Monday, 6 February 2012


Oh this one was fun, sometimes you have an image that you've wanted to use forever and get to a point when you never think it will happen and then suddenly - like a spark you know it does exactly what you want it to do.  I thoroughly enjoyed the word, the journaling and the spark it created - simply fantastic!  
Well here I am blogging on a Monday night - what on earth is that all about?  We've got in, eaten, tidied, the ironing pile is screaming at me but I screamed back and now it's sulking.  Strange day at work but home at a reasonable hour, so I've got the evening stretching out in front of me now, so scrapbook layouts here I come. I seem to have done absolutely shed loads of pages recently which I'm loving, will have to have another photographing session of them so I can start getting them on my blog.  Feeling in the need to do some sort of mini/maxi book but not sure what at the moment. 

Hubbies birthday next week and it's a big one which has led me to walk the path of what on earth to buy him, his usual list is mountains of DVD's as he's addicted to films at the moment, occasionally a book will crop up that I know he'll love but he doesn't get the time that he used to, to read these days so he's slower at going through books etc. 

But what do I buy him - honestly?  

Then it's my Mum's birthday and my brother's girlfriends 21st - any ideas for these would be great, my Mum's crafty but better at buying stuff than using it and she's currently in pot until the 22 February.  Fi likes all things creative and she's a great artist, she got Zombie Felties for Christmas and she's loved making things from that since she got it, I'd thought about Steampunk Softies but not sure.  Are there any other great crafty books out there that you know of?  Need to get any online orders done pronto mind!  

Hope you're all having a great start to the week.


  1. Lovely to see you on a Monday evening and that you have crafting time ahead of you.
    Love the page..:)
    Mmm, what to get your DH for his b'day? Things I've bought for special b'days...a weekend in Amsterdam, a day tank driving,a trip in a hot air balloon,a day paintballing....are they any help??
    Will have a think about crafty books too.
    Hugs xx

  2. GOrgeous page Virginia!!
    Don't know about the ladies, but what about a years subscription to Total Film magazine. That covers his love of movies and reading at the same time. :D XXX

  3. Like Gina's idea we tend to go with Empire here as it does films and DVD releases! (I think my husband has been getting it for nearly 10 years (and we have all of them in the house........and I am not allowed to get rid of them........). Could you get your mum a ticket or 2 to one of the craft shows that is on - you know Birmingham or London? you could always have to go with her........ p.s. love your sparks page to :)

  4. Susie & Gina have some good ideas. I tend to go for tickets to shows, plays, musicals etc ( then I get to see them too ! )
    Fun journal page !

  5. Beautiful page, I love the image of the world you have used.
    I hate mens birthdays, especially my hubbys so I can't be any help what so ever with ideas for gifts...sorry!!!!!!!
    Hope you find him something great though!

  6. day could you do a step by step to your do you get the earth in there all so beautifully and gorgeous journalling???? It's lovely.

  7. Firstly, what a stunner of a page, absolutely gorgeous.

    Secondly - the book I got for Christmas is quite good if the 21 year old likes sewing - it's called Artful Bird and I've seen online people adapting the patterns to their own end. i love this example which is what inspired me to put it on my wishlist in the first place.

    What about vouchers to a craft shop or pay for a craft class that you could go to with your Mum? And for hubby - I like the voucher idea for an experience or so he can buy what he wants.

  8. Oh this is such a strong page, really GORGEOUS! I'm so glad you're catching up with Darcy's words, you're really pulling them out of the hat.