Friday, 10 February 2012


Morning all - tis Friday again, a time to reflect on the last 7 days to find the silver linings, the things that made you smile, the things/people/places that quite simply brightened your day it's
Unlike the last couple of weeks, this one has been pulled together all at once, so it may not go on as long as usual (or then again it might - you might still need a cuppa!).  First up on my list has to be the Propellor Theatre who performed The Winter's Tale at the Sheffield Lyceum last week, they are quite simply amazing to see, an all male cast they can turn a Shakespearean play into something so definitively watchable!  We saw them last year perform Comedy of Errors and Richard III and they are touring again with The Winter's Tale and Henry V, unfortunately they didn't bring Henry with them, so we only had chance to see the one play but it was well worth it!

The Winter's Tale isn't one of the plays that I know particularly well and have certainly never seen it performed live, it was a play of thirds, the first third was the tragedy, the second was the comedy and the final was the romance.  Let's put it this way we had men pretending to be a flock of sheep, a man who got quite literally robbed of all his possessions including his clothes, a rendition of Beyonce's "should have put a ring on it" - we laughed, smiled and giggled our way through the show.  So if you get chance to see them - I can thoroughly recommend!

Then there's the gym, managed a couple of sessions this week (although snow on Sunday scuppered plans there) and I even went when hubby was unwell on Saturday - look at me aren't I good LOL.  I am actually enjoying it immensely I've found that provided we are going frequently we just go, do, then come back, it's when we used to go and it took half a day that I got frustrated with it!

Snow on Saturday and Sunday was lovely and not too much which meant the roads got cleared fairly quickly so 'normality' resumed on that one without too much hassle.  We still have piles of the stuff around us where it's still not melted mind and I'm sure hubby mentioned something about it arriving again on Friday - gulp!

6 Nations Rugby - put the flags out, now I quite enjoy watching a good rugby match (particularly in the warmth of my own home) but 6 Nations means one thing - scrapbook time - I did loads of crafting over the weekend, because hubby was watching 6 Nations - now this I can cope with!!

Mid week ironing - yes I know that's a strange one to be grateful for, but it's because I hate weekend ironing, it kind of signals the end of the weekend, so when we do it midweek it leaves the weekend free - woo hoo - now that I can cope with!

Royal Mail for getting the next circle journal to me and getting mine to Jas, now that's always something to be grateful for!

Finally counterfeit kit challenge blog, they have some great links to some pretty awesome tutorials, freebies, downloads etc and to be honest I'm feeling that I need something a bit 'different' on the embellishment front, a trawl through some of their ideas and the brain is firing in all directions just a shame I have to head out to work!

Finally after the major hiccups with the Asda delivery last week (they didn't bring any of the chilled items - milk included!) Thursday brought order number 3 and it was for want of a better word perfect arriving at 5.01pm on a 5pm to 7pm slot!

So there you have it a list of things that have lightened and brightened my week this week, if you fancy joining in, pop yourself a blog post together and link back here (Mr Linky at the bottom) so that we can all come and visit and see the positives in your week.  Don't believe you've had any positives?  Have a think - go on dig deep, you know you can - now is that you smiling - there you go told you you had some positives you just sometimes forget to appreciate them - which is what the Rocking Your World Friday post is all about!

Now can't go without sharing some crafting with you and given the quantity of scrapbooking I've done recently - a scrapbook page would seem appropriate!  A photo from Masham's art festival, outside they had all sorts of weird and wonderful contraptions, this particular one being the Dream Launcher, I used the photo of the description in my page, something I know a few of you have spotted recently as occasionally I use something like this as a title.

I discovered that the days out that said 11 year old was wearing his orange fleece have led to a whole heap of orangey related pages!  I need to find him a fleece in a different colour - I'd love it if it were pink - but the words "no chance" come to mind, which is a shame given how much pink paper I actually own!
Up close the hand stamped journalling and some brads to set off the page.


  1. Your always soooo busy Virginia, I don't know when you find time to scrap lol :D
    The play sounds hysterical, it's a shame they can't tour schools!
    Will be back to link up after lunch, as Fridays are now " post days :D XXX

  2. I'm back! Have linked up and will return later to comment on your post.
    Hugs xx

  3. Sounds like a nice week hun. If you're running low on orange scrapbook paper I've got some you could have though looking at your photos it could be too much on the yellowy side of orange ... Its this style paper, I think its papermania.

  4. Funny you should mention Shakespeare....not something I've considered relevant to my life really since leaving school.... but the other night on Facebook an old school pal reminded us of an O Level English Lit trip to see Ian McKellen and Judi Dench in Macbeth....and I must admit that has stirred up the urge to go back to the RSC and see something. Plus the other week we went to Stratford upon Avon almost by accident. I think the universe is trying to tell me something :)

    Liking all the orange, please don't put the poor boy in a pink top :D

  5. A great list of positives and well done you on getting to the gym..and enjoying it!
    The play sounds such fun...not one I know much about. We studied Henry V for O level...showing my age now!!
    Love the LO - and the sculpture...could do with a dream launcher...sigh. Totally agree about lack of opportunities for using pink in LOs...the papers just sit there unloved..:(
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. totally relate to midweek ironing...I used to hate weekend ironing when I was at work..:(

  6. The play sounds brilliant - and i love that you get so much out of things like that. loving the scrapbooking - and especially your photos which are always so brill! well done for keeping at the gym xx

  7. Lovely upbeat list from the Rocking Queen - at least ASDA got it right eventually!! Well done for sticking with the gym and making it part of the routine. I've chickened out of Zumba for a couple of weeks because of the snow but I'm running out of excuses!! When Shakespeare is done well it's brilliant - and it sounds like your production was done very well. I don't know The Winter's Tale at all. I'll be checking out the counterfeit kit challenge blog, it sounds interesting. Thanks for the link!

    DO NOT PUT YOUR HANDSOME YOUNG MAN IN PINK!! He looks very cool in orange. That's such a lovely LO - the cogs are brilliant and I LOVE the quote in the middle.

    Wishing you a lovely (and snow-free) weekend,


  8. Shakespeare and Beyonce? The mind boggles! :D

    Another great list Virginia, love your scrapping and you know I REALLY love how you do those photographic titles :)

    Have a fabulous week x x

  9. A stunning page Virginia and sounds as though you had a good week, take care xx