Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Good Evening one and all and a very big welcome to you to my blog in 2012, I can't believe I've not posted yet in this year, I'm not sure why?  I'm not sure what I've been waiting for, but after a little flurry of activity reading blogs tonight I thought I'd happen along and say hello to you all.

The decorations are down, the first day back at work is complete, the house is tidy and here we are once again with a clean sheet spread out in front of us.  As always in the new year, I think of things I want to achieve, I start planning (and plotting I'm like that) I sit back and admire what everyone is doing, all the challenges they are involved in, all the plans they have and think - I should do that, but then think I need to maintain a balance.  So that's what I'm going to try and do.

Now the word balance is a curious one, I spend a lot of my time trying to work out what it exactly means, I'm the striver, the instigator, the noisy one in this household, said 11 year old and hubby often listen to me go off on a tangent and before they know it I'm moving the idea forward and we're on our way to sorting it, but often this means a singular, focused task and this year I need a little bit more balance.  So I'm going to try balancing - it's probably going to turn into juggling and I'll probably drop the ball but balance is what I'm going to try and achieve.

So this weeks balance looks a little like this

  1. Go to the gym - 3 times
  2. Eat healthier (that's a whole other blog which if I get my finger out will come to fruition on a more regular, positive and spontaneous basis).
  3. Spend time with family 
  4. Have more family walks
  5. Manage my crafting
  6. Blog a little 
  7. Work enough to achieve but not enough to kill me off
  8. Improve my outlook by looking after my mind and soul a bit more (not sure how this is going to be achieved but it's a work in progress).
So there you go, a glimpse into my world at the moment, I'll let you know how I get on.

I'm still trailing behind on Darcy's 52 words but I intend on finishing this challenge regardless of how long it takes me.  A bit like my Journal your Christmas which I've done in 2 sittings and is almost with the exception of yesterday and today up to date (I kid you not).

Now this is the word Invoke and quite honestly isn't one of my favourites in my book, but it's done and completed I think it's the fighting colours, or maybe the images, or the stamping - ah can't quite put my finger on it!  But it did get me journaling the word!
Finally my question is - dare I share the word 'release' with you, I like the page but the picture is a little more risque than normal and I don't want to offend.  

Let me know what you think?


  1. Happy New Year, Virginia! Balancing life is a great goal, and one which needs constant attention. Good luck!

    Invoke is a tricky word for your journal. I really like what you've done - you know I always love the way you blend your images into the background. I particularly like that strong face in the clouds.

    Release of 'release' gets a YES PLEASE from me!!




    Love the list of goals for this week, how's the gym going? Did a bit of wii fit today but only the balance games as back was a protesting a bit, wondering what the flip I was about!

    Hope you have a great rest of the week Virginia. I like the journal page personally but it's like you said to me once - it's maybe not turned out the way you saw it in your head and that's whats bugging you?

  3. I won't be offended :)

    good luck with achieving your balance, it's a good thing to aim for

  4. Good luck finding the right balance Virginia - I'm here for you if you need catching!
    Love the page for invoke and I say yes, show us the page for release!!
    Hugs xx

  5. Happy 2012 Virginia :D
    Not surprised you haven't had time to blog with all the journalling lol.
    Just a couple of suggestions :)
    To help focus mind and soul...(assuming your not religiously inclined), find a beautiful poetry book, and each day spend 5 mins just reading 1 poem. This will rest your brain before it moves on to the next task you have planned :D
    with regard to your "invoke" page...the colour yellow is most generally associated with clarity of thought, something that is def required for an invocation(the ladies faces are just stunning!!)maybe that is what you are missing.
    And YES!!!! Show us release!!!! It's your blog for you to express and share your art, you should not be worrying that something you enjoyed making could cause offence, just put a warning in the post title like "if nudity offends look away now!"
    Hope some of this waffle helps balance your day :D XXX

  6. Love it Ginny, I havnt journalled for a while - probably need to do some!! I so love your commitment to changing your life and making it work for you, Hope you dont need to fight as hard this year!
    Much Love
    x Michelle