Friday, 13 January 2012


Morning all - what's been Rocking Your World this Week - have you had a light hearted fun week full of positives or are you going to have to dig deep for your Rocking moments - mines a mix!!!  So without further ado it's
First up is my hubby who came to my rescue last Friday when my car decided not to work (again).  It decided that regardless of what my foot was doing with the brakes - it actually wanted to apply them constantly for me - which meant there was a strong smell of burning rubber and quite a lot of smoke LMAO!!!! And before you ask it's not a sports car - it just wanted to pretend to be one for the day!  £110 later and she was sorted - let's hope she can manage the journey I was trying to make last Friday this Friday!

Next up is hypnoslim, I'm still learning about this and I'm not sure if it will do what I want it to do but I'm soooooooooooo bored with dieting and not enjoying my food and limiting the types of things I eat and being on a diet one minute and off the next - I had my first meeting last Friday which was really good and I came out feeling really positive, second meeting today - let's see if we can make some progress - I'll let you know how I get on!

Right on with a photo of a Rocking moment when dropping said 11 year old off at breakfast club on Monday I was treated to this beautiful sky - isn't it gorgeous!  It made me feel fairly giddy even if I was on my way to work!

Visiting old work mates, this was a sort of happy accident but I really enjoyed meeting up with two old work colleagues earlier this week, it's been 8 years since I saw them last - that's never right is it!

Jigsaws - yes you heard me - jigsaws have rocked my world, my sister bought said 11 year old a jigsaw for Christmas, as a child I loved jigsaws, I had two favourite Disney ones when I was little that had shaped pieces in them, I used to do the jigsaw and then take it apart and do it upside down, one day my Mum saw fit to glue them to a piece of cardboard to hang them as pictures in my room - never did get over how devastating that was.  Anyhow, after we finished said 11 year old's first jigsaw, we picked up a Sheffield one from Waterstones with about 300 pieces and that promptly got finished too.  So I thought, let's go the whole way and buy a 1000 piece jigsaw, so we're on with that now, (it was a bit weird because after we bought it from Hobbycraft we discovered elements of this cartoon jigsaw that are a bit naughty, like the naked couple on the cartoon and the misbehaving rabbits (I kid you not) because it's such an intricate design we never noticed when we bought it), but it's proving fun and interesting and we're all joining in with doing a little bit more on it each night.  Biggest problem is that I might have accidently sucked up one of the pieces into the dyson but only time will tell - we have to finish the jigsaw before I empty the Dyson - I'll keep you posted.

Hubby and said 11 year old helping tidy Thursday evening, house looks liveable just in time for the weekend.

The gym, I hate getting ready to go but I really enjoy it once I get into it as it were, no idea if its helping - although I am less breathless at the top of the stairs than I was a couple of weeks ago - so we'll see.

Teen gym for said 11 year old, he is really enjoying being in the gym at the same time as us which is great, let's hope this continues!

Right I think that sums up some lovely rocking moments I've had this week - how's about you?  If you fancy joining in do yourself a blog post and come and link at the bottom so we can come and visit, feel free to take the Rocking Your World Button on the side of my blog if you fancy.   I promise that life takes on a lot more positive a note when you start acknowledging the positives in life - don't believe me?  Give it a try!

Finally, here I am again with another layout from Darcy's words, this one was the word crayon - not something I possess but I do possess lots and lots and lots of paints so that's what the page got, I enjoyed the vibrancy of the layout.
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  1. Hi V, the sky in those photos is beautiful, no wonder you felt quite giddy looking at it. When you met up with your old work colleagues, I bet it felt as though those 8 years were nothing, didn't it? Time's funny like that. Thumbs up for sticking with the gym - and hypnoslim sounds really interesting. He he to your dodgy jigsaw!! You sure you got it from Hobbycraft, not Ann Summers?!

    I really like your 'crayon' pages - the splashes of colour, image and the word - how did you do that word I wonder? Stencil?

    Thank you again, V, for leading the Rocking crew. Have a great weekend,


  2. Morning*wave* I am liking your positive spins on what could otherwise be moments of pure annoyance :) I am very much relating to your jigsaw fun at the moment. I don't do them very often since being a teenager. But every once in a while I come across a picture I love that is not available as a poster but often as a jigsaw puzzle. I say that it has only happened once before now lol! Anyways the other jigsaw is called 'On a Storyteller's Night' and was the front cover off a Magnum album (which I also love and own) by Rodney Matthews. Once completed my parents had it framed for me :) For Christmas I got a second jigsaw puzzle (1000 pieces to), my tutee and I are using it as our break-time entertainment (3 hours is a long time for a kid to sit and just work). I am going to get this one framed once it is done too!
    Hope you have a good week this one, may your car keep a running, hugs Wend x

  3. Hi hun, hooray for jigsaws & Gyms, especially when they hold events that 11 year olds can attend as well.

  4. oooh I love jigsaws, haven't done one in ages - I remember being about 90% done with a HUGE one in the maternity ward when I went into full labour - I begged to stay behind on the ward until I'd finished it but they wouldn't let me - by the time I got back there the next day (with baby in tow :) ), some swine had broken it all back up again - arrghhh!!

    Gorgeous sunsets, and glad you are enjoying time at the gym (it's ace they let your young un join in - the gym I used to go to wouldn't let in any under 16s)

  5. Ha! I too couldn't resist taking photo's of the sky this week either :D Stunning sunsets too! I can't leave a jigsaw alone once it's started and I'd die if I sucked a bit up the vac lol. Glad you had such an enjoyable week :D XXX

  6. ACCCHH! I just loaded the new Lion operating system this week and now windows are flying everywhere. I just finished my comments and the window flew away and took my comments with it. Acchh again. Now what was I saying.

    Oh yes, oddly I too a sky picture this week too. Just leaned out of my car and snapped straight up in the sky. It didn't capture quite as nicely as yours. Almost put my with the Rocking Friday post but then at the last minute . . . didn't.

    Also, have a major jigsaw obsession. The kind where it's best if I don't have them around. A couple years ago I bought a 1000 piece one for the family to work on. Only it was me who was there early in the morning, late at night, and various hours between. I could not leave it only. I'm scared to bring another back in the house.

    Thanks again for hosting this great group.

  7. aaarrrggghhh Hope this works as I've tried over & over to comment. Blogger playing games. We sell a lot of jigsaws in the charity shop. I can't believe there were rude pictres but I did have to giggle.
    Lovely sky pictures x

  8. We've been having some beautiful skies here too. Always when I don't have my camera.

    You remind me of my Mum, she was a jigsaw-holic but if you dared walk past and put in a couple of pieces... well you'd think you would have committed murder or something.

  9. A lovely week all in all - those sky pictures are amazing and I quite understand why you'd stop on your way to work.
    We love jigsaws too....were just looking at them in Aylesbury last week..can't believe how expensive they are. We decided to find the old ones in the attic...but I've just seen Penny's shops here we come!!
    My post is now up:
    Big hugs xx