Friday, 20 January 2012


I'm sorry but when I looked down at the PC and realised it was almost Friday again I did wonder where my life was disappearing too because I swear it was only a day or so ago that I started posting for my Rocking Your World Post last week - most crazy.

Anyway it's Rocking Your World time, time to reflect on your week and pick out the positives in amongst the norm.  Sometimes we feel that there aren't any - which means you have to have a 'dig deep' post where you really have to work the grey matter and find those silver linings, other weeks we could write a book on all our positives!

So without further ado this is my
First up this week is the gym and in particular Neil who I saw last night, after putting DH through his paces it was my turn.  I'd not had a great start to my gym experience because the individual that set my program didn't listen, I think she saw my size and decided what I needed to do, there was no pushing myself it was all quite gentle.  Then I told her I had a bad back and despite this she saw fit to put me on the rower and get me laid on the floor doing floor exercises - I mean honestly!  I ended up talking to the gym manager on an unrelated matter and before I knew it she was rescheduling my appointment with Neil and now I understand why.  First he wanted to know what the back problem was and how it ends up causing me issues and then he identified what I could do and what I couldn't do.  He'd already had a quick glimpse at my program and removed the floor exercises and the rower, and so last night was about putting other things back in.  I left the gym shattered but extremely happy with my program - he really did know his stuff!   I'll keep you informed as to my progress!

Second up have been the weather warming up ever so slightly - I'm not being funny but in the building that I work in being so cold and the fact the TV room at home is last on the central heating system so takes an age to warm up, I've struggled for a few days this week.  So I'm glad it's not quite at the sub zero temperatures we've been having.

Grateful for my son's homework - yes you heard me right, at the grand old age of 11 his teacher has chosen graffiti as a school topic and he's loving it!  It meant a jaunt into Sheffield on the tram, identifying graffiti as we went and then hopping back on the tram and getting off to take photos of some of the graffiti we saw.  Said 11 year old learned that most graffiti is done in dangerous places (bridges, under bridges, near train tracks) and we had a lengthy discussion as to whether it was art or not.  He's decided tagging is predominantly about marking territory and damaging property whereas true graffiti is an art form but one often done illegally because there are so few places for graffiti artists to work!  All in all it led to some intelligent discussions and also a jaunt out and some fresh air - so a win win on this one.

Grateful for hubby looking through our finances last weekend so we could formulate a plan for this year (if we pull it off I'll be most impressed but I won't hold my breath).  Which in turn led us to book a holiday for Easter time which is something to look forward to for all of us - so that's definitely a positive.  Holidaying in this country again so lots of exploring to do.

Fingers crossed for our booking for our red letter day - DH bought me a spa day for two last April to celebrate our anniversary, thought we'd got 12 months to use it up but spotted that it's up on the 14 February, so into mass panic trying to sort a day where said 11 year old is sorted and we get to go and use the voucher -  keep your fingers and toes crossed that they've actually got the day available that we've picked, then keep everything crossed that the weather's kind to us!

And finally for my blogging friends and Rockettes, we've had a few new faces amongst us in the last couple of weeks and it's an absolute pleasure to see how we can come together as a group to celebrate the positives!   Don't stress if you don't get to it on Friday, just do it when you get chance - you know it makes sense as it keeps you feeling positive for the week ahead.

Right I think that's the main ones this week, it's been a mad one, too much work, not enough home time, added in a weird Tuesday and I'm surprised I survived to this point - but I have and I'm absolutely grateful for that one.

Right now onto a bit of crafting and then Mr Linky
The two most gorgeous beings in my life - honestly - two peas in a pod, enjoying paddleboarding at Center Parcs last year!  Thoroughly enjoyed doing this layout of the two of them.

Hope you're all having a great Friday!


  1. I thought this week went super fast too.

    Glad you got your gym programme sorted, sounds like your new chap knows his onions

    And the graffiti homework sounds fab!

    Here's hoping you get your spa day booked


  2. Morning (wasn't sure if you would still be speaking to me after my Tuesday reply to your post, I forget that we don't know each other that well!). Sounds like the gym is still going down a storm - I'm an aqua aerobics girl but we haven't had the money this last year to be part of the local gym scene. Maybe I should remedy that soon, hmmmm. Love the conversation with your 11 year old - great teacher :)
    take care x

  3. We are thinking of joining the gym - hope to find someone as good as your ( second ) instructor !

    Brilliant school topic ! Joe got very interested in Banksy as one stage & even bought a print for his bedroom.

    Think my Friday post mat sound a bit negative but have tried to find the brighter sparks over the week !

    Have a good weekend & hope you can keep warm xx

  4. wow, what a great homework assignment, and I hope that many students, armed with such awareness of the topic will be disinclined to tag... I find when they understand the reasons for the behaviour they no longer feel the point of doing it. But in any case, it gives the students the idea that school is fun and innovative and that's always great!

  5. Where's the stitching on the page Veronica?

    Hooray for Neil! What plonker the other woman was, is she trying to be sued? Though your health should be paramount I'm sure the fear of legal proceedings would be a bigger incentive to her to change her ways.

    I'd love to try graffiti art, though I'm sure I'd be naff at it. Dont think OH would appreciate me scrawling stuff on the walls with spray cans :-)

    Shall keep my fingers crossed that all gets sorted for your day out hun

  6. Sounds like your fitness regime is in full swing - Mine too - its tricky being so organised about things but you do feel so much better dont you?? Sending hugs xx Great list as always xx

  7. Sounds like quite a week Virginia. Love the sound of the graffiti homework and the interesting discussions!

    Great LO too - super photo!
    Pleased you've found someone helpful at the gym and that you continue to enjoy your sessions.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx
    mine is up:

  8. Cool school - what a great assignment, really thought provoking and interesting. After all, what makes Banksy 'art' and other graffiti 'illegal criminal damage'? Great stuff for discussion.

    The gym cock-up is so scary! I'm thinking of all the damage you could have done to yourself - and how it could have really put you off exercise if you'd felt that you couldn't go anymore and that the gym was not for you. I hope the original person was given some 'words of advice'. They are supposed to be professional (you're paying for them to be professional, after all).

    I really will keep my fingers crossed that your red letter day - maybe they'll extend the time period if they can't accommodate your chosen date.

    Have a lovely weekend, Virginia.


    I HATE anything to do with finances. If I could I'd put my hands over my ears and sing loudly. But that is very childish and so not allowed. Good luck with the new financial regime......

  9. What an amazing Mum you are. How many of the other parents would do that? What an amazing discussion too. Devvie and I had a great art talk this week. You just reminded me - about Picasso of all people. That's who they are studying at the moment. Isn't it great?

    Hope you manage to get your red letter day and that it's a glorious day.

    Love the sound of your new instructor. Doesn't it feel good when someone actually listens?

    HAve an amazing week Virginia.

    1. Sounds like a good week! I love your sons homework, how amazing to be able to take him out and show him real graffiti as well.My 11 yr old is working on a pirate project at the moment so i am learning all about Blackbeard and the like!
      Glad you got your gym instructor sorted.
      I hopr you enjoy your red letter day, what a wonderful treat for you!
      I love your scrapbook LO, the photos great and the paper is really sweet!
      I hope you have another rocking week this week x

  10. I keep forgetting to link up my Friday post. Errg. Well I'll do it now. We've had a cold snap here all week too, relative for California. It had been around freezing every morning this week and I just can't warm up. But today the rain finally came and with it the temp went up to normal again. Hope your red letter day comes together. You may check if they can really put an expiration date on it. We have a law here where pre-paid packages can not expire. Strangely, it does not keep businesses from printing one on certificates. I guess they want you to hurry up and get it down.
    Best wishes for the week!