Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Good morning to you all - how are you this morning, we've woken to cloud and rain which means it's warmer than it's been thankfully.

Apparently Monday was the most depressing day of the year - my hubby's retort was therefore "When is the happiest?" - do they even bother to work that one out or do they just like doom and gloom.  Presumably the happiest will be mid summer which is July time (in this country), it'll be near pay day which is usually around the end of the month, perhaps it's around the time the children break up from school - so I'm thinking maybe the 26th July would be the happiest - what do you think?  Or has someone worked this out and will the news be spreading this positive picture nearer the time (I'm thinking not - news likes to be miserable I've noticed - unless your Russell Howard).

Wednesday morning already - time whizzing by again - think it's because work is so busy and manic at the moment.  I was quite honestly last night in the worst mood, Tuesdays are always long days and trying to switch off from work is almost impossible which means I'm still zoned into work all evening.  Now both hubby and said 11 year old like asking questions - usually the type I can't answer and in a normal evening I would try and provide a rational answer, but not on a tuesday - you'd have thought they'd have learnt from this - but no they kept asking and verbally pushing until I had to point out that I wasn't functioning mentally - I hadn't realised it prior to that but I wasn't I just couldn't process the questions and asking me more than once didn't mean that the answers were going to come any faster or easier - as they learnt.  So I went quiet (always a bit dangerous with me - as I am the noise of this household), plonked myself on the sofa, popped on Stargazing Live and went to sleep - why?  Well because it was probably less dangerous than me allowing the mood to fester.  Am I the only one that this sort of thing happens to?  I honestly didn't mean to be down or grumpy but after a day of questions the last thing I need is an evening of them if you know what I mean.

Woke up a couple of hours later, said 11 year old in bed, hubby watching TV and all had righted itself.  Now how on earth do I make sure this isn't a weekly occurrence?  I don't mean to be 'moody' but when I'm in work zone how do I pull myself back out and go into a different zone?  And before you say it I'm not sure sleep is the answer either!

Anyhow that's Wednesday's dilemma question for you to consider, how's your week going?  Have you done a lot, been anywhere interesting?  Met up with friends, chatted on the phone?  Are you enjoying January or longing for bright crisp spring days?

A few of you may have picked up on my hypnoslimmer pledge at the beginning of the year, a quick update to say it's going quite well.  I'm still getting used to it but have made some progress already.  Now if you're wondering why didn't I join Weight Watchers or Slimming World (like I've done previously), it's because I decided I needed a whole new approach to sorting out my weight which didn't revolve around food and hypnoslimmer seemed to fit the bill.  Plus all previous efforts on those systems sees a weight loss followed by a weight gain and some and I really can't afford to put on any more weight.    I'll keep you informed of my progress as time proceeds if you're interested.

Right I must have a layout lurking that I've not shared previously - this a double page layout from when we went to Bolton Castle and met Bilbo the owl.
 He was absolutely gorgeous and extremely funny - because he'd been born in captivity and raised by hand he still had the quirks of a baby owl - calling out for food with this gutteral sound - really quite hysterical to listen to.
 As you can see he liked to get close to the group of people who had gathered to watch him, taking up residence next to said 11 year old quite happily most of the time.  Not that said 11 year old was particularly happy at him flying so close to him LOL!
 Up close simply embellishments are often the most effective, a hand punched heart, a few glittery type accents raised up on foam pads.
I hope you have a great day - if you pop by don't forget to say hello (if you get chance I know we're all so very busy).


  1. Oh bless you. I hope it doesn't become a regular Tuesday thing (if only we could all win a fortune and then spend our time doing what we want). Have you thought of giving yourself an hour me time when you come in doing something you really enjoy. I always used to find when I did watercolour painting that the rest of the world melted away and I became so focused on what I was doing that I would always be in a better mood afterwards. Sorry if that is stating an obvious.....
    Isn't life just grumpy anyway when it is cold and your weight is just too high (I'm ignoring mine at the moment, but having said that I ran carrying a child the other week and didn't keel over so I have to question all these 'ideal' weight figures). I hope it works out for you. I think in today's society that there is large and then seriously overweight and some of us will be more cuddly whether it is a predisposition over what we like to eat or that we don't want to spend all our time being a fitness guru. Maybe there is something to be said for adopting a stable weight, a healthy fitness level (can walk for a good hour or 2, or run for a bus) and letting the rest go to the wind. As long as you are doing it for you and not anyone else or what society deems to be acceptable that's enough.
    Be happy, life isn't worth being a grumpy over when you can create so wonderfully, have a loving (if slightly dense at time family) and friends (present and blogging) - of course you could look for a less grumpy inducing job ;)

  2. Mmm...asked my hubby your hubby's question and he promptly said.."Christmas Eve"..I wonder?
    So know the feeling you had last night and I react the same way..after a hard day the last thing you need is questions, questions...I take myself off to soak in the bath with a book. Mind, that doesn't stop questions being shouted through the bathroom door!lol But easier to ignore!
    Love the LO..such a cute owl.
    Hugs xx

  3. I'm popping by to say Hi... stealing a few moments in my increasingly hectic life :) Hypnoslimmer sounds interesting... keep us informed - if it works they'll make a fortune :) Nice to see the scrapbook pages. x x x

  4. Gorgeous layout as ever Virginia...I have heaps of phots like this MUST get them scrapped!
    As to tuesday are not alone. Hubby finds it impossible to leave work at work when it's been a busy day..I shout at him lol, but maybe you could make tuesday evening something to look forward to?
    I know your dieting...but could tuesday evening be "fav food" night? YOUR fav food night, take away treat, that kind of thing. That way you have something nice for your mind to focus on other than work :D XXX

  5. 26th July would be excellent Virginia - not least because it's my dad's birthday!!!

    Love this LO - especially as I adore owls.

    Fab post as always.


  6. Fellas just don't read body language, sometimes do they? I have to go out to the conservatory and close the door to stop Grant/Luke/Hope talking AT me. I LOVE THEM TO BITS but I just need to switch off sometimes and stop talking. January is a month to just get my head down, grit my teeth and get through. Best of luck with your hypnoslim. It's a shame when food becomes such a constant battle.

    Beautiful LO, lovely lovely colours.


  7. Agreed with Jo. Walk away. Walk away. Too often mine have cornered me and then the beast has been unleashed. My roar, I am told, can shatter windows. Now, when I say "just....LEAVE ME, they know to just let me walk away.

    Glad the hypnoslim is going well, am waiting impatiently for my books ;)