy he is called Bastard' turns out it was Sebastian I guess it is easy to confuse the two though! How is the hypnotherapy working out? still going well? All the Coventry doctors are the sort that tell you if you just lost weight all your problems will go away, glad you have had more success.

  9. Mr Linky appears to have gone walkabout but you can find mine on my blog xx I love your ability to look for the greater gifts to be grateful for - I should be really grateful for my eyesight and to be alive - it has been one of those weeks....... Love your scrapbooking xx j x