Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Good morning, yes I know unheard of a Tuesday post from me, I've got 15 minutes before I have to leave the house so better make this count hadn't I.  Why post, you may ask when I'm obviously pushed for time, worked a 13 hour day yesterday, not fun for anyone and so no creativity happened at my desk last night.  However, an early night and I'm feeling almost human today.  So thought I'd pop along and say hello and hope everyone is managing the week OK.

So here is a layout I did recently documenting a trip to Fountains Abbey this was the working grinding wheel that you could try to create flour, needless to say it was hard work and actually required hubby to get it going because said 11 year old could not manage it on his own bless him.  Makes you think about how difficult making a loaf of bread used to be!
Up close, using up those scrabble letters, I'm almost at the point where are that is left are unusable consonants so I can see me dragging the paint out and painting the remaining letters at least that way they might actually get used!
Also managed to use up some old metal brads I had and used some stitching (as usual to the layout), overall quite pleased with this one.
Over the weekend I was mighty busy doing an impossible challenge (what's new there), bought a children's board book on Friday, started dismantling and painting on Saturday, completed its transformation on Monday.  And might I say I was really pleased with the look of the book once completed will share when I get chance, so instead of layouts I did a full blown mini book instead LOL!


  1. Great photo of your 'men' working together - it brings Camberwick Green to mind and Windy Miller (please don't tell me you're too young to know what I'm talking about)!!

    Tuesday is an Ugh-day, but bring it on!


  2. It's a great page and I know what you mean about the left over letters :) Great stitching as always and can't wait to see your board book too.

  3. Great LO, the scrabble tiles look fun! Your photos are always wonderful and give a great sense of family!
    I have an award on my blog for you if you want to check it out! x

  4. Woohoo! Can't wait to see your mini book! Now that's something I've never attempted...food for thought since we're now visiting charity shops..
    Great LO as always....trying to think of something you could do with unusable consonants...
    Hugs xx

  5. Hello stranger lol :D Thought I'd slept through the week when your post came up. 13 hour day!!!!Grief, hope your getting a bonus, you could spend it on more books to alter...they are fun to work in :D XXX

  6. Great LO Virginia, love the papers you have chosen. Love the stitching and the embellishments. :-) xx

  7. Fab layout. You are so good at using stuff up compared to me.
    What type of adhesive do you use for your layouts?
    Love Anne x

  8. This is lovely! Love the use of leftover bits xx