Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Before Christmas I motivated my sister into doing something with her staircase, and through some interesting conversations and a little bit of Pinteresting we came up with a master plan.  Part of the master plan was for some black and white pictures that she wanted to adorn the same - something she's aspired to for quite some years.  She already had some frames in hand to use but hadn't made much progress so I took them from her in the hope that inspiration would strike.  On the whole I used photos and just altered some charity shop frames with black paint to meet the criteria, however, this one was one I worked on before it became a production line and unlike the other frames which I gave to her before Christmas this one actually became a full blown Christmas present with wrapping paper and bows!

The photo is of my brother at the front of the photo and my sister at the back, enjoying the snow when they were young, we all remember the snow day that we had, enjoying the weather, drinking hot chocolate, the picture of me is not quite so flattering I was in my teens, wearing a donkey jacket (the coat I got from the social because my Dad was unemployed at the time), a woollen headband thing and some white furry earmuffs - like I said not so flattering!

The frame was a box frame and a particularly good quality (I found that a lot of box frames aren't good quality and the 'box' effect is often achieved with things like polystyrene! - this wasn't one of them, the boxing achieved with proper wood). 
 I used some simple scrapbook papers at the back, double matted the photo, used a velum quotation, added a bit of bling and some embellishments and was extremely pleased with how it turned out and I can confirm that it is now hanging pride of place on her stairwell!
 It's easy to forget sometimes that the simplest of ideas can create the most powerful of pieces, hope you're having a good day!  Happy 1st February (where did January go - only another 10 more months and we can put the decorations up again LMAO).


  1. I love it Virginia!
    It may be a simple idea but it was obviously made with love and it's really striking.
    No wonder it has pride of place!
    Big hugs xx

  2. Do you know I said the exact same thing to my tutee yesterday! it was greeted with glee! Your picture frame is absolutely lovely, no wonder it has pride of place. We gave our MIL a photo with Timothy at the front, my husband behind and me pulling up the rear playing chase through a friends garden just before Christmas 2010 - proof that when bad stuff is happening it is still possible to smile and have fun :) it didn't get put in a lovely frame or embellished though.....

  3. Absolutely gorgeous Virginia :D My sister just asked me if we could do the very same thing for our mum's hallway. Wasn't sure how they would look, but you just convinced me :D XXX

  4. Oh gorgeous - what a wonderful photo and happy memories. Well done, sis!


  5. Fabulous! Hope you are keeping well. Lynne x

  6. I love what you have done with both the frame and the photo, what a lovely memory to have on display.