Friday, 3 February 2012


Ooh I'm going to try and manage a rocking your world post as I go again this week, it's so much easier to clock the moments as they happen as it were.
Here I sit on Friday evening (that be Friday last week) feeling really rather grateful to Asda, the joys of online shopping.  I hate food shopping with an absolute passion, I find it such a bind wandering up and down aisles looking for food, so this week, with the inspiration of my sister I decided to do an online order and at quarter to seven tonight it arrived at the door, within 15 minutes tea was on and shopping was put away - now that's my kind of shopping love it!  I'm also grateful that the Asda delivery van didn't hit my car as it reversed down our road and the handbrake saw fit not to work!

Saturday brought the first blue skies day in a while and although cold outside it was lovely to be able to go and blow off the cobwebs.  Said 11 year old was feeling somewhat better so we put the hiking boots in the back of the car and set off for a quick jaunt up the M1 to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, unfortunately they are between main exhibits with the Jaume Plensa exhibition now ended and the new one not yet started, but we weren't there for the sculptures but for the fresh air.  We enjoyed walking down to the lake and along the new lakeside path (a first for us).   This is a photo of a sculpture that we've seen before but I never noticed the shoes sticking out from it!
We did manage to find a couple of new pieces we'd not seen before these strange chairs all lined up looked pretty good in the winter sun.
And this cave like piece made from polyurethane resin had a translucent quality that meant the light could shine through it's surface lighting it up in a dark lavender colour.

We walked for quite a while and thoroughly enjoyed the water falls, the nature around us and the time to spend some quality time together, bliss.  We were also treated to this view as we walked back up the main hillside
We ventured back up to the main building and grabbed a drink and something to eat and sat outside, there's something magical about that place I tell you.  It just makes you feel so alive and so very positive.

Then we found a great little exhibition by a Scottish artist called Donna Wilson called Endangered Species, our favourites were the knitted characters that we found although there were also 3 dimensional pictures and watercolour prints.
and then the final highlight of the day - playing with light - you forget what fun you can have sometimes.  This silhouette of said 11 year old after he'd taken his woollen hat off LOL!
Sunday arrived and said 11 year old was still not a hundred percent so we avoided the gym and went for another walk around Elsecar where I got this shot - perfect for a scrapbook page don't you think?  So big grateful for photo opportunities - now that I can cope with! 

Monday arrived and an early start ready for our Spa day, this was a red letter day bought by hubby last year for our wedding anniversary and we hadn't got around to booking it, when we realised it was restricted on time we flew into action, compared diaries and saw fit to have a day together on our own.  We had to drop said 11 year old at my Mum's to take him to school as our rasul appointment was for nine am and we had to be there 15 minutes before the appointment, gulp quarter to nine?  Really?  Bearing in mind it's a 45 minute journey at any normal time let alone a Monday morning.  So massive grateful to my Mum doing this as a favour to us because she's currently in pot and bandage - the result of having her thumb joint removed (ouch) and replaced with a piece that they fused between two bones (double ouch) and the shortening of the ligament in the arm as a result (triple ouch)!

We arrived in good time to find the car park heaving, we hadn't realised but Thoresby Hall is a Warner hotel which is exclusive to adults, we found our way to the reception who then pointed us in the direction of the Spa reception and that's where our day began.  We were greeted by the staff, provided with complementary drink vouchers for a cuppa when we were ready and off we toddled to get changed into swimwear, luxurious bath robes, and towel, a new pair of slippers so we could enjoy the day.

Alison showed us to the relaxation lounge whilst the rasul spa warmed through and then she showed us through.  We were to shower, then use salt on our skin to exfoliate, shower again and then apply mud to each other, three different types for different parts of the body and then the rasul filled with steam and we sat in there chatting and giggling at applying the mud, after a while the shower heads started and rained down water to clear off the mud and then we needed another shower to get rid of any left over mud.  We had sole use of the rasul throughout and it was bliss.  We felt thoroughly relaxed and chilled afterwards and then had the use of the spa facilities for the rest of the day.  Iced water was on tap in the relaxation lounge together with fresh fruit, there was a pool, a steam room, a couple of dry saunas, foot spas, a hammam (our favourite) and an ice cave (another favourite - straight from the hammam into the ice cave - crazy stuff).  Alison was concerned that we'd not got any lunch booked so she asked if we would like her to book us a table, which we said yes to and she said we were OK to go down in our robes (which is what everyone else did, sat there in a restaurant, wet hair, not a stitch of make up in a bathrobe has to be one of the most surreal of experiences).

We had a great day, chatted, laughed, giggled, talked, had quiet time just the two of us and the best part of it all, I came away relaxed from the delights of the day - and completely shattered, how can doing nothing be so damn tiring?  

Would we do it again - absolutely when can we go?

So there we have my positives for the week, Tuesday and Thursday were both hellishly long days at work so nothing much to comment on there.  

I hope you've had a great week and that you've managed to find some positives amongst your week, if you join in don't forget to come back and link to Mr Linky, believe me having a list of gratefuls on a Friday is always a positive start to the weekend! 

A bit of crafting for you before I go, I'm not great at 'white space' as this layout proves, but there is some glossy accents going on this very simplistic but quite effective layout! 

 Up close you can just about make out the glossy accents.


  1. "I want one of those spa days with hubby!!!!!" Sounds so perfectly relaxing :D Glad your young one is feeling better. Haven't felt very thankful recently, but will be back later though to link up :D XXX

  2. Ooooh I read your post with lots of envy and delight. I did get to the Yorkshire sculpture park a long while ago when one of my best friends lived in York. We are having a rare spell of busy weekends (not to be complained at they bring their own kind of pleasure). But it does mean we haven't got out to just be as a family in quite a while. Love your red letter day to. The year after my son was born my sister and I went on a spa day together and had a great time we said we should do it every year needless to say that hasn't happened. But we do intend to do so again this year with everything on the up! Hope my lad is as splendid as yours at 11. Sorry about the busy work days. I have a long day on Thursday and don't get home until about 8 so I also don't usually see T for the whole day, that said I am enjoying having a new tutee so can't complain to much (plus extra pennies!). Have a lovely week, hugs, Wend x

  3. Wow I am with you with the online shopping malarky I too hate hate hate supermarket shopping certainly not my idea of fun humping all the bags about! your spa day sounds brilliant and you both look so relaxed and happy together. i thought I would struggle this week but its all come right in the end as you will see from my post - huge weekend hugs xx Janet xx

  4. In total agreement with you on grocery's online for me as often as not - I loathe having to set foot in a supermarket these days!
    Great weekend and as for the spa day.......jealous. Wonderful that you and hubby had some together time...:) Great photo too.
    Hope you you have another great weekend.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. Said 11 year old is looking very grown up..:)

  5. So glad you had some lovely chill out adult time together hun.... sounds lush!!!

    Lovely layout and photo of your DS is crying out to be scrapped!!
    Have a fab weekend xxxxx

  6. Yeah, it's online for me too! As much as possible. The only shops I WANT to go in are charity shops and crafting shops. The rest, bleugh!
    Yorkshire Sculpture Park looks awesome - the photos are brilliant, and that's on a day when there wasn't anything special on! Said 11 year old IS looking very grown up! I hope he's feeling much better now.
    I am v jealous of the him 'n' hers spa day, it sounds fab (apart from early start!). Lovely photo of you both in your dressing gowns.

    Have a lovely weekend, Virginia!


  7. Flying by to add my post to Mr Linky, will have a read of yours and everyone else's Rockin' weeks tomorrow morning....

  8. I so love your posts about that park. I always read them with a shmidge of envy :)

    Your spa day sounds heavenly and much needed and deserved.

    We get around the supermarket trauma by going as soon as we have dropped the kids off at school, about 8am. It's almost bearable then.

    Blimey I've missed loads of your posts, will leave your blog open so I can catch up over breakfast tomorrow :)

    Have a lovely week Virginia x x

  9. What a great post! The sculpture park looks wonderful and I love the photos, great scrapbook fodder, theres nothing like that near us, but we do get to walk on the beach whenever we like!
    Your spa day sounds amazing, how wonderful to be pampered all day! Glad your son is feeling a bit better,its horrible when they are ill.
    I have never tried online grocery shopping, my hubby does the food shop as he says when I go with him we spend too much money!
    I hope you have a great week x

  10. Phew - finally a chance to sit down after a super busy day, and have a look at what my fellow rockers have been up to. I'd love to go to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park one day, it looks so cool in all the photos I've seen on your blog and various others. Glad you had a great day there, and at your spa too. Looks like you had a lovely week (apart from work!), here's hoping for more of the same next week